King's Business - 1940-07

July, 1940

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


Putnam Studios.

COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES AT THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES In the beautiful auditorium of the Church of the Open Door, which seats over thirty-seven hundred, a vast com­ pany gathered on the evening of June 6 for the Thirtieth Annual Commencent Exercises of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. In the graduating class of ninety members, the largest group to be graduated from the Institute in many years there were sixty-four students who received diplomas in recognition of work completed in the General, Mis­ sionary, Christian Education, and Music courses. The degree of Bachelor of Christian Education was conferred upon eight students, and the degree of Bachelor of Theology was conferred upon seventeen young men. The speaker of the evening, Alva J. McClain, and Keith L. Brooks each received the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity.

lstics of every dispensation: First, definitely new revelation. Second, failure of the natural man. Third, Judgment of God. Fourth, promise of blessing to the remnant. With respect to the present Church Age, the first two characteristics are axiomatic, and we should not be sur­ prised at the coming of the third—the judgment of God. Nor should we over­ look the comfort of the promised bless­ ing. To your task, O pastor! Preach Christ, who can save a world dying in sin. Interpret world events in light of the Word for your people. Inform men and women concerning what is scheduled for this old world before

newspaper and to “ tuning in” on an Associated Press release'given by radio. A world which i$ in darkness as to the plans and purposes of the Creator has not been able to read the “Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin” (Dan. 5:25) emblaz­ oned upon the temples of materialism. Men love to sip the poisoned honey of delusion. Preachers, never before has it been more imperative to obey the Pauline injunction, “Preach the word.” Further­ more, Peter calls attention to the con­ trast between “ cunningly devised fables” and “ a more sure word of pro­ phecy” (2 Pet. 1:16, 19). In this dark day, let the light of prophecy shine. There are four well-defined eharacter- *

while there is no justification in Scrip­ ture or elsewhere for believers to set dates for the coming of Christ, we are not left in ignorance concerning indi­ cations of His sure approach. Observe conditions as they are today in the religious, political, and social spheres. Is there not an astonishing similarity between these conditions and those which the Lord said would pre­ cede His return? In them all, one may plainly hear the voice: “Behold, the bridegroom cometh.”—Louis T. Talbot. “ What’ s It All About?” These words, expressed and unex­ pressed, are the common response to the perusal of an “extra” edition of a

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