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roll, but it was such an unusual phenomenon at the time that it probably seemed a little overwhelming to put my 13-year-old sister through. Still, as the years went by, my sisters would always buy the newest Beatles album, and I’d listen to all their music. The first record album I ever received was the 1969 Beatles’ Abbey Road. Although it was one of their last, it’s still one of my favorites just for its significance in my music listening career. The Beatles continue to be part of the soundtrack of my life. I listen to the Beatles satellite XM radio all the time, and so does my daughter. The fact that she enjoys their music pleases me to no end. But perhaps what inspires me the most about the Beatles is that, even if you’re not the star of the show, you can still be one of the world’s greatest songwriters like George Harrison was. Frank Sinatra even said that “Something,” which is a Beatles song written by George Harrison, is the greatest love song of all time. Even Ringo became a great, influential drummer, and many musicians credit his drumming style. “Here Comes the Sun” is definitely my favorite Beatles song by my favorite Beatle. It always fills me with energy and hope. Another one of my favorites is “Back in the U.S.S.R.’’ It has a line — “Ukraine girls really knock me out” — that I’ve always enjoyed because my wife is Ukrainian, and she definitely knocks me out. I still enjoy seeing any of the Beatles live if I get the opportunity. I’ve had the great fortune of seeing McCartney perform a few times, last when he was in Arlington, Texas, in 2019. I’ll definitely be listening to their classic tracks this Global Beatles Day, and I hope you enjoy a few too!

Happy Global Beatles Day!

As I looked into the calendar for June, I noticed that June 25 is Global Beatles Day to commemorate the very first Beatles studio recording day on June 25, 1962, which included producer George Martin and the four iconic members. As a major fan, I started to reflect on the memories I have relating to the Beatles growing up. It’s tough to remember how I first got exposed to the Beatles, but if anyone introduced me to them, it was my older sisters — my oldest sister, especially. She was an early teenager when the Beatles burst on the scene, so I was aware of them because she was so interested in them. Of course, being “interested” in the Beatles as a teenage girl in the ‘60s would be viewed by most as an understatement. It was a huge stereotype that girls in our generation were losing their minds to the Beatles — a phenomena that only really happened to this feverish degree for Elvis, who was already controversial at the time. At least, controversial to my father’s generation. During their very first American tour, the Beatles came to Dallas, where we lived as kids. My sister was dying to see them and begged our parents to go. But, perhaps in an overreaction, my father wouldn’t let her. He was worried she’d turn into a crazed zombie from the Beatles’ rock and roll! She was very upset about that, and he did try to make it up to her in the future. As a father today, I can look back on that memory and understand why he felt overprotective of my sister. It can seem a little silly to want to protect someone from the Beatles’ type of rock and

– Gary L. Medlin, Esq. | Pg. 1


Lawn Games for Family Summer Fun

The warm summer sun may be enough to beckon your family outdoors, but lawn games will guarantee hours of fun outside. If you’re handy, there are plenty of great lawn games you can make yourself. If not, buy an off-the-shelf alternative and enjoy the easy setup. Giant Jenga: Easy DIY All you need to build a giant Jenga tower are two-by-fours that are cut to length. If you’re handy with a saw, you can do this at home. If not, ask to have the wood cut at your local lumberyard. Be sure to sand down the edges before stacking the boards to create a classic Jenga tower! For extra fun, pick a few paint colors and paint each board. Visit jenga to see a complete set of instructions.

Buy: Check out the kid-friendly rubber horseshoe set from, which requires no installation, can be used indoors or alongside your outdoor game, and is safe for younger children.

Cornhole: Advanced DIY The humble beanbag may be the most versatile backyard game piece. It’s used in the popular game commonly known as cornhole. To build your own cornhole set, you’ll need a couple of sheets of 1/2-inch-thick plywood along with two-by-fours, some hardware, and a variety of tools including a drill, jigsaw, and sander. Visit to get both written and video instructions. Buy: Ready to play ASAP? Cornhole sets are available from many large retailers around summertime, or you can order a customized set featuring your favorite team, family name, or characters from your favorite movies by looking at Whether you buy or DIY, remember to have fun and always supervise your children while playing outdoors, especially when it comes to yard games!

Buy: Skip the project and buy GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower online, which retails for about $70 and stacks over 5 feet high.

Classic Horseshoes: Intermediate DIY Tossing horseshoes is a great way to pass an afternoon. To play, you’ll just need to set up two sand pits in your yard. Get a handful of horseshoes, and you’re ready to go! Many DIY plans are available online, including one from ultimate-diy-horseshoe-pit.


‘Failure to Appear’ Laws in Texas

If you were previously charged with a crime and missed your court appearance either by accident or due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be facing a warrant for your arrest plus an additional misdemeanor or felony charge on top of the original charge. Depending on the circumstances that led to your absence, though, you may be able to have your failure to appear charge dropped. You missed a court appearance. What now? There will likely be a warrant issued for your arrest. You may also face misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the original crime you were charged with, the circumstances surrounding your absence from court, if you’ve ever missed court appearances in the past, and if you are perceived to pose a danger to society. Furthermore, you, the defendant, may also have to pay a “failure to appear” fine of up to $4,000. What are the degrees of ‘failure to appear’? Per Texas Penal Code §38.10, bail jumping and failure to appear are often charged in association with whatever crime a defendant originally committed. For example, if the original offense was only punishable by a fine, a subsequent failure to appear would be charged additionally as a less severe Class C misdemeanor, which is punishable by a fine of $500.

If the original crime was a misdemeanor and might have led to a jail sentence, the defendant could conversely be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and fines of up to $4,000 in value. In the event the original crime was a felony, the defendant’s failure to appear charge would also be classified as a felony. A third-degree felony failure to appear charge could lead to imprisonment of up to 10 years, independent of any consequences for the original charge. Can the consequences change? Yes. An experienced criminal attorney understands that life gets in the way sometimes and could help you prove to the court that you had a reasonable excuse for missing your court date. They can help you explain your circumstances to the court and work to protect you from further legal incrimination. Give Medlin Law a call, and you’ll immediately have some peace of mind, knowing our seasoned, experienced legal team is on your side. | Pg. 2


No. 3: Falcon International Reservoir Falcon International Reservoir, or Falcon Lake, is a wonderful choice for diverse fishing. While it’s a great spot for bass fishing, you can catch an abundance of catfish here too. There are many public areas to settle in, but your best bet will be Falcon State Park, which includes public amenities, boat ramps, camping, and a picnic area. It’s deep in South Texas, right along the border with Mexico, but the drive is worth it!

5 Top-Rated Fishing Spots in Texas

If you’re looking to celebrate National Go Fishing Day ( June 18) out on the water, you might want to consider a spot you don’t normally frequent. We checked out various lists, ratings, and articles on the internet; here are five fishing spots we saw the most! No.1: Lake Texoma Located on the border with Oklahoma, Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States and where the state-record blue catfish was caught (121.5 pounds). It’s most famed for its bass fishing, however, as you’ll find smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, white bass, striped bass, spotted bass, crappie, and bluegill in plentiful numbers! With five public parks surrounding the lake, there’s tons of fishing access and amenities to get you started. No. 2: Lake Fork Designed as a premier bass fishing lake, Lake Fork holds over 65% of the state’s top 50 largest largemouth bass records. It’s also only 65 miles east of Dallas, a little over an hour’s drive. Lake Fork attracts serious anglers from all across the nation.

No. 4: Guadalupe River A short drive fromAustin, this river is stocked year-round with freshwater fish by the Texas Parks andWildlife Department. Fishing enthusiasts not only love the rainbow trout here but also enjoy exploring the area’s gorgeous forested hills and valleys. No. 5: Colorado Bend State Park Speaking of exploring, you’ll love Colorado Bend State Park if you love hiking, kayaking, and swimming along with fishing bass! No fishing license needed. There’s so much to do in this beautiful area, you can switch up your activities every day.

Good luck out there, anglers!

Iced Green Tea, 2 Ways


Nothing says summer like a glass of iced tea. Enjoy these two twists on a classic summer soother.


2 tbsp loose-leaf green tea

• 4 cups filtered water, divided Option 1: Rose and Coriander • 1 tbsp dried rose petals • 1 tbsp whole coriander seeds

Option 2: Ginger Mint •

1 handful fresh mint leaves

1 inch fresh ginger, cut into coins


For Rose and Coriander Tea: 1. In a large pitcher, place green tea, rose petals, and coriander seeds. 2. Bring 1/2 cup water to just below boiling. 3. Pour hot water over tea leaves,

4. Refrigerate 4–8 hours until tea reaches your desired strength. Strain and serve over ice. For Ginger Mint Tea: 1. Follow the instructions above, substituting the mint

leaves and ginger coins for the rose petals and coriander seeds.

petals, and seeds. Let steep for 10 seconds, then add the remaining 3 1/2 cups water. | Pg. 3

Inspired by

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1. Happy Global Beatles Day!

2. DIY or Buy: Summer Lawn Game

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Iced Green Tea, 2Ways

4. Have You Explored a National Forest?


On National Get Outdoors Day

Many people in the U.S. and across the world have a national park trip on their travel bucket list. While Zion, Yellowstone, and the Great Smoky Mountains are all awesome locales, outdoor enthusiasts often overlook a resource that is less busy, less expensive, and

tool that prospective park-goers can use to learn more about the forests in their area, amenities and activities, and accessibility. Visit to access the map and see what’s near you!

If you’re dreaming up travel plans beyond your state’s border, consider visiting these notable U.S. national forests.

• El Yunque National Forest: Located in Puerto Rico, El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the United States.

usually right in their backyard: national forests.

All but 10 states have a national forest (or more than one!), so if your home state doesn’t have one, it’s very likely a neighboring state does! And there’s no better time to hike, bike, forage for mushrooms or berries, or camp at a nearby national forest than this month. The tree-filled landscape will provide shade and help you beat the summer heat, and to further incentivize visitors, the U.S. Forest Service (the organization that oversees the national forests) is offering a fee-free day on Saturday, June 12, in honor of National Get Outdoors Day! While parking and day-use fees to access national forests tend to be relatively modest, fee-free days open up the opportunity to all visitors. The U.S. Forest Service has a great interactive map

• Tongass National Forest: Spanning 16.7 million acres and several islands across Southeast Alaska, the Tongass is the country’s largest national forest. • Salmon-Challis National Forest: This Idaho forest is the largest contiguous wilderness area in the lower 48 and contains the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. • Cibola National Forest and Grassland: Spread across north- central New Mexico, west Texas, and Oklahoma, this forest and grassland area is notable for its diverse ecosystems and wildlife. The Sky Islands portion of the park is also home to over 200 rare plant and animal species. | Pg. 4

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