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roll, but it was such an unusual phenomenon at the time that it probably seemed a little overwhelming to put my 13-year-old sister through. Still, as the years went by, my sisters would always buy the newest Beatles album, and I’d listen to all their music. The first record album I ever received was the 1969 Beatles’ Abbey Road. Although it was one of their last, it’s still one of my favorites just for its significance in my music listening career. The Beatles continue to be part of the soundtrack of my life. I listen to the Beatles satellite XM radio all the time, and so does my daughter. The fact that she enjoys their music pleases me to no end. But perhaps what inspires me the most about the Beatles is that, even if you’re not the star of the show, you can still be one of the world’s greatest songwriters like George Harrison was. Frank Sinatra even said that “Something,” which is a Beatles song written by George Harrison, is the greatest love song of all time. Even Ringo became a great, influential drummer, and many musicians credit his drumming style. “Here Comes the Sun” is definitely my favorite Beatles song by my favorite Beatle. It always fills me with energy and hope. Another one of my favorites is “Back in the U.S.S.R.’’ It has a line — “Ukraine girls really knock me out” — that I’ve always enjoyed because my wife is Ukrainian, and she definitely knocks me out. I still enjoy seeing any of the Beatles live if I get the opportunity. I’ve had the great fortune of seeing McCartney perform a few times, last when he was in Arlington, Texas, in 2019. I’ll definitely be listening to their classic tracks this Global Beatles Day, and I hope you enjoy a few too!

Happy Global Beatles Day!

As I looked into the calendar for June, I noticed that June 25 is Global Beatles Day to commemorate the very first Beatles studio recording day on June 25, 1962, which included producer George Martin and the four iconic members. As a major fan, I started to reflect on the memories I have relating to the Beatles growing up. It’s tough to remember how I first got exposed to the Beatles, but if anyone introduced me to them, it was my older sisters — my oldest sister, especially. She was an early teenager when the Beatles burst on the scene, so I was aware of them because she was so interested in them. Of course, being “interested” in the Beatles as a teenage girl in the ‘60s would be viewed by most as an understatement. It was a huge stereotype that girls in our generation were losing their minds to the Beatles — a phenomena that only really happened to this feverish degree for Elvis, who was already controversial at the time. At least, controversial to my father’s generation. During their very first American tour, the Beatles came to Dallas, where we lived as kids. My sister was dying to see them and begged our parents to go. But, perhaps in an overreaction, my father wouldn’t let her. He was worried she’d turn into a crazed zombie from the Beatles’ rock and roll! She was very upset about that, and he did try to make it up to her in the future. As a father today, I can look back on that memory and understand why he felt overprotective of my sister. It can seem a little silly to want to protect someone from the Beatles’ type of rock and

– Gary L. Medlin, Esq. | Pg. 1

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