December 10, 2014 The Honorable Delbert Hosemann, Secretary of State The Great State of Mississippi 700 North Street

Jackson, Mississippi 39202 Dear Secretary Hosemann:

I would first like to introduce myself. My name is Tom Boyd and I was born and raised in the village of Osborn where I still have a home. Just outside Starkville over the past few years, the Oktibbeha County School Board has leased 16th Section Land along the Old West Point Road to low income housing residents. Upon my last visit home for the Thanksgiving holidays, I was shocked to discover the intent to develop the 16th Section Land along the Osborn Road almost up to the Little Community. There are several obvious reasons why a home / land owner would have concerns about this move. Land values, both private and the 16th Section Land, would drastically drop in value. Upon my investigation, there are several areas I thought your office might find interesting as I know I did. Christie White’s office with the State Board of Health issued mandatory treatment plants be installed on all existing 16th Section Leases. To date and to my knowledge, none have been installed. Raw sewage is spilling on the ground! The County Health Department, State Health Department, Mike Aimsworth, Dr. Pully and the Foresters are all aware of this. All executed leases state this is not the case. How can we trust future leases would be handled correctly if you look at their prior history? Mike Aimsworth is in the preliminary stages of a planned development on a 30 acre tract with approximately 20 or so trailers involved. More at hand, he is issuing five independent leases along the Osborn Road outside the planned development. Each one will require a treatment plant, of course, none will be installed. I asked three times straight out about the sewage. Each time his answer was, “They meet the Health Department codes.” That is not a true statement. I asked him if he received approval from the Secretary’s office before hand-on the plans. His response to me was, “That’s a very good question. That’s a very good question. That’s a very good question. We have counties in the state that have not sought approval for this; so, I don’t think so.” Basically he was telling me a precedent has been set and you are not involved. Mr. Secretary, it is as plain as the nose on my face how they are playing this game. Is there nothing that can be done to stop this until an impact study can be conducted as to the negative impact this will have on our homes and farms as well as the long term effects on the 16th Section Land? Like Mike Aimsworth told me, “This is a quick income fix.” Is this our future? Is this our legacy of stewardship? It is unfair and wrong for any city, county, state or federal employee or politician to lie, conceal or withhold knowledge of wrong doings to serve their personal cause. Mike is coming to Starkville this week as I am sure to meet with developers and the 5 leases. I feel time is of the essence! I can be reached at 615-957-8734. Please feel free to call me

anytime. Sincerely,

Tom Boyd

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