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DRIVER Attorneys Defending Your Right to the Road

JUNE 2019



With Father’s Day right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about the legacy and example the men in my family have left me. Both my grandfather and father have helped shape how I view the world. Without them, I might be in an entirely different line of work. Their traditions and values have — in a very real way — paved my path to being the best lawyer I can be. It all started with the open road. In my very first article in this newsletter, I recalled the memory of my grandfather taking me on motorcycle rides when I was a boy. It felt amazing to have the wind on my face and the road rushing beneath my feet. Memories like those sparked my love of driving, and admittedly, the love of speed that sometimes got me in trouble in my early driving years. But it was the work my grandfather and father depended on that would define my professional career. Both my father and grandfather made their livings as professional drivers at some point during their careers. My grandfather was a trucker, braving the Grapevine with his son occasionally in the passenger seat. That son would go on to shuttle people across Oregon on the I-5 from Corvallis up to PDX airport. In fact, my father still holds a professional driver’s license today, ferrying senior citizens who are too old to drive themselves in a shuttle. It’s this tradition that makes me passionate about representing drivers across the Central Valley. Every traffic lawyer will tell you they understand how scary it is to have your license at risk — how they know your family depends on your driving. Well, I was a member of one of those families. While I don’t doubt many of these lawyers have sympathy for their clients, very few have the empathy that comes from directly experiencing their situation.

about personal responsibility and looking out for other people through his example on the road. That’s why when I think back to childhood memories of my father, I often picture him in the driver’s seat. Naturally, as a driving family we took plenty of road trips. From Oregon, we’d drive to see family in Walla Walla and Yakima, Washington. When my sister was old enough to go to college, we drove her all the way to Southern California. That was my first time going through the central and southern part of California, and I have to say, the traffic was a culture shock.

“... when I think back to childhood memories of my father, I always picture him in the driver’s seat.”

From winding through northwest mountain roads to navigating the crowded city streets, my father kept a sharp eye on the road. He always emphasized how important it was to keep us and other people on the road safe. To this day, the image of my father at the wheel captures my idea of what it means to be a responsible, conscientious man. That’s why Paul and I like to say we’re at the wheel of this firm. We have a responsibility to our clients and staff to be the best lawyers and employers we can be, keeping our eyes on the road for any challenges ahead.

We won’t steer you wrong,

But, of course, I owe more than just my professional outlook to my father. In raising me, he taught me

–Mark Bigger

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