Measure Magazine, Vol. VII

We can’t know the difference in gender perspectives unless we have lived as another gender. He knows how a woman thinks and how she is treated, so he is more considerate, understanding, and compassionate than most who are born biologically male.

Watching someone you love go through transition triggers a fear and an extreme protectiveness, but the biggest threat was my own mind. I found myself questioning too many parts of the process at once, including what the world would think of me. But the dissipation of his fear overpowered mine, and I became stronger myself. Every moment he steps outside as him, he makes the people who love him more themselves.

It’s exciting not to have to pretend anymore; nobody would ever know that he was born female, and no one needs to know unless he chooses. In a way, he is a secret agent, able to see the world in two ways, multi-dimensional, through the eyes of two genders. With that, you are equipped to handle almost anything.



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