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Chapter 3: Getting Noticed One of the ultimate goals of every stan is to be noticed by the person they love. Although it may seem impossible to be seen in a sea of millions of followers, it’s really not. The key is to reply to the celebrity using a similar style of writing as the celebrity; you start to pick up on these cues the longer you stan someone. Ariana Grande has over 70 million Twitter followers, and has liked my tweets on multiple occasions. Grande has a very specific style of tweeting. She never uses caps, often uses abbreviations, and loves to use certain words such “angel,” “babies,” and “y’all.” Grande is an example of someone who is very in tune with Stan Twitter culture; she uses the language, and realizes how significant even a simple digital interaction may be to someone. Depending on who you stan, the level of difficulty it takes to get noticed varies. Harry Styles is a great example of someone who has an extremely dedicated fan base, but rarely interacts with them. Styles really only notices tweets that are unique and may already have had some engagement prior to him seeing the tweet. Getting noticed by these types of celebrities is often the most satisfying because it’s unexpected, and it means that your favorite artist really enjoyed what you had to say, rather than just repeating what you know they want to hear.

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Chapter 4: Twitter Trolls Trolling played a main part in making Stan Twitter more mainstream. The act of trolling is defined by Urban Dictionary as “making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various Internet forums with the intent to provoke an emotional knee-jerk reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument.” Typically, Stan Twitter trolls falsely claim to be part of a fandom in order to make a group of fans look inferior in the eyes of the other groups. In a society that is becoming much more intolerant of useless hatred and bullying, trolling is somehow more popular than ever. Celebrities are having a hard time controlling online trolls because it is hard for them to decipher who is a legitimate fan of theirs and who isn’t. Trolls can be some of the harshest people one can come across on the Internet. The idea that they can hide behind a handle and spew hurtful messages without having to worry about their identity being exposed gives these people a rush; they thrive on that energy. If there is one part of Stan Twitter that I can warn you not to engage with, it’s trolls. They are not worth your time and energy, and usually end up ruining your experience. It is not hard to work out a troll from a real fan. Typically, trolls do not have many followers and may have just recently created the account they’re using. In addition, all their tweets are hurtful, and targeted at a specific audience in order to get a reaction. Although these trolls exist, you can’t let them take away from your overall experience with Stan Twitter. In reality, trolls are a very miniscule segment that you will most likely never encounter, so long as you don’t go out of your way to engage with them.

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#Sksksksk - Verb

This is known as a keyboard smash. It is used in moments when there are no words to explain how you are feeling, and the only sound you can muster is something that seems inhuman.

#Tea - Noun

#Shook - Verb #Mutual - Noun When two people follow each other on Twitter and often interact with each other’s tweets, they are known as mutuals. These people are extremely supportive of you, regardless of if you’ve even had a face-to-face conversation or not. # 104 #Canceled - Verb #Flop - Adjective Show more Tea is no longer just associated with the delicate beverage preferred by the Brits. To stans, “tea” refers to drama. When someone asks you to “spill the tea,” they want to know all of the piping hot details about the latest happenings. “Shook” is a term that doesn’t stray far from its original definition. When one is “shook,” they are so taken aback by something that they are rattled to the core. To be cancelled means to have committed an act so cruel or unsavory that you deserve to be banished from the Twitterverse. A cancelled artist’s career and popularity is over- in theory. “Cancelling” usually doesn’t translate in terms of real world success. When someone is a “flop,” they are not excelling at what it is they should be good at. Used in a sentence: “Taylor Swift’s new album is a flop.”


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