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Chapter 6: The Future of Stan Twitter It is evident that Stan Twitter has already made a large impact on our culture in such a short time. Stan Twitter is becoming a major facet of our culture, and stans themselves are making a significant impact. There is a One Direction stan account (@STYLATORARMY) that has over 1 million Twitter followers. Stan Twitter has played a major role in the success of musical artists like Blueface, Cardi B, and BTS. The trend of following celebrities so closely does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon; if anything, it is growing more popular than ever.

Terms for you

#Locals - Noun

People who are not part of Stan Twitter and don’t understand anything about it. If you don’t know any of the words on this list, you probably are one. Sorry.

Congratulations on graduating from Stan University, mutual.

#Troll - Noun

Usually people who are disguised as stan accounts, but are really just trying to stir up trouble in the Twitterverse. They often tweet rude or insensitive things to get a reaction out of a rival fandom or the general public.

#Faves/Favs - Noun

Each stan account has one main person or group that they stan. You can also have other people that you like, but not enough to where you would call yourself a stan for them. These would be considered “faves.” Used in a sentence: “I stan Ariana Grande, but Justin Bieber and One Direction are my faves.”

#K-Pop Stans - Noun

One of the most prominent Stan Twitter groups that you will come across. They stan various Korean Pop groups or artists.

#Fan Cam - Noun

A trend started by K-Pop stans, “fan cams” are videos of the artist someone stans performing at a concert. Typically, fan cams focus on a single person, even if they are part of a group. Stans use fan cams to reply to tweets, typically to convey levels of sass or shade.


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