Measure Magazine, Vol. VII

"I want to make something meaningful," "and this has so much meaning to me.”

Since her brand’s founding in December 2018, Benevenia has been inducted into the Female Founder Collective, an initiative by Rebecca Minkoff to bring together female founders from the fashion industry. She continues to grow her brand while making sure she stays connected to her roots in the meantime. “I want to get it to people at a fair cost; I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling it for $700 or asking people to pay that much,” Benevenia acknowledges. “But there is a great story behind it, with being made in America, I weave part of it — it’s just about finding the right people to see it. You have to push yourself, and for something so expensive people are going to think about their purchases.” “I am not trying to mass produce these; I want to make something meaningful,” Benevenia says earnestly. “And this has so much meaning to me.”

MODEL Rebecca Cole HANDBAG Cara Benevenia FASHION Marist Fashion Archive



Volume 7


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