Measure Magazine, Vol. VII

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2020 is the year that the world stopped short. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a major shift in perspective for all, even within the pages of this magazine. In the age of social distancing, we look inward for new means of connection, and we question what we think we need to be truly alive. We aim to challenge our readers to discern what deserves focus. Dualities and contradic- tions can blur our vision, leaving the truth warped. Authenticity isn’t always authentic. Volume 7 looks directly and fearlessly into this future, encouraging new and different perspectives on the human experience. We welcome the changes to come, at the hands of creative disruptors. For a time rife with uncertainty, we must keep our vision clear. Resolution Resolution is the firmness behind a choice. Resolution is the attribute of determination a person may hold. Resolution is the number of pixels in an image. Resolution is internal.

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Resolution is not subjective. Resolution is not objective. Resolution is powerful.




Volume 7


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