Measure Magazine, Vol. VII

T his photoshoot was inspired by the frustration around fashion pollution and a need to express our eco-anxiety about the world we are about to step into. Sets from this editorial were made almost exclusively by using sal- vaged materials and strictly digital assets. The series follows five different environmental issues caused by the fashion industry: water waste, plastic waste, paper waste, production waste and textile waste. Plastic waste is seen in the form of single use plastics like garment bags, packaging and plastic byproducts. Textile, pattern and pro- duction waste are represented through the muslin and pattern paper we collected from the studios of the Marist Fashion Design program. Chemicals used to dye and soften fabrics are harm- ful to us and the planet due to the sheer volume of apparel that is manufactured using synthetic dyestuffs and finishes. We used natural dyes and found materials whenever possible. Designers can still create dynamic and exciting work but must also take accountability for how their pieces are produced. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Art Direction team had to find a fresh way to explore this growing problem. The mixed media, collage, and illustration that you see throughout this story allow the textures and colors to come to life in a way that is difficult for even fashion photography to achieve. While unexpected, the digital format let us to take this issue into an even more literal definition of sustainability. This is the future, unless we use our creativity to stop it.

DESIGNER Sierra Robinson



Volume 7


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