Measure Magazine, Vol. VII

Haille Dinger

ArtDirector Abigail Hess

Sara Kaseta

Charlotte Martin

Julia Meyer

Art Direction Team

Pre-COVID: Cherish the moments I get to spend with my family and friends from home.

Pre-COVID: Slow down; inspiration never disaspears. Post-COVID: Stop being afraid of change.

Pre-COVID: Counting down the days for school to be over. Post-COVID: Counting down the days for school to start.

Pre-COVID: To love myself more.

Pre-COVID: Create something each day. Post-COVID: Remain grateful for the little things.

Post-COVID: Recognize the good in every day, and do better for myself to create a ripple effect to help the rest of the world to heal.

Post-COVID: Be mindful of my privileges.

Creatives that push our imaginations to conceptualize thoughtful and emotional fashion editorials. Our goal is to execute artful fashion spreads that capture our reader’s eye while showcasing all of the talents within our program. Digital Layout & Design Team The blueprint between the binding: collectors and makers of art & digital assests, typography, color schemes, and layout.We use our innate creativity to execute the aesthetic of each piece in this issue.

Kerri DiSalvatore

Jacqueline Porcelli

Juneve Porciello

Morgan Franz

Nora Hogerty

2019-2020 2019-2020

Pre-COVID: Use my voice.

Pre-COVID: To embrace change.

Design & Layout Director Sarah Ditterline Pre-COVID: 18.5” x 12.25” @300dpi in CMYK Post-COVID: Use this unexpected free time to press the reset button and find new motivation to create. Pre-COVID: Travel and explore more of the beautiful world that surrounds us. Post-COVID: Take more risks while I still have the opportunity to do so.

Pre-COVID: Set a time dedicated for a self care moment where I can relax and appreciate the day.

Pre-COVID: Be more creative and waste less, mentally and physically. Post-COVID: Bring back matching tracksuit looks from my living room.

Post-COVID: Take the time to learn, listen, and take care of myself.

Post-COVID: To find beauty in the unexpected.

Post-COVID: Never take life for granted.

Our teams are divided according to each individual’s deepest passions and strongest skills, but all of the teams collaborate to achieve our collective goal. In March 2020, our project was forced to alter its intended format due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. Despite this unanticipated challenge, we used this opportunity to take a new route, reinterpreting the assets we gathered during the first semester and adapting our vision to create our best and most meaningful issue yet. Before COVID-19 turned the world on its head, we asked our teams to look inward and choose a personal resolution for 2020. But this unlikely circumstance put our lives into a new context, and it became important to note how this situation affected this project and the

Editorial Director Tara Kilcawley

Nicole Sullivan

Marley Gifford

Amanda Lauro

Pre-COVID: Embrace my natural curls. Post-COVID: Re-evaluate what is really “essential” in life.

Pre-COVID: Reduce my screen time and increase my outdoor time. Post-COVID: Savor every day and soak up every experience. Tomorrow is never promised!

Pre-COVID: Treat every day as an opportunity for self-improvement! Post-COVID: Find new outlets for creativity.

Editorial Team

Pre-COVID: Find something lovely in each day.

Post-COVID: Turn chaos into creativity, and

appreciate the small things that make life special.

The wordsmiths responsible for all things language. The ed- itorial team edits for copy and content, creates photo cap- tions and assigns image credits, ensures all posed facts are correct, and assists in the organization of magazine components.

Production Team

Managing Editor Jillian McCarthy

Grace Murphy

Janine Pultorak

Alyssa Cogliandro

people behind it. In line with our overarching themes of resolution,

Pre-COVID: Don’t take the simple things for granted. Post-COVID: Make the most of bad situations; there’s always some good to be found.

Pre-COVID: To lead with curiosity.

Pre-COVID: Don’t stress over what you cannot control. Post-COVID: Be grateful. You never know how much you have until it is gone.

Pre-COVID: Strive to do better, to be better.

perspective, and vision, we also created new resolutions that take into account what this outbreak has taught us.

Post-COVID: Welcome change and adapt to this unprecedented

Responsible for the research and logistics behind the creation of FM/AM.We develop and maintain a strict production schedule for the magazine, and work on a variety of projects, from organizing the Open Design Call and Artist Salon to managing the delivery of garments. Oh, and emails.

Post-COVID: Be in the moment.

situation with positivity and gratitude.



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