Measure Magazine, Vol. VII

Counterfeit By Nora Hogerty Conscience Sustainability in 2020 evokes images of yoga-toned bodies, goopy kale smoothies, and Instagram-friendly belief systems. The sustainable woman cleanses with seaweed tonics, lemongrass potions, and charcoal-infused toothpaste. She is the epicenter of centeredness. However, her yoga studio is corporately owned, her kale sprayed with pesticides, and her hotness only as deep as the mica mined by Malagasy children in Madagascar for her highlighter. Welcome to greenwashing, an unfortunate side effect of environmentalism, where ethics are used only as a marketing ploy.

ILLUSTRATIONS Sarah Ditterline PHOTOGRAPHY Courtesy of OOKIOH, MINDFLOWERS, and The Clothing Warehouse

PHOTOGRAPHER Kate Hollowell MODEL Mollie Papouloute OOKIOH Campaign


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