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April 2018


Destination: A Perfect Vacation Plan the Ideal Family Trip

Summer is fast approaching, and I know a lot of people are looking forward to the time when the kids are out of school so vacation season can finally begin. Already, commercials for resorts, cruises, and theme parks fill the airwaves. These are all standard family vacation options, but I’ve been thinking about more unique trips I could take with my family — vacations that will be truly memorable. Let me share a few ideas I came up with.

comfy cabin and cooking dinner every evening. Others might want to rent an RV and visit as many parks as possible.

You can also calibrate the adrenaline level to suit your family members. Will your family of thrill-seekers hit some whitewater rapids, or is bird-watching on a relaxing nature hike more your speed? Considering my own history with kayaking, you can bet I’ll take the more adventurous route.

An Urban Adventure

“Vacations like these also leave plenty of room for discovery, which is one of the reasons you travel in the first place.”

Multistop Mini Tour

For families who want to experience culture and adventure, a major city is the perfect destination. Trips to cities offer a lot more flexibility and personalization than one-size-fits- all cruises or resorts. The whole family can go sightseeing in the morning, then split up so some family members can explore an art museum while the rest catch a baseball game. Visiting a city also cuts down on the more frustrating aspects of travel that most people detest. You don’t

Vacations that span multiple destinations may require a little more planning, but they’re worth the effort. Rather than planning your vacation based on a place, you can organize your trip by theme. As long as you’re willing to be flexible and put in the legwork, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Maybe you want to explore sports halls of fame from

Canton to Springfield by way of Cooperstown. A family of history buffs might love to revisit the American Revolution with a trek from Boston to Jamestown. Perhaps you want to visit wineries up and down the California coast

have to rent a car when you have robust public transportation and ride-sharing services like Uber. You’re also far less likely to encounter the fifth-day fatigue that sets in when you’re stuck at a resort and have run out of things to do.

— though this trip might be better suited for families whose children are of legal drinking age. Whatever your family’s shared passions are, there’s a way to build a trip around them. Vacations like these also leave plenty of room for discovery, which is one of the reasons you travel in the first place. When you see something cool between planned stops, there’s nothing to stop you from checking it out. These ideas are a lot of fun, but honestly, there’s no wrong way to plan a family vacation. It doesn’t matter if you book a cruise or pile in the car for a cross-country drive. As long as the family is together, it’s a vacation well-planned. -David Brauns

Outdoor Escapes

Considering most people already live in or near a bustling metropolis, hitting another big city might not be appealing. If that’s the case, I recommend a nature-focused getaway. Places like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park are on most of our bucket lists, so why wait? You can craft the perfect outdoor vacation for your family. Some people prefer settling down in a


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