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UNDERSTANDING TENDINITIS While there are some sports injuries that happen after a bad day, there are others that develop over time.Tendinitis is an incredibly common issue that causes pain todevelop in the joints.Thiscan impact thehips,knees,elbowsorshoulders.Pain caused by tendinitis can impact everyday activities, making it exceedingly difficult to remain comfortable day to day or to remain active. Tendinitiscanmakesimpleactivitiessuchaspickingupagallonofmilkorattempting toputsomethingawayonashelfoveryourhead incrediblypainfulandchallenging. Unfortunately, when tendinitis develops, it often sticks around. This means that pain that begins as frustrating and seemingly minor can quickly become chronic and incrediblypainful.Workingwithaphysical therapist is thebestway toaddress tendinitispainearlyon, to improve rangeofmotionand reduce theseverityofyour pain without having to turn to pain medications.

Athletes are naturally at an increased risk for experiencing injuries. This is not as a result of any particular health issue that athletes typically have in common. Instead, it is a simple exposure equation. The more frequently you push yourself to try new things, to engage in physical activity, or to push yourself to reach a new goal,themoreyouaregoingto increaseyourriskforpotential injury.Onmoredays thannot, the injurywon’thappen,butaseveryathleteknows, itonly takesonebad day—onedaywhen fatigue throwsoffyour form justenough tocauseyourgait to beoff, foryou to feela littledistractedandnot realizeanobstacle iscomingup,or just a fluke of a moment in which something goes wrong and you go down. What makesmattersworse is the fact thatmanyathletesattempt topushpast thepain of their initial injuries, which often leads to those injuries becoming more severe. Workingwithaphysicaltherapist isespecially importantforathletesforthisreason. A physical therapist can help identify potential issues with posture or form that may increase your risk for injury, help identify potential injuries as they develop, and assess the severity of and best treatment options for those injuries as soon as possible, so you always know exactly what your body needs to feel at its best.

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move inonedirectionoranother.Tendinitisoccurswhenthetendonsbecome inflamed. Swelling in the tendons can make movement painful and difficult. Typically, when pain is caused as a result of tendinitis, the pain is isolated at the noted areas of the body. This means that a tennis player may experience tendinitis in theelboworshoulder,whereasa runnermaybemore likely toexperience it in the Achilles tendon. In fact, this is why tendinitis in the elbow is frequently referred to as tenniselbow,whileAchilles tendinitis issometimes referred toas runner’sankles or runner’s heels. TREATING TENDINITIS Thebest treatment for tendinitis is time.Unfortunately, this issomething thatmany peopleareunabletogivetoan injury.Whentendinitisdevelops,thebestthingtodo is touse iceandtorelaxthatpartofthebody.Takingafewdaysoffofpracticeoraway fromyourworkoutmaybesufficient,but inothercases, thismay requirea fewdays in a wheelchair or on crutches, with the bulk of your weight off of the affected area. Workingwithaphysicaltherapistcanhelpyou identifythebesttreatmentmethodsfor tendinitis.Yourphysical therapistcanalsohelpyou identify thebestrangeofmotion and strength-building activities to reduce your likelihood of developing tendinitis. For more information about preventing or treating pain from tendinitis, contact us.

Tendinitis is a common issue among athletes because it develops as a result of overuse. While the average person may engage in standard physical tasks such as walkingor typing,anathlete takes that repetitivebehavior toanew level.Considera tennisplayer, forexample. Inaddition to runningand jumping,askilled tennisplayer willspendhourseveryweekswinging the racket,and thiscould result inaddedwear and tear on the elbows and wrists, not to mention the shoulders. Everybone inthebody isconnectedwithmuscularfiberscalledtendons.Thetendons are flexible, allowing the body to move more freely by letting bones stretch apart or

H E A LT H Y S E A S O N A L R E C I P E Chocolate Peppermint Protein Balls


“Great people who care about you!” Great people who care about you and your recovery. Highly recommend compared to other therapy places. - Michael R. “The staff is excellent!” I’m an below-the-knee amputee who started phase one of my rehab with the fine staff at the Beverly location. The staff is excellent, and I look forward to starting phase two when I get my definitive prosthetic leg. Thanks to all who have worked with me, especially Christy!” - Lawrence I.

• 10 tbsp cocoa powder • 6 tbsp maple syrup • 1/4 cup almond butter (use sunbutter for nut free) • 1/4 cup unflavored pea protein powder • ½ tsp peppermint extract • 1/4 tsp sea salt • 2-4 tbsp crushed candy canes • 2-4 tbsp dairy free chocolate chips (optional)

Puteverythingexcept thecandycaneorcacaonibs,chocolatechipsandwater intoabowl and mix well. Slowly add water if needed (You may not need any water if your almond butter is runny). Start with a teaspoon and slowly add until you get a well mixed batter. If you add too much then the batter will be too soft to roll. Add the candy canes/cacao nibs and chocolate chips and mix again. Allow to chill in the fridge while you clean up, then roll into balls. Recipe:


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Relieve Knee Pain In Minutes Try this movement to relieve knee pain.

PERONEAL NERVE SLIDER Lay on your back with your leg elevated and one knee at a 90º angle. Slowly straighten your knee while simultaneously bending your foot up. Bendyourkneebackdown,whilealsopumpingyourankledownwardand inward as if pressing the brake in a car. Repeat 6-10 times on each leg.

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