The Button Law Firm September 2018

SEPT 2018


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Last month, I told you about the changes I’ve been making to turn off distractions and bring about a better work-life balance. My trip to Denver and Montana this summer was the perfect mixture of both; we lived it up, enjoyed some fun events, and learned a lot. You know me — I love learning, so that’s always going to be included in any trip I take. I spent time in the Northwest at two seminars learning and speaking on various topics in continuing legal education, and I definitely found some time for fun. However, the key to this trip was reconnecting with friends I rarely get to see and the outdoors. The first five days were spent in Denver at a national seminar. Before the seminar started, we went to a fascinating event called the Cherry Creek Outdoor Art Festival. There were booths and amazing artworks and creations. That night I had dinner with one of my good friends in Arkansas — Taylor Chaney — who actually got me signed up for the seminar while at a workshop last year. Taylor and his family hosted me at their house for a weekend to learn what has made them successful and … you guessed it — a solid morning of fishing. We are already planning the next workshop, and I can’t wait! At the seminar, we met attorneys from all over the country, including some well-known lawyers whose books I’ve read. We took classes on topics including traumatic brain injuries and inadequate security cases, which is where an innocent person is a victim of a preventable crime because of the choice by slumlords and property management companies to have zero to no security at an apartment complex or hotel. On the last night in Denver, I went to a Rockies game with one of my very great friends, Danny Ellis, and his family. It was nice to catch up at an event other than work. It also didn’t hurt that the weather for a baseball

game in Colorado was a lot cooler than a game in Texas — it was 80 degrees in the stadium instead of 110! There’s some stiff competition, but one of the best parts about being at this seminar was reconnecting with one of my best friends, Kenneth Berger. Kenny is also a personal injury attorney in Columbia, South Carolina. Kenny and I met nearly six years ago at a trial lawyer seminar. In fact, we became fast friends when he kept taking a break every time I got up to present. I found it odd and asked him in the hall what his deal was — I respected his opinions and wanted to know what he thought. His response made us instant friends, “Man, you got this stuff down. I figured if I could take a break during anyone’s presentation, it would be yours. Let’s grab a coffee, you up for it?” It was also Kenny who invited me to stay with him for a week after the Button Law Firm was opened to study how his firm operated and work through everything that I needed to do. For that, I am forever grateful. So, when we got the chance to meet up at this seminar, I wasn’t going to pass that up. Kenny and I had lunch every day, went to classes together, and one evening, we ate at a delicious Indian restaurant for dinner. It was great to catch up with my good buddy who I rarely get to see. I also made time for fitness. The hotel we were staying at had an amazing gym, which is now a requirement for me when booking hotels. I don’t want to let go of the fitness on the road. For the most part, just enjoying Denver was great. Whether eating great food, working out, learning, or hanging out with some of my great friends, that time in Denver was well worth the trip. As for learning, my rule of

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