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September 2017

AWELCOME CHANGE My Shift From Patient Care to Full-Time Administration

With all the time I’ve spent the past few months opening up our new clinic in Mason, a bunch of people have asked about

This may sound exhausting — and it is — but it’s also invigorating. It was always my dream to start and run my own clinic with a medication-limited approach to pain-free living, and every minute I spend maximizing the effectiveness and reach of Stretch Physical Therapy is one I consider a privilege. But, right before the Mason clinic opened, it became evident to me that it was time for a change. My administrative duties piled up, giving me less and less time for patient care. Eventually, I made the decision to shift

my “work-life balance.” How do I juggle everything at once? How do I find time for myself? But the secret of work-life balance in the midst of taking huge strides to expand your small business is that there’s no such thing. That’s not to say I’m complaining — far from it. I’ve loved realizing my

“Though I miss my patients terribly, it’s been a welcome shift in my life. I had forgotten what a full, non-vacation day off felt like!”

mission of helping people avoid costly surgeries and live their lives pain-free. But as changes come to the

patient care to the rest of my physical therapy team— all of whom I deeply believe in and have trained to be the best of the best — and focus solely on managing the clinic. Though I miss my patients terribly, it’s been a welcome shift in my life. I had forgotten what a full, non-vacation day off felt like! I’ve been able to spend more time doing the things I love to do —walking, exercising, and reading — and spending more time with my husband and family. I’m still busy, but knowing I can entrust the exemplary care of my patients to my stellar team, I can now (usually) leave work at work. With my efforts fully directed toward the operation of our clinics, the quality of care can only improve. I’m thrilled to reach more people than ever, and to continue to offer the highest standard of care possible. I’m grateful to each of my former patients. Without them, our current success would be impossible.

clinic, I’ve been steadily moving into a purely administrative role, letting me free up some precious time for myself. I have to admit, a little breathing room is a welcome proposition.

Ever since I started Stretch Physical Therapy 51/2 years ago, I’ve worked roughly 14 hours a day, seven days a week. Especially now, while I’ve been scrambling to get our expansions off the ground, I finish one task and have an unlimited number of things to do left over. I’ve spent dozens of nights up working until 1 or 2 a.m., when finally, I just have to make a conscious decision to pack up, go home, and get some rest.

- Kim Nartker



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