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which helps her stay strong. Ashlee has a busy work and home life, but she makes exercise a priority – she can often be found on her lunch break fitting in some time at a local gym in Sanger! Erica goes to the gym almost daily with friends to keep herself healthy and fit. Andrea is currently doing the P90X program with her Mom and having a lot of fun reaching workout goals with family. So, when our therapists prescribe you home exercises know that we are also working to stay active and reach our own fitness goals!! And we often get our own families involved so that those around us can also reap the benefits of regular exercise.

Our Staff stays active as Exercising regularly is key to preventive health! Have you attended therapy with us and wondered if we have regular exercise routines? The truth is each of us at MotionMatters believes in preventive health and we have seen the power that regular activity has on our health! Christine and her husband Andrew regularly walk and jog and have recently started the “Couch to 5K” or “C25K” programwhich is a smartphone app that helps you gradually increase your running distance to be able to run a 5 K race! Christine also regularly attends and teaches Yoga classes at Old Town Yoga. Angie frequently walks with her daughter and family members to stay active and has a gym membership

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