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Coastal Bend College is a leader in providing quality education for lifelong learning by dedicating its resources to promoting a learning-centered environment that empowers its students to reach their highest potential and become responsible members of the global community. CBC is located in Alice, Beeville, Kingsville, and Pleasanton, Texas. Coastal Bend College is your choice destination at four locations. Coastal Bend College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate degrees. Degree-granting institutions also may offer credentials such as certificates and diplomas at approved degree levels. Questions about the accreditation of Coastal Bend College may be directed in writing to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097, by calling (404) 679-4500, or by using information available on SACSCOC’s website (

Around the Bend is a publication of Coastal Bend College. For more information, contact:

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From the President ' s Desk Dr. Justin Hoggard

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JET Award Presentation $333K Grant to Elevate Nursing Program

Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony Spring 2023 Rho Lambda Chapter

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Cougar Innovation Center: Setting the Stage for Educational Advancement

CBC Launches Industrial Mechanics Program Revolutionizing Workforce Training in Texas

Coastal Bend College Foundation Spring Recap and Upcoming Events

Texas Industry Partnership Program Award Announcement and Check Presentation Cougar Care: CBC's Quality Enhancement Plan

T his letter comes at a time of celebration for Coastal Bend College (CBC) and community colleges across Texas. The recent signing of House Bill 8 (HB 8) into law is a game-changer, ushering in a new era of possibilities for CBC. It builds upon the diligent efforts of the Texas Commission on Community College Finance, ensuring that our funding aligns with the evolving needs of our workforce. At CBC, we wholeheartedly embrace HB 8 as a catalyst for positive change. It signifies a shift towards an outcomes-based funding model that rewards community colleges for student success. This emphasis on degree completion, certifications, and valuable credentials positions our graduates for meaningful employment opportunities in high-demand fields. From the President ' s Desk

Dr. Justin Hoggard President Coastal Bend College

The passage of HB 8 reinforces CBC’s dedication to providing high-quality education that meets the needs of our students and community. We are excited about the transformative impact this legislation will have, as we continue to prioritize student success, workforce readiness, and the advancement of our region. As we move forward, we remain focused on our mission of delivering exceptional education and fostering a culture of innovation and growth. We will continue to explore new avenues to enhance our programs, expand our offerings, and provide an even more enriching educational experience for our students. We are committed to being at the forefront of educational excellence, adapting to the needs of our community, and preparing our students for success in the years to come.


W hat does H ouse B ill 8 mean for CBC? Outcomes-Based Funding: HB 8 introduces an outcomes-based funding model, revolutionizing the way community colleges are supported. Instead of simply allocating funds based on enrollment, the focus now shifts to rewarding colleges for positive student outcomes, such as degree completion, certifications, and valuable credentials. Enhanced Employment Opportunities: By emphasizing credentials of value and high-demand fields, HB 8 ensures that CBC graduates are well-prepared for meaningful employment. This legislation aligns our programs with the needs of local industries, equipping our students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their chosen careers. Seamless Transfers and Dual Credit: HB 8 recognizes the importance of smooth transitions for students pursuing further education. It encourages successful transfers from community colleges to four-year universities, providing a clear pathway for those seeking to continue their academic journey. Additionally, the legislation expands opportunities for high school students through dual credit programs, setting them on early pathways to success. Increased Funding : As a result of HB 8, Texas has allocated a substantial $683 million in the state budget to support community colleges. This significant investment underscores the state's commitment to empowering community colleges and ensuring they have the necessary resources to provide quality education and training. Education Innovation: HB 8 positions CBC at the forefront of educational innovation. By aligning funding mechanisms with student outcomes, the legislation encourages colleges to make strategic decisions that enhance student success. This empowers CBC to embrace innovative approaches, equipping our students with the tools they need to excel in a rapidly evolving workforce. For more information about HB 8, visit:

Members of the CBC Student Government Association attended Community College Day at the Capitol on January 26, 2023.


JET Grant Award Presentation

C oastal Bend College is set to enhance its nursing program with the recent award of $333,352 from the Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) Grant program. This award, administered by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), is part of a state- wide initiative designed to support career and technical education programs, specifically targeting high-demand occupations. With the JET Grant funds, CBC plans to update the nursing labs by incorporating state-of- the-art equipment. This includes one geriatric simulator, two mid-fidelity manikins, a pyxis medication station, and an IV infusion pump for each site. The geriatric simulator resembles actual patients, with realistic blinking, breathing, and vocal responses. It features palpable pulses, heart sounds, breath sounds, and bowel sounds, allowing students to practice essential nursing skills on a lifelike manikin. The simulator also offers simulations that mirror real-life healthcare scenarios, enabling students to apply their knowledge and skills in a safe environment. The check presentation was held on May 17, 2023, at Del Mar College's Oso Creek Campus. TWC Chairman Bryan Daniel presented 17 grants,

totaling more than $7.7 million to 12 Coastal Bend-area educational institutions. CBC's acquisition of the JET Grant and its subsequent commitment to enhancing the nursing program showcase the institution's unwavering dedication to addressing the healthcare needs of the region. Through strategic partnerships and significant investments in education and career development, CBC is empowering students with the essential skills to bridge the nursing gap and provide exceptional quality care.

CBC Provost/CAO Dr. Patricia Rehak, Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Loana Hernandez and Nursing Division Director Maria Cantu attended the event.


CBC Accreditation Update

staff, administration, and community members to discuss the wonderful things happening at CBC. This visit is a chance to highlight years of dedication and continuous improvement efforts made by CBC employees and the community to provide quality education and promoting a learning centered environment empowering our students to reach their highest potential and become responsible members of the global community. Members of the SACSCOC Decennial Narrative Writing Committee include: • Jarod Bleibdrey, Dean of Career and Technical Education • Paul Cantrell, Director of the CBC Foundation • Anna Garcia, Exec. Asst. to the President & Secretary to the Board of Trustees • Anna Hazelrigg, Division Coordinator, Arts, Humanities (Editor) • Loana Hernandez, Dean of Nursing and Allied Health • Dr. Justin Hoggard, President • Dr. Kayla Devora-Jones, Dean of Student Services • Dr. Michelle Lane, Exec. Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Research • Dixie “Prissy” Lytle, Director of Human Resources • Christi Morgan, Director of Transfer Education (Editor) • Dr. Patricia Rehak, Provost • Mark Secord, Dean of Transfer and General Education A special thank you and recognition to Dr. Devin Stephenson, President of Northwest Florida State College, for serving as an external reviewer during our self-study and providing constructive feedback during the process along with Dr. Ray Pinner, SACSCOC Higher Education and Non-Profits Consultant, for their dedication and contribution to the success occurring at Coastal Bend College.

C oastal Bend College has been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) since 1969. This accreditation is a designation in which the institution adheres to standards which align with SACSCOC’s mission as a regional accrediting body to assure the educational quality and improve the effectiveness of its member institutions. As part of the Reaffirmation process, institutions must submit two separate documents; the Compliance Certification and the Quality Enhancement Plan. The Compliance Certification is a comprehensive document, submitted fifteen (15) months in advance, created by a collective of employees across the institution to demonstrate the College’s adherence to the standards and core requirements through a self-assessment process. This extensive evidence-based document is the culmination of years of effort by our CBC team to effectively show the quality and continuous improvement planning taking place at CBC. The Off-Site Reaffirmation Review of the CBC Compliance Certification took place beginning in the spring 2023. The College received a report explaining its preliminary findings and were offered the opportunity to clarify any items or questions. These reports are then given to the On-Site Reaffirmation Committee who will be visiting our campus October 3-5, 2023. The On-Site Reaffirmation Committee is a team of institutional peer reviewers from across the nation who will have a chance to meet with students, faculty,


Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony Spring 2023 Rho Lambda Chapter

O n May 3, 2023, Coastal Bend College proudly hosted the induction ceremony for the Rho Lambda Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) at

the CBC-Beeville location, recognizing the exceptional achievements of 55 students from the Spring 2023 semester. Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society that recognizes and encourages academic success among community college students. To be eligible for PTK membership, students must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours towards an associate or bachelor's degree or at least 6 credit hours towards a one-year certificate program.

PTK President & CEO Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner welcomed inductees with a pre-recorded video.

Theta Kappa, who congratulated the inductees on their achievements and welcomed them into the esteemed PTK community. The induction ceremony aligns with Coastal Bend College's plans to establish an honors college in partnership with Phi Theta Kappa. As the premier honor society for students at associate degree- granting colleges, Phi Theta Kappa is recognized by the American Association of Community Colleges and boasts over 3.8 million members and nearly 1,300 chapters across 11 countries. Coastal Bend College takes pride in the academic excellence of its students and remains committed to nurturing their talents and providing opportunities for success.

PTK Officers pictured L to R: Jennifer Cervantes (President), Jacqueline Thompson (Vice President), Cristina Miranda (Treasurer), and Stephanie Cantu Trevino (Secretary)

Led by chapter officers and CBC administration, the ceremony highlighted the importance of Phi Theta Kappa in shaping scholars and leaders. The event featured a special video message from Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner, President and CEO of Phi

Inductees were presented with a white rose and a candle in accordance with PTK ceremony traditions.


The Kids College Program at CBC-Beeville ran from June 5th to June 15th, 2023, captivating 25 participants aged 8-12. The two-week program offered an extensive range of subjects, ensuring an action-packed learning experience. The first week focused on the fascinating world of science, with activities that included creating slime with CBC Dean of Transfer and General Education Mark Secord, visiting the Texas Zoo, and exploring forensic science. It concluded with a visit to the Texas State Aquarium. The second week highlighted art and kinesiology, with lessons on the color wheel by the CBC Cosmetology Department. Students toured the Beeville Art Museum and learned about the history of photography from local photographer Criste Bleibdrey. Additional high points included a surprise visit from Beeville Chief of Police Kevin Behr and Athletics day hosted by CBC coaches and student athletes. Led by a dedicated staff, the program provided an interactive and memorable educational experience, fostering curiosity and a love for learning. A Summer of Learning:Kids College 2023


Spring 2023 Graduation Ceremonies

Nursing Pinning Ceremony Keynote Speaker: Reverend Idotha Battle


May 11th & 12th, 2023

Commencement Keynote Speaker: Judge Janna Whatley


Cougar Innovation Center: CBC's Title III Grant Initiative Sets the Stage for Educational Advancement

“The Title III grant will transform the pathways our students follow in their journey towards the completion of their individual goals.” Dr. David Byrd Executive Director of Innovation & Learning/Title lll Grant

C BC is embarking on an exciting journey to enhance teaching and learning through the implementation of the Title III grant. At the heart of this initiative lies the Cougar Innovation Center (CIC), a dynamic space that fosters creativity, collaboration, and technological advancements. Led by CIC Executive Director of Innovation & Learning Dr. David Byrd and his dedicated team, CBC is committed to equipping faculty members with the necessary tools and support to create engaging and inspiring learning experiences.

Creation of Spaces and Cutting-Edge Resources This summer, the CIC is transforming areas of the Dirks Student Services Building to create collaborative spaces, a faculty development classroom, and a cutting-edge digital media laboratory. These spaces are designed to support faculty members with state-of-the-art resources and technologies. The faculty development classroom will serve as the primary location for delivering Quality Matters course transformations, while the digital media laboratory will be equipped

Pictured L to R: Dr. David Byrd, Christi Morgan (Director of Transfer Education/Pathways Coordinator), Dr. Aurelia Rocha (Digitial Media Specialist), Luz Miranda (Instructional Designer)


Enhancing Technology and Support To assist faculty members in transitioning smoothly to the Learning Management System, the CIC will design a Blackboard re-boot training program. This program aims to aid adjunct faculty and new hires in adapting to Blackboard Ultra, the latest version of the Anthology LMS. Significant funds have been allocated to technology, with approximately $109,000 encumbered for purchases that will directly enhance course delivery. Notable acquisitions include 3-year site licenses for Camtasia and Snagit, enabling faculty to elevate their course content through multimedia elements.

with innovative tools such as cameras, green screens, recording and editing software, and production-level microphones and lights. These resources enable faculty to create compelling course content that engages and inspires students. The CIC team will be readily available for drop-in collaborations, offering assistance in enhancing online course content and delivery. In addition, faculty members can access consultation services from the instructional designer and media specialist. Empowering Faculty with Professional Development Recognizing the pivotal role of faculty development, the CIC has organized a series of workshops and programs focused on enhancing student learning outcomes. During the Spring of 2023, the CIC delivered four Lunch & Learn faculty development workshops, focusing primarily on the effective utilization of rubrics and assessment methods. The CIC also facilitated a book club centered around the book " Small Teaching Online: Applying Learning Science in Online Classes " by Flower Darby and Jim Lang. Quality Matters and Transforming Courses Summer 2023 marks the launch of the Quality Matters Design Your Own Course (DYOC) training program. This initiative targets a cohort of twelve faculty members who will receive intensive training on course design and transformation, adhering to the highest Quality Matters Standards. Internal peer reviewers, trained in Applying the QM Rubric will provide valuable support, holding faculty accountable for meeting CBC's internal standards. Once the internal standards are met, courses will undergo external review and potentially receive QM certification, further elevating the quality of education at CBC.

Beyond the Classroom In partnership with the Onboarding Committee, the Title III team is diligently designing and implementing comprehensive orientation, transition, and retention programs. These efforts include the selection of a student success platform and a career aptitude/interest survey platform, facilitating personalized outreach and tailored advising. Additionally, an online learning readiness assessment will be implemented to identify and support students in their preparation for success in online courses. Coastal Bend College's Cougar Innovation Center, driven by the Title III grant initiative, stands as a testament to CBC's commitment to educational excellence. By fostering innovation, collaboration, and professional development opportunities, the CIC is transforming teaching and learning at CBC.


CBC TRIO Programs

Talent Search - Alice

Talent Search -Beeville

F or the students participating in the TRIO programs at Coastal Bend College, this summer has been nothing short of extraordinary. From educational trips to leadership conferences and engaging workshops, the TRIO programs have provided an enriching and transformative experience for these talented young individuals. Talent Search - Alice: Exploring the Riches of New Orleans The students of Talent Search - Alice embarked on an exciting journey to New Orleans from June 26th to 29th. Their itinerary was packed with educational and thrilling activities, including a tour of Tulane University, where they had the opportunity to explore the campus and get a glimpse into college life. The National World War II Museum allowed them to delve into history and gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made during the war. One of the highlights

of the trip was the swamp tour, where the students got up close and personal with nature, even holding a baby alligator. This adventure was not only fun but also provided valuable insights and inspiration for their future academic pursuits.

Talent Search - Beeville students Gilbert Davila and Melissa De Leon

Talent Search - Beeville: Empowering Future Leaders in Washington, D.C. Gilbert Davila of George West High School and Melissa De Leon of Refugio High School, participants of Talent Search - Beeville, attended the prestigious 34th Annual Council for Opportunity in Education National Student Leadership Congress at American University in Washington, D.C. from June 10th to 15th. This six-day leadership experience brought together TRIO pre-college students from across the United States and U.S. territories to collaborate on finding innovative solutions to societal issues. The event included a Mock Congress Competition, Diversity and Inclusion Training, Interactive Learning Labs, College and Career Exploration, exposure to Washington, D.C. landmarks and museums, and a day on Capitol Hill. Through this unique opportunity, Gilbert and Melissa honed their leadership skills and expanded their horizons, setting the stage for their future success.

Talent Search - Alice student Wyatt Nunez attends Ben Bolt - Palito Blanco High School.


Summer Adventures and Academic Success Upward Bound Upward Bound Rural

Upward Bound & Upward Bound Rural- Bridging the Gap to Higher Education The Upward Bound & Upward Bound Rural programs at CBC provided an immersive summer experience for their participants. The six-week residential summer/bridge program, running from May 29th to July 6th, offered a range of academic, support, and supplemental services to aid in the transition from high school to college. Bridge scholarship recipients had the opportunity to live on campus and enroll in two college courses, earning up to eight hours of college credit. They also took part in a financial literacy course and a socioemotional development course, equipping them with vital skills for their academic and personal growth. The program further enriched their experience through the Work Study Internship Program, which allowed students to preview careers in fields of their interest. Rising juniors and seniors also had the opportunity to stay on campus for six weeks, earning three hours of college credit for completing EDUC 1300. They benefited from academic support and supplemental services tailored to their needs, including advanced academic courses in various subjects. From July 17th to 20th, the Upward Bound

program organized a summer trip to Austin, TX. The participants had the opportunity to explore higher ed institutions such as the University of Texas at Austin and Texas State University. Additionally, they visited attractions including the Texas State Capital, Museum of Ice Cream, Zilker Botanical Garden, Bullock Texas State History Museum, and Schlitterbahn Water Park.

The annual UB & UBR Banquet celebrated graduates' achievements on July 6th and featured speeches by Dr. Kayla Devora-Jones and Pete Martinez.

TRIO Thursdays Fostering Connections and Personal Growth

The TRIO programs organized a series of summer events to foster interaction, personal growth, and networking among students. These events included: • STEM Exploration: Students engaged in a hands-on STEM workshop, exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. • TRIO Alumni/TRIO Bowl Event): Former TRIO participants shared their experiences, while attendees enjoyed friendly competition during TRIO Bowl Games. • Student Success Workshop/Blackout-Glow Dance (June 22nd): The workshop focused on problem- solving, effective communication, and habits for success. Students celebrated with a costume blackout-glow dance and refreshments. To learn more about the TRIO programs available at CBC, visit


CBC Alumni Spotlight Paying it Forward in Pleasanton

L to R: Adrienne Salazar (Clinical Instructor, Vocational Nursing), Sheila Ruiz (Assistant Professor, Nursing Simulation), Tammy Luna (Assistant Professor, Vocational Nursing)

C oastal Bend College takes immense pride in the success of its alumni, who serve as a testament to the college's commitment to student success beyond graduation. In this feature, we shine a spotlight on three extraordinary women: Adrienne Shaw, Tammy Luna, and Sheila Ruiz. These talented individuals not only completed their education at CBC but have now returned to instruct nursing students at CBC's Pleasanton location, embodying the college's mission to educate and inspire future generations. Their journeys demonstrate the enduring impact of CBC on its alumni, creating a cycle of achievement, mentorship, and personal growth. Adrienne’s Story Adrienne's path towards teaching was not a linear

one. After enrolling in CBC's vocational nursing program in 2014 and graduating a year later, she spent three years working in the nursing field. However, her true calling as an educator beckoned her back to CBC, where she sought a position as a clinical instructor. Adrienne's dedication to her students was put to the test when the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe. As she and her students faced unprecedented challenges, she remained steadfast in her commitment to providing a quality education despite the uncertainties. With resilience and determination, Adrienne and her students navigated the unknown, adhering to safety guidelines and adapting to new protocols. Through their collective efforts, they overcame


obstacles and succeeded, proving that their commitment to the nursing profession was unwavering even in the face of adversity. "I always think of the quote, 'Love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life.' That's what I feel when I'm teaching." Sheila's Story Sheila's motivation to become a nurse was sparked during a challenging time in her life. "My last baby was premature and she was at Driscoll Children's Hospital for months," Sheila recounted. "Every day, I would go sit by her bassinet in a rocking chair." Witnessing the dedicated nurses caring for her premature baby in the neonatal intensive care unit left a lasting impression on her. "I never had a desire to be a pediatric nurse," Sheila admitted, "but I knew I wanted to be a nurse then." Despite facing personal challenges, her determination to pursue a career in nursing only grew stronger and in 2001, Sheila graduated from CBC. Recalling her time as a student at CBC, Sheila spoke fondly of the instructors who left an indelible mark on her. "The instructors that I had were amazing. They made such an impact at that point in my life. I would like to do that for my students." Inspired by their dedication and passion, she aspires to make a similar impact on her own students, "I can't imagine doing anything else." Tammy's Story Tammy Luna's personal journey is one of resilience and determination. As a teen mother who didn't graduate high school, she faced numerous challenges early on. However, her passion for nursing and her desire to create a better future for herself and her children drove her to pursue education at Coastal Bend College.

Tammy Luna and her daughters at their respective nursing pinning and graduation ceremonies The transformative power of education became evident in Tammy's life as she transitioned from being a medical assistant to becoming a nurse. She recalls a nurse named Wendy who made a profound impact on her as a young, pregnant teenager, igniting her desire to follow a similar path of compassion and kindness. This experience led her to pursue a nursing career and ultimately become an educator. Education became a cornerstone in Tammy's household, as both of her daughters also chose nursing as their profession. She takes immense pride in their accomplishments and the emphasis they place on education in their family. With her daughters pursuing higher degrees in nursing, Tammy's home has become a haven of education and achievement. To learn more about the Coastal Bend College/ Bee County College Alumni &

Friends Association, visit alumni.


CBC Launches Industrial Mechanics Program Revolutionizing Workforce Training in Texas

C oastal Bend College marked a significant milestone in its commitment to preparing a future workforce with the inauguration of its Industrial Mechanics program. The program, which held a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 1st, 2023, offers students throughout the state of Texas the opportunity to access the program online while being based at the CBC - Alice location. Thanks to the Texas Reskilling and Upkilling through Education (TRUE) grant, CBC has acquired state-of- the-art equipment, ensuring that students receive top-notch training and education. With its unique blend of in-person and online learning, the Industrial Mechanics program ensures that students can benefit from a comprehensive education regardless of their geographical location. The program boasts realistic simulators, allowing students to engage

in hands-on training from the comfort of their own homes. Amatrol and Tech-Labs, two global leaders in industry training systems, have been enlisted as the program's educational platforms. The program equips students with the high-demand industrial skills required for lucrative career paths. Graduates will be prepared to pursue employment


skill set that will serve them well throughout their careers. Registration for the Industrial Mechanics program is currently open. The program promises to be an excellent opportunity for aspiring individuals across Texas, as Coastal Bend College continues its commitment to providing accessible and high- quality education for an in-demand workforce. For more information, visit

Members of the community toured the lab and learned about the equipment and career opportunities. opportunities in various fields, including wind farms, solar energy, oil fields, and electrical maintenance. The program's versatility ensures that students are equipped with the expertise and qualifications needed to succeed in diverse industrial sectors. Coastal Bend College strategically chose Alice as the location for the Industrial Mechanics program's base due to the region's significant presence in the wind and oil industries. By establishing the program in Alice, the college not only addresses the community's specific needs but also contributes to the economic development of the entire Coastal Bend region, including areas like Kingsville, Beeville, and beyond. CBC Dean of Career and Technical Education Jarod Bleibdrey states, "Coastal Bend College has established strong partnerships with local industries, and these collaborations play a crucial role in the success of our programs. The Industrial Mechanics program is no exception. We have actively engaged with industry experts to develop the curriculum, ensuring that it aligns with industry needs and standards. This collaboration also provides students with valuable networking opportunities, internships, and potential employment prospects upon graduation." Upon completion of the program, students will earn an Associate's Degree of Applied Science in Industrial Mechanics, accompanied by a comprehensive

Senator LaMantia and Industrial Mechanics Assistant Professor Robert Molina

Senator Morgan LaMantia visited the new Industrial Mechanics lab at the CBC-Alice location on July 6th, 2023. Upon touring the facility, Senator LaMantia stated, “It’s amazing what they’re able to do… not just here on site, but also virtually. They’re able to reach so many students throughout South Texas and beyond.”

Dean Bleibdrey shows Senator LaMantia the Industrial Mechanics training equipment.


Avangrid Renewable Energy Industrial Mechanics Endowed Scholarship

C BC is proud to announce the establishment of the Avangrid Renewable Energy Industrial Mechanics Endowed Scholarship. This prestigious scholarship, generously funded by Avangrid Renewable Energy, aims to support students studying in the Industrial Mechanics program and encourages talented individuals to pursue a career in this field.

Avangrid Renewable Energy recognizes the importance of nurturing a skilled workforce to meet the demands of the growing renewable energy industry. By establishing this endowed scholarship, Avangrid Renewable Energy exemplifies their commitment to educational opportunities and community empowerment, while promoting the long-term sustainability of the renewable energy sector. The Avangrid Renewable Energy Industrial Mechanics Endowed Scholarship will be awarded based on various criteria, with preference given to students residing in Bee County, Texas. Second preference will be extended to students residing in San Patricio County, Texas, and third preference will be granted to students within the Coastal Bend College service area.

To ensure the continuity of support, the Avangrid Renewable Energy Industrial Mechanics Endowed Scholarship is renewable for a total of four semesters, subject to the recipients maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0. The scholarship award amount will vary depending on the available distributions from the endowed funds. Interested students are encouraged to contact the Coastal Bend College Foundation Office at Coastal Bend College for more information on eligibility criteria and application requirements.

Meet the Professor: Robert Ray Molina

If you recognize the new CBC Industrial Mechanic's professor, Robert Molina, there's a good reason for that. Molina has established himself as a fixture in the local country music scene, with a string of radio singles charting on the Texas Regional Radio Report Top 10. With hits including “Drunk Enough”, “Two-Steppin at a Time”, “Good Country Song”, and “I Found You”, Molina has found success on the stage "When I first started my musical journey, my hometown Alice gave me so much support - so it's great that I get to be a part of this Industrial Mechanics program here at CBC-Alice and give back to the community that has done so much for me. " Molina reflects. Molina attended CBC before going on to earn his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Management and Technology with a minor in Business Administration at Texas A&M University-Kingsville in 2017. In 2020. he was the recipient of “The Rising Star Award” by the Texas A&M University Alumni Association.


Exploring Careers in Industrial Mechanics: Opportunities and Salaries

I ndustrial mechanics form the backbone of modern manufacturing, ensuring the smooth operation of machinery and equipment. With the rise of automation and technological advancements, the demand for skilled industrial mechanics has soared. For students considering a career in this field, numerous exciting and rewarding opportunities await. Industrial Machinery Mechanics: These skilled professionals diagnose and repair complex machinery. Average Hourly Salary: $29.32 Average Annual Salary: $60,990 PLC Programmer Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are the brains behind many industrial automation systems. PLC programmers are responsible for writing, testing, and troubleshooting the code that controls automated processes in factories and other industrial environments. Average Hourly Salary: $30.60 Average Annual Salary: $63,640 Millwright Millwrights are skilled tradespeople who install, dismantle, and maintain industrial machinery, conveyor systems, and other mechanical equipment .

Average Hourly Salary: $29.69 Average Annual Salary: $61,750

Wind Turbine Service Technicians: With the growing emphasis on renewable energy, wind turbine service technicians have become a sought-after profession. These technicians are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of wind turbines, which harness the power of wind to generate electricity. Average Hourly Salary: $27.05 Average Annual Salary: $56,260 The salaries listed above are based on data obtained from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics for the Corpus Christi region in 2022.


Brad Upton Kicks Off Comedy Series

C omedian and social media superstar Brad Upton delivered in a big way in the of the Coastal Bend College Comedy Series debut event on April 1. The longtime comic kept the crowd in stitches during his nearly 90-minute show, which included plenty of needling of the Texas A&M alums in the crowd. The show was a sell out and helped raise more than $5,000 that will be used to fund student scholarships through the Coastal Bend College Foundation. Upton’s show was the first in the Coastal Bend College Comedy Series, a bi-annual stand-up comedy event that will be held at the Gertrude R. Jones Auditorium on the college’s Beeville campus.

Edward Baker enjoys a good laugh and he’s not afraid to take a not-so-short drive to partake in one. In April, Baker trekked all the way to Beeville from just outside Fort Worth – a journey of more than 300 miles – to attend the launch of the Coastal Bend College Comedy Series with comedian Brad Upton. Baker said seeing Upton perform in person was on his bucket list and he had to choose between Upton’s show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or his show in Beeville. He chose Beeville and that decision ultimately landed him a free upgrade to a VIP seat from the Coastal Bend College Foundation. Baker also won a VIP badge that gave him the chance to meet Upton backstage before the show as well as a complimentary bottle of Col. Fannin’s Whiskey courtesy of presenting sponsor Live Oak Vodka.

Baker (left) posed for a picture with Upton and CBC President Dr. Justin Hoggard at the event's VIP Meet and Greet.


Dennis Gaxiola to Headline Comedy Show at CBC

Gaxiola has made more than 20 national television appearances, including Comedy Central’s Laffapalooza with Jamie Foxx, Stand Up Revolution with Gabriel Iglesias, STARZ Network’s First Amendment Stand Up with Martin Lawrence, TBN’s Praise the Lord Comedy Specials, Show Time at the Apollo, BET’s Comic View, Que Locos and the Latin Kings of Comedy Tour with the legendary Paul Rodriguez.

T he Coastal Bend College Foundation is proud to announce that one of America’s funniest clean comedians will headline the second show in the Coastal Bend College Comedy Series, a bi- annual stand-up comedy event that will be held at the Gertrude R. Jones Auditorium on the college’s Beeville campus. All proceeds from the series will be used to fund scholarships through the Coastal Bend College Foundation. Dennis Gaxiola, the son of a preacher and proud veteran of the United States Air Force, will headline the second event in the series, which will be held Saturday, October 14, at 7 p.m. He's seen his most recent success with his two DryBar Comedy specials, “Before the Wall Goes Up” and “Bible School Dropout,” which reached the No. 1 spot on DryBar’s top 10 shortly after its release

and has been viewed more than 50 million times on various social media channels. Gaxiola will take the stage at the newly renovated Gertrude R. Jones Auditorium at 7 p.m. Doors for the show will open at 6 p.m. Tickets for the show will be available online at A limited number of VIP tables, which include two seats and special drink service, will be available for $75. Platinum section seats are $25 each, gold section seats are $15 each and silver section seats are $10 each. Special group rates for purchases of six or more seats are available. For more information, or to inquire about purchasing a sponsorship for the series, call the Coastal Bend College Foundation office at 361-354-2348 or email


Grady C. Hogue Memorial Golf Tournament

T he Coastal Bend College Foundation hosted the annual Grady C. Hogue Memorial Golf Tournament at the Beeville Country Club on April 1, 2023. The tournament sold out, with 15 teams competing for the championship. Reagan Scott, Clint Willis, Greg Breaux, and Mike McNabb claimed the gross score championship trophies, while Reagan Florence, Kade Florence, Ethan Linney, and Kevin J. Keller won the net score championship trophies. Before the start of the tournament, CBC President Dr. Justin Hoggard spoke of Grady C. Hogue and the enduring legacy of his philanthropic efforts. Hogue's daughters, Mary Aman and Debbie Parsons, were then honored with framed prints of their father from his time in the Texas House of Representatives. The event was a fantastic success, raising over $5,000 for student scholarships through the Foundation. For more information on scholarships available through the CBC Foundation, visit foundationscholarships.

L to R: Dr. Hoggard, Mary Aman, and Debbie Parsons

CBC Alumni & Friends Association

The first alumni social/reception in years was hosted by the Coastal Bend College Alumni & Friends Association on Thursday, March 2, at the La Linea Wine Bar in downtown Beeville. The event drew nearly 50 attendees throughout the evening, which was organized by Alumni & Friends Association President Taylor Tomlin. Tomlin is currently in the process of planning more socials at the college’s other sites, as well as other alumni events in Beeville.

If you are interested in joining the association or assisting with events, please email Tomlin at


CBC Foundation Executive Director Paul Cantrell, Scholarship Recipient Taylor Villanueva, CBC Foundation Secretary Lola Castro

Berninger Scholarship Awarded

T he Coastal Bend College Foundation recently helped one nursing student start off her journey toward becoming a nurse in a profound way. In early May, as a new cohort of students started the vocational nursing program, CBC Foundation Executive Director Paul Cantrell announced the winner of the Cathryn G. Berninger Memorial Vocational Nursing Scholarship.

Taylor Villanueva, an alumna of Beeville’s A.C. Jones High School, was the recipient of the scholarship, which fully covered the cost of her tuition for the program. Cantrell presented the award alongside Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Loana Hernandez. The Cathryn G. Berninger Memorial Vocational Nursing Scholarship is named after longtime Beeville resident Cathryn G. Berninger, an ardent supporter of Coastal Bend College. Berninger worked for many years as an executive secretary for both Humble Oil & Refining Company the Exxon Corporation before retiring, then worked for St. Philip’s Episcopal Church. She died in 2006 and as a final measure of support for her community, she left a legacy gift of more than $200,000 to Coastal Bend College, which was used to establish the scholarship that now bears her name.

Cathryn Berninger


Texas Industry Partnership Program Award Announcement and Check Presentation

C oastal Bend College, in collaboration with Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend and the Kingsville Chamber of Commerce, is proud to announce the launch of an innovative Airframe & Power Plant (A&P) certification program. This groundbreaking initiative, made possible by a Texas Industry Partnership (TIP) grant of $150,000, aims to empower aspiring Aircraft Mechanics & Service Technicians in the Aerospace, Aviation, and Defense industry. Through the program, students will receive comprehensive training, earning an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree and FAA certifications. This prepares graduates for rewarding job opportunities within the industry, including positions with contractors at Naval Air Station - Kingsville. The event featured a check presentation with remarks from Manny Salazar, Kingsville Chamber of Commerce President & CEO, Victor

Rear Admiral Richard Brophy and CBC Board of Trustees Chairman Victor Gomez

Gomez, Chairman, CBC Board of Trustees, Ken Trevino, Workforce Solutions Coastal Bend President/CEO, and Aaron Demerson, Texas Workforce Commissioner Representing Employers. Kingsville Mayor Sam Fugate, Rear Admiral Richard Brophy, CBC Provost Dr. Patricia Rehak, Kingsville ISD Superintendent Dr. Cecilia Reynolds-Perez and industry representatives from Rolls Royce and Vortez attended the event. The introduction of this transformative program sets the stage for a brighter future, empowering students and bridging the gap between education and industry needs. Coastal Bend College, along with its esteemed partners, remains committed to fostering growth and creating exceptional opportunities within the aerospace sector.


Photographer Credit: Cissy Beasley

Call for Entries: 2024 CBC Wildlife Calendar C oastal Bend College is pleased to announce the call for entries for the 2024 CBC Wildlife Calendar. Each year, CBC produces a wildlife calendar free of charge for members of the community and surrounding areas. The calendar features the work of South Texas photographers and over 3,000 are distributed to local businesses and individuals throughout the United States and all over the world. A three-person panel of local wildlife experts will judge the entries to select the photographs to be included in the 2024 calendar.

All photographers should note that they are able to submit their entries via USB flash drive or Cloud storage links such as OneDrive or Dropbox. All photos must be submitted along with the 2024 CBC Wildlife Calendar Submission Form, which is available for download at wildlife. Submissions will not be returned and photos may not be emailed as attachments. Photo submissions may include flowers, insects, birds, reptiles, and animals that are native to the area, as well as photos that highlight regional landscape, vegetation, and character. For more information, please contact CBC Director of Marketing & Public Relations Amanda Ramirez at 361-354-2259 or

Photographers maintain all rights to photos submitted. By submitting photos, the photographer allows Coastal Bend College to use the photos in promoting calendars. CBC will not sell any of the photos submitted. CBC’s Wildlife Calendar showcases the Coastal Bend region’s native birds, flowers, insects, vegetation and wildlife. Photographers who are interested in submitting their outstanding South Texas wildlife photos have until 5:00 p.m. August 18, 2023.


Beyond Academics CBC Student Services: Activities & Community Involvement

Chalking for Mental Health

“It’s inspiring to see the CBC community join in this community-wide effort that is helping to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.” On May 22, 2023, the CBC Student Services team participated in Chalking for Mental Health Awareness , a community event coordinated by Serenity Counseling & Life Coaching Services. The event was a way to spread awareness of mental health and encourage students to support one another. CBC Student Services provided chalk, provided information for available resources, and engaged with students as they wrote positive and supportive messages on the walkways.

Dr. Kayla Devora-Jones Dean of Student Services

CBC Residence Life Takes the Wheel Promoting Safe Driving Among Students

This Spring, the Office of CBC Residence Life hosted the U in the Driver Seat (UDS) program, an initiative designed to promote safe driving among students. The peer-to-peer approach of UDS encourages participants to act as responsible advocates among their friends and peers, spreading the message of the importance of making sound decisions behind the wheel. U in the Driver Seat was created by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute in an effort reduce the number of impaired driving injuries and deaths of college aged students. For more information, visit


Welcome, Cougars! CBC Celebrates High School Seniors in College Commitment Ceremonies

A s the 2022- 2023 academic year drew to a close, CBC Student Services stayed busy welcoming high school (HS) seniors into the CBC family. The college committment ceremonies took place at various local high schools, including AC Jones HS, Falfurrias HS, Taft HS, Premont HS, Poteet HS and Kaufer Early Colleg HS. The ceremonies not only showcased the students' dedication to pursuing higher education but also provided an opportunity for their families to share in the excitement. Likewise, the CBC Athletics Department welcomed a number of fresh faces into their upcoming rosters. Area student-athletes committed to play in NJCAA sports at CBC included Diego Flores of Beeville ISD (soccer), Claudia Fuentes of Skidmore-Tynan ISD (softball), Artest Salazar of Beeville ISD (eSports), and Bella Gomez of Pettus ISD (softball). Congratulations to all the students who have committed to CBC! Your dedication and hard work have paved the way for an exciting and promising future. Here's to new friendships, new experiences, and a bright future at CBC!

Dr. Hoggard and Beeville ISD Superintendent Travis Fanning posed with Barnhart Scholars at CBC Recognition Day on May 3, 2023.

Above: H.M. King High School Signing Day Below: Orange Grove High School Signing Day

Bella Gomez signed a letter of intent to play CBC Softball on May 23, 2023


One Year at the Helm: CBC Athletic Director Vinnie Garza

V icente "Vinnie" Garza recently wrapped his first year as CBC Athletic Director, a milestone that prompted a time to reflect on the year's achievements and opportunity to chart a course ahead. Garza has a clear vision for the future of the college's athletic programs - to create a culture of success both on and off the field and to bring the college and local community together. Currently in his eighth year with the CBC Athletic Department, the Beeville native has already celebrated a number of successes with the institution, including a conference title, a National Soccer Tournament appearance, a World Series run for baseball, and an eSports National Championship win during its inaugural season. Garza started his career at CBC as a part-time game day manager

in 2015 and continued to advance within the department. In June 2022, he was named Interim Athletic Director upon the departure of Paul Cantrell, who now serves as the Executive Director of the CBC Foundation. While Garza aims for post-season victories, his goals extend beyond the scoreboard. Garza is dedicated to ensuring that all student-athletes are successful in their academic and career pursuits. In addition to mandatory study hall hours, students receive guidance on how to navigate their coursework and balance studies with sports. The focus on academic achievement has clear implications, with 51 student- athletes recently being named to the Fall 2022 Dean’s List, an honor reserved for students with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.


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