MIYC October 2017

Marco Island Yacht Club


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We had a very successful fund-raising year overall and we were able to finance some desperately needed projects, both big and small, seen and unseen. The last appeal to the members was successful enough to fully fund the Burgee Bar project. Committee members, club members and staff were all hard at work to finish the renovation of the Bar. There was also a very full schedule of other projects that were underway when the Summer shutdown occurred. A little thing called Hurricane Irma then came along! While all the new changes to the Burgee Bar were not substantially damaged, many other areas of the Club required immediate attention. Also, our Burgee bar contractors were thrown off their schedules by the lack of power and water and had to be redirected towards storm damage at their own businesses. Your Club is undergoing a huge amount of activity on a seven day per week basis. There were very ambitious plans in place for updating areas, deep cleaning and continuing our path to restore our Club to its greatest potential ever. Every area of the Club was scheduled for some summer shutdown activity. Then Hurricane Irma arrived! All normal restoration projects had to be put on hold so as to assess the damage to the Club. Although I would say that the damage could have been much worse, there are very few areas that were not affected. Every day our Staff and Club members have worked tirelessly to bring the Club back into operational condition. As our Club is also responsible for the care of the grounds and parking lot areas along with Marco Island Marine Association (MIMA), I wish to thank Elmer, our Dockmaster, and Mike, his right hand man, for all of their help in managing the huge clean-up efforts that are underway. Already our joint facilities look far better than most locations on the Island. Many other Club members have also stepped up to help in the clean-up. Members Rich Granville and Allen Richardson rode out the storm on their boat! When the storm was over, Rich and Allen started the efforts to remove some huge downed royal palm trees that were not only blocking access to the Club, but were potentially going to create a huge hazard.

The good news is that we are back on track for the renovations the first week of October and we expect the Burgee Bar to be fully operational in three weeks. We will be announcing the official opening very soon. The committee will be meeting soon to discuss fund raising priorities for the new fiscal year which starts October 1 st . The storm uncovered some pressing needs and we will work to fund behind the scenes operational needs as well as those that enhance the member experience. If you have any questions about the Mariner’s Fund or our current projects, do not hesitate to reach out to me. My mobile is 847.812.8385 and my e mail is jmckeown@mgscientific.com . Thanks, Jim McKeown - Mariner’s Fund Chair The entire staff jumped into this effort. Remember most of them did not have any water or power in their own homes while they were working to restore our Club. Many other members appeared to help to get things moving. As a result, in the end we will have a better Club than ever before! I did want to single out one more Member who pitched in to help with his expertise and labor and that is Chip Pittman. Chip worked with us to inspect the roof and uncover damages. He then designed a temporary solution to keep the Club dry and installed it over a two- day period in 90 degree plus conditions on a very high roof. When you see Chip, be sure to thank him and maybe buy him a drink as I am sure that he is still dehydrated from his efforts! There are many areas of the Club that are being addressed that are too numerous for this short report. There are also many more persons to thank than can fit into this small space. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. My mobile is: 847.812.8385 My email is: jmckeown@mgscientific.com. Thanks, Jim McKeown Interim Chair Building and Grounds Committee

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