MIYC October 2017

Marco Island Yacht Club


Chairman’s Report

If you have been following my letters to the membership, you know there has been a lot going on around the Club; some of it planned and some of it the result of Irma’s recent visit to the island. First the ‘unplanned’ part. As you no doubt know, we had a major hurricane hit the island. We

fund to the staff to help recognize their support and the personal hardships they endured. Your Club is ‘open for business’! Since our September 21 re-opening we have hosted a wedding, a large birthday party and a group from Naples in addition to good patronage by our Members. Pam has been busy lining up additional events. The interest level in people using the Club for their parties and events is good to see. In addition, Chef Bob has been finalizing a number of new menu items for this fall for our Member dining. We are being cautious through the end of September about our opening hours to make sure we do not over commit ourselves, but by our Welcome Back Party in October, we should be ready to ‘rock and roll’ or disco! We have also been getting a number of i n d i v i d u a l s c o n t i n u i n g t o i n q u i r e a b o u t membership. We have signed up a few new members in September, and have prospects we are continuing to follow. We always have a number of individuals who choose to not renew each year, and this year is no different. What is encouraging is the continued interest of potential new members going into our 2018 recruiting year! For our Members coming back to the Florida for the fall season, I know you will be pleased to see the work done over the shutdown period. The Burgee Bar is really taking shape, and with the new carpet down in the Dockside Lounge and the re- stained furniture in the Harbor Room, I am confident you will be proud to bring prospective new members by to show off the improvements. See you soon!

Dave Everitt Chairman

were quite lucky the damage to the Club was minimal considering our exposed position along the Marco River! Much of the work since the storm has been to clean up debris and to recover from Irma’s impact on the Clubhouse. Thanks to the storm we are replacing the carpeting in the Dockside Lounge, replacing a few window panels on the upper lanai and replacing some signage. The big item is the roof. After member Chip Pittman was able to get his drone overhead and take pictures, we fully understood the work we need to do. There are several vent caps and sections of metal roofing that need replacement. In addition, the flat roof sections need significant repair. We are soliciting quotes from a couple of firms to repair the damage. I have also shared with you in my Chairman’s emails how hard a number of our staff have worked both to complete our shutdown projects as well as for hurricane prep and recovery. We will be soliciting members to add a little extra to their Holiday Fund contribution in conjunction with the December invoice. Several of our staff had significant damage to their homes and many did not have power or water for up to two weeks after the storm. Despite their personal hardship, several continued to come help get the Club back into shape and get ready for the upcoming fall season. With your additional generosity to the Holiday Fund, we will distribute the

Dave Everitt - Chairman deveritt52@gmail.com

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