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The Marina fared quite we l l c o n s i d e r i n g t h e tremendous impact of hurricane Irma. The Marina closed Thursday and no one was allowed to remain on their boat. Dockmaster E l me r a n d A s s i s t a n t Dockmaster Mike walked the docks adjusting lines where

the Island and at least one wind gust of 130 mph. The strong east winds at first blew the water out of the river and the Marina lowering the water level about 3 feet. Several of the sailboats sat on the bottom leaning against their lines. Two boats each snapped one of their lines. Almost all of the boats suffered some minor damage, but nothing like what was expected from the storm predictions. The rapid degradation of the back eyewall of the hurricane didn’t bring the strong west winds and the predicted 12 to 15-foot surge. That would certainly have been a game changer. Thanks to careful preparations and the watchful eyes of Elmer and Mike a major disaster at the Marina was avoided. Kathy Hershberger Port Captain

Kathy Hershberger Port Captain

necessary and being sure that all loose items were tied down or removed. They found that the boats had been readied in a seamanship manor, with lines doubled and tripled and lots for fenders properly placed. They then removed the ramps, shut off the water to each dock and prepared the Dockmaster’s building. Not a single boat broke free or suffered significant damage despite the eye of Irma passing directly over

Check Out Our Enhanced Website! Over the summer, we’ve been making improvements to our website—check it out! It now has more information and it’s easier to use! Drop down menus are one new feature that makes it easier to find the information you’re looking for. In “Member Central” (the password-protected side of the website for Members only) you can more quickly access the roster, pay your statement, check the calendar of events, see our Fleet List, join a committee and more! Log in and take a spin!

Also, take a look the new information we’ve put on the “public” side of the website. Under “About Us,” we have added a Club History, a map with directions, and photos of our Bridge Officers. Under the “Boating” tab, we have added information about our various types of cruises, the sailing program, information for visiting cruisers (under “Port Captain”) and safety and training information. And there will be even more to come! Stay tuned!

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