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OCT 2018

WHAT CULTURE IS From the Desk of HR

Work-life balance has become something of a buzzword, but it’s important to remember that it starts with leadership. If you allow employees to participate in things that bring them fulfillment, it increases retention, which is good for everyone in the company. We want to be an organization that allows employees to take time off to participate in causes that are important to them. That’s a huge part of our culture. We’ve often encouraged managers to reach out to staff to relay that they can take time off to participate in volunteer opportunities. It’s howwe can encourage community involvement. For us now, it’s about continuing to develop management styles that evolve as our populations evolve. In our industry, succession planning is extremely important. We have to prepare for some managers to retire in the next decade. How can we leverage ourselves to be in a position to move forward? We’re focusing on opportunities for employees to develop and grow, and we look to the next generation of Cornejo & Sons with our internship program. I’ve found a rewarding career here, and I enjoy helping others find that. Most of all, it’s rewarding to see how many

bring someone in, we are looking not only at their qualifications, but also their ability to exemplify these values. As an HR director, I’m focused on making sure a new hire feels supported in our company. We’ve modified the onboarding process to include extended training that gives them a true snapshot of who Cornejo is and who they’ll be working with. Our employees need to know they have someone they can talk to. In the digital age, a lot of HR functions can be driven digitally, but it’s important for employees to know that if they have questions or concerns, there’s more than just a 1-800 number or email for them to turn to. There’s a person here to help them with their benefits, personal issues, or whatever else they might need to feel supported. We’re not taking the human perspective out of human resources. Technology has really changed the face of recruiting over the years. Applications can be completed online or even on social media. Because we hire from all age groups, the method of recruitment for each demographic is completely different, so we make sure to give options that allow every type of candidate to apply. Whatever their personal preference, we want to make sure they’re considered for hire. We make sure we’re seeking out those platforms and staying on the cutting edge of technology to stay in front of candidates who are interested in working for us.

I’ve been the human resources director at Cornejo & Sons for about 10 years, and in that time, I’ve seen howwe’ve changed and evolved. I’m proud to be part of a company that truly endeavors to be diverse, focused on equality, and ethically driven. Our leadership focuses on creating an environment that is nurturing to employees and their families. That’s what culture is. At Cornejo & Sons, we believe firmly that our employees should go home every night as they arrived, if not better. Before we begin every meeting, we focus on safety. Every decision we make regarding training, hiring, or recruiting focuses on creating an environment that’s safe and productive. It starts from the first time we meet a potential employee. We interview them to ensure that they are the right fit for the company. That includes safety standards and ethics and a willingness to incorporate these into their practices. We recruit talent who are going to be positive additions to the company and help us continue to grow. We are known for our diversity, safety standards, leadership training, and true commitment to being part of the community. When we

other individuals have developed a rewarding career at Cornejo & Sons.

–Michele Wedan

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