Coping with Injury

Surges of grief may surface each time you try to do something you thought you could do, but cannot do

now. You experience grief each time you are unprepared for the many changes that may occur, such as additional surgeries or medical procedures. Medical

Grief is a normal part of the healing process.

procedures sometimes don’t work. Sometimes the doctor may give you a timeline for healing that doesn’t happen, which may cause you additional grief. You grieve the loss of friends and even family members who may be unable to cope with your injuries, therefore disappointing you. It is painful to realize that those you always thought you could count on can’t be counted on sometimes. Recovery from serious injury takes a great deal of patience and work. You will probably find that you make progress for a while and then either reach a plateau or regress. That ebb and flow is both natural and upsetting. In time, you should be ready to gear up and try again. Reasserting

control over your life is essential. As long as you can see that you are making progress, even though

Reasserting control over your life is essential.

it is slower at some times than others, you will continue to heal both physically and emotionally.

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