Coping with Injury

Coping Tips

• Take things one day at a time. • Set simple goals • Develop a routine

• Learn to accept responsibility for your physical, emotional and mental healing • Allow others to help you as you learn • Follow the instructions of your doctors and therapists • Attend regularly schedule appointments for therapies and follow- up • Keep the lines of communication open between friends and family • Acknowledge your feelings by sharing them with people you can trust • Consider writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal • Pursue the professional help of a mental health provider if your feelings of sadness, anxiety, and or anger persist Accepting Limitations It is not difficult to remember what happened to you. You may be reminded of it every time you take a shower, look in the

mirror, or take a step. You may be shaped or move differently than you did before. You may become physically and mentally exhausted sooner than you once did. You may need to

You may need to plan your time and energy carefully until you are able to do more.

plan your time and energy carefully, possibly on an hour by hour basis. Little by little, your


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