Coping with Injury

spending time with friends. Teenagers may act out their frustrations by running away, using alcohol and other

Children may need special attention to help them cope with changes in the family.

drugs to soothe themselves, or engage in other disruptive behaviors.

These warning signals indicate a need for you to encourage them to speak out about their fears and frustrations. Counseling may be in order. Talking with someone outside the family offers a healthy and constructive outlet for them. Many find it helpful to ask another family or adult to take their children on special outings or just invite them to spend time in a less stressed home environment.

Helping a Loved One Injured in a Crash

Family and friends can help provide the support you need to aid in your healing. Here are some suggestions for family and friends of injured victims/survivors. • Understand that you too have been traumatized. You probably experienced shock, anxiety, and terrible dread. Seek the help and support you need in order to cope. • Recovery of your loved one will rarely be complete. Even if the physical injuries totally heal, emotional scars will remain. • Try to empower our loved one rather than be a caretaker or rescuer. Be

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