Coping with Injury

I was ten years old when the crash happened. I can remember singing “O Holy Night” which was on the radio in the car before the crash but don’t remember the crash itself. I was in a coma for three days and suffered a traumatic brain injury. After being released from the hospital I went to outpatient therapy for 6 months where I learned to move and walk again. I’ve come to understand that I won’t be 100% again, that I won’t be the person I was before the crash. But I’ve developed a passion for running, for sharing my story and for trying to prevent this crime from happening to someone else. If you are going through what I have, don’t lose hope. Stay positive and keep moving forward.

Jonathan was 10 years old when he and 3 others were hit by a drunk driver, who also killed a pregnant woman driving a separate vehicle that night.

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