Coping with Injury

often helpful to talk openly about the trouble your injuries are causing you and seek help. Therapists, specialists, and pain management professionals may help you cope with the ongoing traumatic effects of injury.

Mental Impact

You may struggle with direct, personal memories of the crash in unanticipated flashbacks or nightmares. You may have night terrors – violent dreams from which you awaken but remain frozen, unable to speak or move,

It’s common to experience vivid dreams, even if you don’t remember the crash.

even though you are aware that you are in your bedroom and awake. You may recall that you seemed to

be moving in slow motion, believing you were going to die, while somehow reviewing much of your life and thinking of those you love. Although frightening, these are normal reactions after a traumatic event. Alternatively, you may experience moments of amnesia. Perhaps you became unconscious at the point of impact, or trauma to your brain may have affected your memory. You may not remember

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