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“SUMIDIA WD” is firmly bonded polycrystalline diamond developed through the use of our original ultra high-pressure sintering technology, which provides both strong and wear resistant wire drawing material.

• Characteristics SUMIDIA WD has stable quality superior to natural diamond.

Excellent breakage resistance Because of its firmly bonded polycrystalline structure, SUMIDIA WD eliminates the cleavage faults found in natural diamond.

Excellent wear-resistance SUMIDA WD offers superior wear resistance, uniform wear and excellent fracture strength.

High quality polished surface The homogeneity of sintered body is implemented in our original technology. The diamond content ratio in sintered body is increased and each diamond grain is firmly bonded. SUMIDIA WD has a high quality polished surface like natural diamond.

• Series SUMIDIA WD has 3 series such as with support ring, and with heat resistance


WD800 (Heat-Resistant type)

The WD700 series are self-supported die blanks. These blanks are suitable for all types of wiredrawing applications especially where cost-cutting is required.

The WD800 series are self-supported thermally stable blanks. These blanks are especially suited for applications which require high temperature in mounting and need high heat resistance in drawing.

WD900 The WD900 series are reinforced by a special outer ring. This feature makes it possible to draw not onlycopper and aluminum wire but high tensile steel wire as well.

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