Huron Smiles December 2018

December 2018

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There to Greet You Making Holiday Magic

Hello, everyone!

This is Alicia, your office manager at Huron Smiles. If it’s been a while since you’ve been by the office, this change might come as a surprise. For several years, I’ve been a dental assistant here at the office, helping patients take care of their smile. I’ve worked as a dental assistant for 13 years, but when Dr. Drake took over the practice and offered me the position of office manager, I was happy to accept.

The family will be coming back for Christmas, so we’re already planning that.

I enjoy helping patients with their oral health, but my favorite part of working at a dentist’s office has always been talking to people. Dr. Drake recognized that, with my happy-go-lucky personality, I would be well-suited to greet patients as they come into the office. I’d like to think she’s right, because I honestly love my new position. I get to have fun with patients when they come in and hear all about how their appointments went afterward. I want to make sure patients who come in leave feeling happy. Being the office manager is really different than being a dental assistant. Things can get a bit hectic up here, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. My whole life is chaos at home! I’ve often said that I’m a city girl turned country girl. I grew up in Miller, but today, I live on a farm south of Huron, where we have horses, pigs, chickens, and ducks! My husband and I also have three beautiful daughters: Jesse, 7, Harper, 6, and Ella, who is almost 1 year old. We just built a new house, so of course I had to open my big mouth and offer to host the family for the holidays. It’s been chaotic getting everything ready but also so much fun! Everyone in my family came over for Thanksgiving. My mom’s family, my dad’s family, and my in-laws came, too. Our house was packed, and we had the best time.

My girls are excited for Santa to come, and they’re always happy when our “elf on the shelf” comes back out. We have a little elf doll named Belle, and each night, I move her to a new spot in the house. She keeps watch over the girls for Santa, and they love finding her each morning. It’s magic for them! This tradition got a little harder last year when Ella came along. I knew I would be in the hospital for a little while, so before I left, I wrapped our elf’s leg in gauze and left a note from Belle for the girls. When Jesse and Harper came to see me at the hospital after Ella was born, they told me all about how Belle couldn’t fly because she’d broken her leg, but they promised me that they were still being extra good for Santa. This year, I am really excited to make sure Belle is able to fly all season long, with Ella joining in on the fun, too. The holidays are a special time, and I love being able to spend it with our patients at the office and with my family at home.

–Alicia Mattke Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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