Trailridge Family Dental April 2019

April 2019

Happy Trails

Allan W. Stevenson, DDS General Dentist 205 W. Highway 95, Parma, ID 83660


Helping Near and Far Smiles From Parma to Guatemala

I know it sounds cliché, but one of the main reasons I pursued dentistry was to have the chance to give back and help others. Finding ways to lend a hand within our community and outside it has always been a part of our mission at Trailridge Family Dental. Dentistry has the power to transform the way people feel about themselves. That’s no small feat. We truly believe everyone deserves to have a smile they love. One way we give back to the young people in our area is through our annual Give Kids a Smile Day, which we hosted in February of this year. Give Kids a Smile Day is a program run by the American Dental Association that encourages dental practices to host a day of free oral care for children who would otherwise not receive it. We’ve been participating in the program since its inception. Over those umpteen years, Give Kids a Smile Day has become one of our favorite days. To make the most of our efforts on that day, we seek out the young people in our area who need dental treatment the most. It means the world to us to provide these services. The gratitude from the children and their parents inspires me to keep helping, and it reminds me of why I got into dentistry in the first place. What’s incredible about Give Kids a Smile Day is just how many offices across the Gem State participate in it. Even though we’re all doing our work separately, it always feels like one giant collective effort. The more young people we treat, the greater impact we have. I’d like to thank every dentist who holds a Give Kids a Smile Day at their practice, as well as all their staff members, for their tireless work. Speaking of virtuous dentists, we’ve had a number of them contact us about joining our dental mission in Guatemala. While it’s a little too late for all of them to come along this year, I’m

already sensing that next

year’s trip will include quite a few first-time attendees. That’s also true of this year’s journey, as my wife and three of our four daughters will be making the voyage with us. With

our plans finalized, everyone is looking forward to our departure with anticipation and delight.

The overwhelming participation and response that endeavors like these generate is a testament to the spirit of our community. I’m so thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful, giving people. I’m honored to contribute to this collective spirit in whatever way I can. When we all embody a spirit of giving, there’s no limit to what we can achieve, both here at home and farther afield.

–Dr. Stevenson

All proceeds from Velscope cancer screenings we perform will go toward hygiene kits, newborn kits, dental treatment, garden boxes, and education to the people of Guatemala. Call us today to schedule a screening and contribute to this great cause.



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