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Project Info Myra Falls. Channel Lining


01 / 08 / 2016

CC8 TM Bulk Rolls


11,125m 2

Transverse layers

Central Vancouver Island, Canada



CC lining of a large diversion channel at an underground zinc and copper mine in Canada.

Completed CC lined channel with high flow 5 weeks after installation

Project Context

In August 2016, over 11,000m 2 Concrete Canvas ® (CC) GCCM* was installed as a protective liner for a large diversion channel at an underground zinc and copper mine on Central Vancouver Island, Canada. The diversion channel, which conveys clean water from the hillside above to a lower creek, was originally lined with shotcrete but the material had begun to degrade over time. It was recommended that the diversion channel should be enlarged and realigned to effectively handle the high-water volume and velocities. Alternative options such as replacement shotcrete were considered, however Concrete Canvas ® was specified due to its ability to cope with high water velocities, its ability to accommodate variance in profile and the ease of repair if future damage occurred due to falling trees or large boulders from the above hillside. Since the water was diverted away from the channel during installation, the speed of installation was key as the diversion pipes wouldn’t be able to handle the high-water volume expected to begin in early October. The use of CC meant measures could be in place much faster than using conventional concrete or shotcrete. The fibre reinforcement inherent in CC gives a durability and design life well above competitor geomembrane products, whilst the integral PVC backing ensures minimal water loss in the diversion channel. The channel was designed to handle water velocities of up to 20m/s with slopes as steep as 16% and 20% in some sections. * Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat


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