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September 2017


When my daughter, Megan, and her softball team from Cal Baptist University went on to become national champions a few years back, it was clear that their competitive drive wasn’t some isolated aspect of their lives. It was a deeply ingrained character trait that has pushed them to succeed in every arena they’ve entered since. Megan went on to get her law degree and now works directly with me as an attorney,

They started off, in the first weekend of the two-weekend tournament, with a loss, forcing them into the loser’s bracket. But the keen skill and perseverance they showed years back at Nationals came through, and they battled their way through the tournament, with seven consecutive wins, until they clawed their way into the championship game of the

first weekend. By the end of the championship game, everyone was wondering how they’d managed to lose their first game, as they’d completely dominated the opposing team — the competitor from the

while her teammates have gone on to garner numerous master’s degrees, becoming physical therapists, children’s psychologists, teachers, and compliance directors.

Last July, Megan and a few of these old teammates reunited in San Diego to participate in the huge Old Mission Beach Athletic Club’s annual Over-the- Line Tournament, an event that the city’s tourism department calls “one of the last pure Southern California traditions,” running for 64 years straight. Teams come decked out in elaborate costumes, representing their respective characters. Everyone gets pumped up at the event, as the short games (running from 10–30 minutes) fly by. Though it’s a lot different from traditional softball, with only three players per team and points being won through successful hits rather than traditional runs, Megan and her two teammates retained many of the basic skills from their years in softball. The game is played on the sand in the blazing heat, making it no event for wimps.

winner’s bracket. They were invited to the second weekend, up against the best of the best, but one of the team members got engaged, and they all went on a trip instead. Since the tournament, the girls have decided to make the Over-the-Line competition into a lifetime tradition. After seeing teams of 70-year-old women, who have been playing together for over 30 years, I have no doubt they’re going to keep playing — and winning — for many years to come. -Patrick Silva



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