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“My wife was using vinegar and baking soda as a green cleaner, but I couldn’t stand the way that smelled!” Ryan explains. “I thought, ‘There has to be a better way.’ So I started doing some research into what makes a good cleaner and alternative cleaning methods. My brother-in-law and I reached out to a couple of chiropractic offices in our area to get a feel for what they were using, and we found out most of them were using the toxic stuff — really harsh cleaners — on their equipment and beds and to clean their offices.” After months of research, Ryan and Nick released Evergreen Multi-Purpose Cleaner specifically for chiropractors, partnering with us for distribution. It’s made from simple, effective ingredients, and lightly scented with lavender essential oil for a calming patient experience. R CLEANING PRODUCTS E FOR YOUR PATIENTS? ur New Eco-Friendly, Safe, and Sustainable Cleaner

Help Your Patients Fall Back in Love With Their Feet! VALENTINE’S DAY IS FOR ‘SOLEMATES’ For patients with foot, knee, or lower back pain, insoles and good shoes are a match made in heaven, which is why so many chiropractors sell them. If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect insole to offer in your office, consider playing matchmaker with our DoctorInsole orthotic insoles just in time for Valentine’s Day! These unique insoles were designed by a podiatric surgeon in Beverly Hills whose patients were fed up with choosing between the $600–$700 payout for custom orthotics and the mediocre support of Dr. Scholl’s. He wanted a product that was corrective, available over the counter, and affordable for most patients — so he decided to consult a team of other doctors and scientists in order to create his own. DoctorInsole was born from that inspiration. The company’s insoles, which come in multiple variations designed for different genders, shoe types, and activity levels, include a top coat made with layers of memory foam and a semi-rigid polypropylene shell. Each insole is crafted in an orthotic lab and utilizes memory foam that takes an active impression as you walk, which eliminates the need for heat guns or molds taking up your time. We’ve heard patients love these insoles in part because they can finally afford to buy multiple pairs of quality insoles and avoid the hassle of transferring a single pair from shoe to shoe. Better yet, the insoles are tailored to their shoe types! The Women’s FitStep insole, for example, is designed for tennis shoes and ideal for running, hiking, and playing sports, while the Women’s MultiStep insole was made for professional flats or boots with low heels. We stock seven different DoctorInsole products on our website, including a unisex option and a DoctorInsole Starter Pack. Because many patients buy multiple insole types, if you choose to play matchmaker this month, try stocking up on a few different varieties. Your patients’ feet will thank you, and so will your bottom line.

“If anyone understands the importance of a healthy, functioning body, it’s chiropractors, and we had them in mind when we created this product,” Nick says.

To learn more about Evergreen Multi-Purpose Cleaner and order your own bottles today, visit!

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