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3 Kitchen Colors that Can Make or BreakYour Sales Price SOME PALETTES COULD LEAVE YOU SINGING THE BLUES.

by Carole VanSickle Ellis

ggplant parmesan might be delicious, but an eggplant kitchen could make your buyers and tenants lose their appetite completely. Certain purple shades in the dining room are a completely different story, however. According to an annual study conduct- ed by Zillow, the right color in your kitchen could boost your sales price by more than $1,300. The wrong color (one found in many home décor magazines, in fact) could have, at best, no effect on your home value at all and, at worst, a very negative one. THE BLUE RIBBON GOES TO BLUE In 2016, pale yellows were the most popular kitchen color and added $1,306 to the average sale price of a home. However, the kitchen-color winner E

RED SENDS BUYERS RUNNING Just a few short years ago, terracotta was hot in kitchens and bathrooms. The reddish-brown shade probably made more than a few fix-and-flippers hot under the collar as well, since it re- quired primer and several coats of paint to change it. Today, a terracotta kitchen could knock nearly $800 off your sales price. If you’re wanting to paint something brown, consider beige or oatmeal instead. While these shades are not necessarily tops for kitchens, they’re easy to change later and, in 2017, buyers paid nearly $2,000 more for living areas sporting these soothing shades. •

these days is, appropriately enough, blue. Don’t pick out that royal-blue-rib- bon shade to get these returns, though. Blues that snag big bucks for sellers tend to be light and even have a gray tint, although some designers insist that periwinkle blue, which is a bit brighter, is the key to the highest price tag. BEWARE OFWHITE Real estate investors have known for years that light, neutral colors are great for resale. After all, few buyers really violently object to eggshell or white, and it’s easy to change later. Even better, many interior design publications often showcase kitchen areas with bright white walls. However, it turns out that what makes a kitchen “pop” in a maga- zine does not always translate in real life and may feel cold and uninviting.

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