The Secure Pay One team (Linda Liberatore, front left) with Think Realty brand ambassador, John Wiley.

The Benefits of Keeping Property Management Personal A MESSAGE FROM SECURE PAY ONE FOUNDER AND CEO, LINDA LIBERATORE.

RECLAIM YOUR TIME. GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Eliminate the stress of daily landlord responsibilities and focus on what matters most –– growing your REI portfolio!

Y ou can’t turn a cruise ship around on a dime, but I can turn your massive property portfolio around in thirty minutes if you’ll let me take a look at your software systems. Those words might seem a little cocky to you, but they’re the truth and it’s my job to say them. As the president of Secure Pay One, a company dedicated to effective tenant communi- cation, efficient rent collection, and not just the best software and technology solutions, but the best software and technol- ogy solutions for you, I spend a lot of time helping my clients streamline tasks to drive higher profits with fewer headaches. That streamlining process may involve: •  Augmenting existing rental management processes with software solutions appropriate for your specific portfolio •  Removing redundant tasks •  Increasing your options for platforms that improve communication and resident retention Did you know that implementing free or low-cost-of-en- try software solutions can remove most, if not all, of the hassles that cause landlord burnout? Here’s the simple truth of the matter (and the reason we keep our processes so very personal): Every landlord’s pain points are unique, but they are often led to believe that software solutions simply “end” the issues they are experiencing. In reality, there is a threshold – and it is different for everyone – that determines what type of solutions will actually reduce or eliminate the pain point in a cost-effective way. At Secure Pay One, we help our clients evaluate various soft- ware solutions and the many custom routes to eliminating their

specific pain points. Then, we create a solution that is cost-ef- fective and may be easily integrated into the positive aspects of their existing workflow process. Furthermore, we are experts in alternative products that can dramatically increase effective tenant communication, satisfac- tion, and retention while dramatically decreasing the time and effort associated with bringing new tenants into the system and maintaining your existing portfolio. We offer ideas on maxi- mizing education, marketing, and data analysis using YouTube, social media, and augmented features not necessarily covered best in a traditional software package. Our team has a laser focus on monitoring evolving in- dustry trends in technology solutions. We are committed to assisting management companies of all sizes achieve and optimize software solutions with long term support and training for their team. The results speak for themselves, in the form of: •  Longer tenant retention •  Minimal vacancies and extremely short turnaround times •  Fewer maintenance calls •  Less property damage •  Higher rental rates •  Shorter, more positive eviction experiences As a landlord, you are constantly responding and adapting to new things. You need the flexibility of a speedboat but the power of that cruise ship engine. Secure Pay One brings both. •

Whether you own two or two hundred properties, Secure Pay One shoulders the burden of time-consuming property management obligations. Augment existing rental management processes with software solutions appropriate for your specific portfolio Learn how to remove redundant tasks Increase your options for platforms that improve communication and resident retention And much more!


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