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Knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone. To have experience of; meet with; undergo; feel.


Encountering, or undergoing something.

I N T R O D U C T I O N | 0 3

Way back in 1988, we started out as Conrad Advertising and rapidly established ourselves as the UK’s go-to agency for travel and tourism marketing. Fast-forward to 2018, we are the UK’s leading travel marketing agency. The strength and depth of our expertise is second to none. Everything we do is focused on maximising your return on investment. We do this by providing marketing expertise, leading-edge technology, first class service, unparalleled insight and, of course, a portfolio of services designed to meet your needs.

Thank you for this opportunity.

We have really enjoyed working on this RFP and look forward to hearing from you.

0 4 | 1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 1

1.1 General Questions

01. Please detail howWightlink’s data will be secure within your environment and that it will comply with current EU and UK Data Protection Compliance.

A t Accord, we take data security very seriously. Working with Wightlink we will sign a “Data Processing” agreement that will define roles and responsibilities, agree required controls and clarify types of processed data. We will also, subject to review, comply with Wightlink’s DPA.

We have recently completed a full GDPR assessment and implemented several measures. These include, but are not limited to: • The appointment of a designated Data Processing Officer. • The circulation of regular internal communications and training sessions. • Updated Data Security terms (data audit/data processes/data encryption/ controlled access rights). • The implementation of full Data Impact assessments on key data sets. • All third party suppliers have been vetted to confirm GDPR compliance. • Updated Privacy Policy and Controls. • Updated Data Retention Policy.

1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 2 | 0 5

T he dictionary definition of being in “Accord” is being in agreement, in harmony, to concur. Therefore, it’s no accident that we do our very best to build positive, long-term partnerships with our clients, to be in tune with their thinking and focused on adding value through pro-activity, authenticity and the sharing of knowledge. 02. Please describe how you build and maintain successful partnerships with your clients and partner agencies on a day-to-day and long-term basis. O ur experience of working with partner agencies has always been positive, perhaps because we always aim to quickly establish four key guidelines. 1. Briefing - it’s imperative that clear processes are agreed from day one to ensure the right tasks are delegated to the right team.

From day one, it’s important to us to open and maintain clear lines of communication, to provide a continuous feedback loop and to set well-defined expectations. And once these are in place, we make sure we deliver on time, every time. Finally, whilst technology makes connecting easy, we believe that strong relationships are built in real life – so regular face-to-face meetings are diarised to bring teams together and foster the trust and rapport that helps them navigate day-to-day business successfully.

2. Transparency - this is key to success and therefore we are always willing to share skills and expertise to reach the common goal. 3. Communication - typically problems arise when communications are taken the wrong way, emails are sent incomplete or decisions are made in meetings with teams or opinions missing. To avoid this happening, communication has to be clear and regular, and we never underestimate the power of face-to- face relationships. Hence we start every project by bringing key stakeholders together – all focused on getting great results in the smartest way possible. 4. Processes & Reporting - conveying expectations is imperative and an efficient and effective way to ensure these are met is with clearly defined processes and regular reporting.

0 6 | 1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 2

We also have long-established strategic and active working partnerships with a host of travel associations and media companies. In travel these include ABTA, ITT, ATAS, CIM Travel Group, ETOA, Silver Travel Advisor, TripAdvisor, Travel Weekly and TTG, to name but a few. In media these include Google Premier Partner, Bing, TMG, DMGT, News UK, Global Radio, Reach, and a selection of niche magazine groups.

Working together we organise and sponsor events, produce white papers, commission research, write blogs and deliver industry presentations. Moreover, these high-profile partnerships allow us to invite our clients to prestigious events, meet with journalists to discuss editorial opportunities, take advantage of promotional offers and gain early access to new digital betas and product updates.

We take pride in our professional approach, friendly demeanour and determination to deliver an outstanding service - but it is our company values that form our DNA. They guide the way we work with our clients, business partners, suppliers and each other. Passion We are dedicated to building strong, long-lasting and successful business relationships. This spurs us to go above and beyond. Collaboration Encourages a culture of curiosity, drives innovation, inspires a sense of community and increases productivity. Trust This is the basis for everything we do and the prerequisite for our success. It’s about being adaptable, considerate, open and honest. Openness We are transparent and accountable, with a commitment to energise, engage and inspire. We value innovative ideas and fresh thinking.

1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 2 | 0 7

We take pride in delivering fully integrated digital marketing campaigns that drive traffic, deliver leads and boost sales. Because, like you, we’re not interested in anything else. Whether it’s growing your audience, promoting your brand or encouraging advocacy, we start with your goals and tailor our services to suit. Then we roll up our sleeves and deliver what we promised. The process of becoming a Google Premier Partner is both exacting and ongoing. • A team of qualified experts delivering the highest standard of work, underpinned by progressive thinking. • Following best practice processes - we stay up-to-date with new tools and techniques. • Retaining clients by delivering the return on investment they want and deserve. • Implementing ethical digital marketing that drives performance growth.

0 8 | 1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 3

03. Please provide biographies for the team who will be working onWightlink’s account day to day and be prepared to bring them to the pitch if invited.

David Taylor

Maria Payne

Jasman Ahmad

Digital Director

Commercial Director

Strategy & Planning Director

David picked up a myriad of digital marketing skills before joining Accord in 2008, where he brought with him a fresh approach, new ideas and a constant thirst for continued learning and self-improvement. His expertise spans from direct sales to technical project management, through to campaign strategy conception, development and execution. Today, David is responsible for providing strategic direction, harnessing the potential of new technology and driving innovation across platforms and products. Insightful, objective and focused at all times, David was appointed an Associate Director in April 2017.

A natural-born relationship builder, Maria joined Accord in 2001, slowly but surely climbing the agency ladder to her current Board role. Her depth of knowledge re travel and tourism is second to none. Maria always has Accord clients’ best interests in mind - but is not afraid to question decisions and challenge objectives. That takes a give-and-take, back-and-forth relationship. That’s how she gets to the good stuff! She is a highly energetic, enthusiastic and focused operator who gains respect and buy-in through communicating both short and long- term visions with honesty and integrity.

Having worked in various account management roles since joining Accord in 2006, Jasman was appointed Strategy & Planning Director in July 2016. In this position he is responsible for combining creative thinking with factual and statistical data to plan and propose effective marketing strategies. His role involves using specialist media tools to undertake forensic research and performance analysis. A highly energetic, enthusiastic and focused operator who will always challenge the status quo in pursuit of greater returns.

1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 3 | 0 9

Jon Bezalel

Annabelle Ottaway

Daniel Ward

Digital Strategist

Account Director

Performance Strategist

A commercially and creatively driven marketer who has worked with major brands across a range of industry verticals in both client-side and agency-side environments, including co-founding an award-winning digital agency. Since joining Accord as Digital Strategist in 2016, Jon has applied his digital expertise and extensive creative knowledge to transform the agency’s digital portfolio, with particular emphasis on Display and Social Media, ensuring client’s campaigns are delivering ROI and creative excellence at all times.

With bags of experience gained at creative and digital agencies, Annabelle joined Accord in 2016 and in her current role she is tasked with managing a select group of clients. It is her responsibility to thoroughly understand their business needs, priorities and challenges in order to provide strategic thinking, which drives real business value and growth. By tracking and analysing results, Annabelle is always quick to react to maximise campaign performance, as well as offering insight, innovation and lateral thinking at every stage of the process. Commercially minded, she is conscientious, flexible and always displays a can-do attitude.

After graduating with first-class honours in Mathematics, Daniel enjoyed a brief stint in accountancy before venturing into the world of marketing. Joining Accord as a Data Analyst in 2014, his inquisitive mind quickly established him as a core member of the Data Analysis team. Throughout his time at Accord, Daniel has been integral to the development and management of LOOP, our in- house marketing performance suite. As Performance Strategist, his role consists of developing data-driven optimisation strategies that increase conversion rates, boost ROI and maximise engagement. An expert in interpreting data and turning it into meaningful insight and real results, Daniel’s passion for problem solving is unparalleled.

1 0 | 1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 4

04. Please describe what you would expect fromWightlink as a client, to help make the relationship successful. E xperienced, flexible and energetic, clients come to us for ideas, service and results. Most consider Hence, our starting position on this would be to imagine ourselves in your shoes, and on the basis that the best results come from team work, we would expect: us true extensions of their team, working closely with us to develop and implement every stage of their marketing plans.

• The opportunity to understand your business goals (and your business model) because without this, our marketing suggestions may not work, and we may end up focused on the wrong things. • Defined specific, measurable metrics to track and in turn we will provide accurate, up-to-date and easy to understand reporting. • Open and regular communication so we understand how decisions are made internally, what you are looking for in an agency partnership, how you feel about investing in new technologies and platforms, and much more.

1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 5 | 1 1

05. Please detail your agency team’s strengths and why you would be a good fit for Wightlink. A company of creative thinkers, digital strategists, planning experts and problem solvers. We believe our stand-out qualities to be:

1. Our people - it can be argued that the only real differentiating aspect of any company is its people, which is why recruiting, developing and retaining competent and motivated employees is a huge focus at Accord. We have invested heavily in driving excellent people management, which takes time and effort, but is essential in order to sharpen skills, engage mind-sets and drive innovation. To this end we have invested in establishing our own in-house search and selection team. 2. Our heritage and reputation as a travel specialist - we’ve been in the travel business for 30 years and during that time we have maintained our business credibility and a solid reputation as a commercially-focused client-centric marketing agency. 3. Our brilliantly joined-up approach - with consumers accessing multiple channels in multiple ways, we believe great marketing has to be seamless, from ideas and inspiration through to tracking and analysis, and everything in between.

4. Our client relationships - in a culture of “all-for-one, one-for-all”, we work hard to develop and sustain trusted client partnerships. They are the bedrock of our business. 5. Our technology - our unique online tool LOOP means you can manage, monitor and measure all aspects of your marketing activity. It reports both online and offline performance in near real-time, so you and we can constantly review and refine your marketing campaigns.

1 2 | 1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 6

06. Please outline how you bring new ideas to clients and keep clients up to date with the latest industry research and marketing innovations. W e are a collection of highly experienced digital, marketing and creative Hence, as a matter of course, we: • Organise, sponsor and speak at industry events.

In parallel to this, we will work with you to clearly map out consumer journeys, customer profiles and competitor activity to highlight gaps and opportunities in the short, medium and long-term.

professionals who are passionate about cultivating an environment that fosters innovation, originality and the relentless pursuit of the best possible results for our clients. Curious by nature and armed with the ability to ask questions that unlock opportunities (even in the toughest of times!), everyone from the newest recruit to the CEO is expected to think flexibly, respond swiftly, and to drive innovation. And everyone really cares about doing so.

• Undertake desk research to gain fresh perspectives. • Analyse market sector data to identify trends, opportunities and threats. • Produce weekly/monthly/quarterly reports that include meaningful and actionable insights. • Facilitate agency/client innovation workshops. It’s amazing what comes out of these!

• Commission specific pieces of research.

• Produce white papers.

• Campaign effectiveness research.

• Interview customers.

• And in some instances, we pose as prospective customers to analyse competitor sales and marketing communications.

1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 7 | 1 3

07. Thinking about your best client relationship, please tell us which aspects were/are essential to its success. O ur very best client relationships are glued together by honesty, respect, trust and understanding. It’s a two-way street - with

Throughout these agency/client relationships, the behaviours that stand out are:

• Honesty is always the best policy!

both sides giving and taking from one another. And it is through this exchange that our shared goal of executing successful campaigns is achieved.

• Open communication, pro-active collaboration and mutual co-operation. • Setting expectations early by defining goals and performance metrics, as well as understanding processes, timelines and deliverables. • You only get what you give, so both parties invest their time in the relationship. This involves regular face-to-face meetings, so we can understand what we have to deliver, how, why and when. • Don’t fear change. Not much stands still these days in marketing - but budgets change, plans change, channels change, and people change. Change, in fact, is the only constant. Hence, both parties embrace it.

1 4 | 1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 8

08. Please tell us about the planning and strategy exercises that will be required to get up to speed, if you are successful.

At Accord we adopt four core principles to media planning and strategy: 1. Your audience - using postcodes from your customer database, we will create profiles, select and analyse customer groups and analyse media preferences. 2. The market - this stage involves analysing and understanding your complex and ever-evolving sector and competitor landscape. 3. The media - using what we know about your audience and market,

4. The journey - is where we look at your customers’ path to purchase, from initial “dreaming” until the sharing of experiences. It’s a journey that has changed from a linear path to a cyclical one, where each customer’s experience feeds into another’s decision-making process. These four stages form the foundation of our planning principles and are used to effectively plan campaigns, think through strategies, debate approaches and discuss ideas.

we make informed and objective decisions based on how media impacts consumers and when.

1 . 1 G E N E R A L Q U E S T I O N S - 0 8 | 1 5

Plans are nothing, planning is everything.


In order to provide best practice media planning, we have invested in a number of planning tools.

These include:

1 6 | 1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 1

1.2 Experience, examples & costs

Please provide a response to each of the following items:

01. Give at least two examples of other integrated creative campaigns you have done for clients, detailing the problem to solve and the impact of your campaign and the KPIs you measured the campaign by.

The brief

The challenge

A new identity

Reader Offers Ltd is a multi-award- winning cruise specialist with over 21 years’ experience in arranging bespoke cruise holidays. Despite an established reputation for high-quality service, their brand name – which had been built almost exclusively through printed media – frequently caused confusion when applied to online audiences.

To combat this, they tasked Accord with delivering a comprehensive rebrand, website redesign and integrated relaunch campaign that would not only enhance their digital presence, but also broaden appeal to relatively younger audiences.



1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 1 | 1 7

Our approach


During the rebranding process, our primary focus was developing a new brand identity that would be applicable to both offline and online audiences. By carefully evolving “Reader Offers Ltd” into “ROL Cruise” and introducing a new logo, set of style guidelines and brand proposition (“Experience the Difference”), we created a brand identity that encapsulates their core values and better appeals to a broader audience. To showcase ROL Cruise’s new brand and expand their online reach to relatively younger audiences, we designed and built a new website. With research revealing the 45-64 demographic favour “discovery” based experiences, we introduced experiential cruise categories such as “Arts & Entertainment” and “History & Culture”. This transformation was supported by a new, inspirational timeline itinerary format and solo price switch option. Since the new site launch, we have continued improving the site through a process of conversion rate optimisation, monitoring and analysing thousands of user sessions to fulfil a cycle of ongoing web improvement. A new and inspiring website

1 8 | 1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 1

Press play to view

Our approach

Using TV to showcase the difference

Recruiting recognisable MasterChef narrator India Fisher for the voiceover, we created a series of brand-building commercials highlighting the key USPs that distinguish ROL Cruise from their competitors. Through extensive analysis, we ensured that these commercials connected with key audiences via the correct channels and during the optimal times of day.

View here: https:/ vimeo.com/224317175

Conquering the digital landscape

Leveraging our established media partnerships with the Telegraph and our extensive digital marketing experience, we delivered Homepage Takeovers, interstitial ap ads, immersive Facebok content and dynamic display retargeting all of which raised awareness of the ROL Cruise brand. A revised PPC approach allowed us to strengthen quality scores and optimise high-performing campaigns. Likewise, by creating an array of engaging, original destination content, we were able to significantly boost organic search rankings.

1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 1 | 1 9

New horizons for Blue Horizons

An expertly-targeted approach was adopted for ROL Cruise’s press activity, with newspapers selected that indexed highly in key target markets. We then worked closely with ROL Cruise to redesign their monthly direct marketing magazine Blue Horizons, creating a sleeker design with more sales- focused copy.

The results

244 %

increase in overall recorded actions 105 %

32 %

increase in recorded call volume

reduction in Facebook CPA

110 %

62 %

growth in blog section pageviews 2,145 %

increase in dynamic retargeting CTR

rise in subscriptions and registrations

2 0 | 1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 1

01. Give at least two examples of other integrated creative campaigns you have done for clients, detailing the problem to solve and the impact of your campaign and the KPIs you measured the campaign by.

Our approach

The brief

Due to geo-political unease within the Middle East, the Jordan Tourism Board needed to “rebrand” Jordan away from negative connotations and emphasise the extraordinary range of holiday experiences the destination has to offer. Consequently, we were tasked with delivering a multi-channel campaign to inspire UK holidaymakers to visit Jordan.

Finally, our TV ad showcased travellers enjoying the holiday of a lifetime in Jordan. Highlighting famous historical monuments, vast desert panoramas and the tranquil waters of the Dead Sea, this commercial encouraged British holidaymakers to ‘Visit Jordan’ and experience its extraordinary wonders first-hand.

To maximise awareness, we selected the most visually emotive channels: OOH, TV and press. Creatively, our ads were all united by one central strapline - ‘Simply ExtraJordanary’ - which perfectly encapsulates the uniqueness of Jordan as a destination. Then, to add an extra layer of interaction, we also introduced a custom hashtag into our ads (#extrajordanary), which strengthened social media engagement and helped us to gauge real-time response from the UK market. Through a series of 48 sheets, 16 sheets and underground train card panels, we promoted Jordan’s most famous tourist spots across a series of peak footfall locations. This approach was mirrored in our press activity, with full page, half page and double page spreads appearing across the Daily Mail and Metro London, as well as a high-impact cover wrap of the Sunday Telegraph.

1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 1 | 2 1

The results

increase in website visitors 652 %

growth in UK visitor numbers 15.8 %

Press play to view

View here: https:/ vimeo.com/260782584/072954bd2d

2 2 | 1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 2

02. Please give any evidence of how you have helped a small brand punch above its weight through either marketing or other tactics.

The challenge The solution

After achieving success in Australia, themed cruise consortium Cruiseco decided to launch their ground- breaking ‘festival on water’ concept into the UK. Introducing two new specialist charters, ‘Back to the 80’s’ and ‘Bravo - Cruise of Performing Arts’, they tasked us with delivering a multi-channel campaign that would drive brand awareness and maximise cabin sales.

To raise awareness of these niche- interest itineraries, we planned a combination of brand-building and activation channels. Early activity focused on eye-catching paid social, YouTube, radio and print campaigns. Then, as awareness grew, and departures moved closer, we increased PPC brand investment, booked additional press activity and increased email/social retargeting. Across paid social, YouTube and print, we designed visually emotive ads that highlighted the sensational range of on-board activities, unique port destinations and incredible performer setlists. By targeting niche music enthusiasts and previously engaged users, rather than standard cruise audiences, we generated a high volume of cost-effective, qualified leads.

Back to the 80’s Cruise 2018 May 18

7 night cruise from Southampton departing 6th May 2018. Aboard Navigator of the Seas, Royal Caribbean.

Bravo -Cruiseofperformingarts


7nights round-trip toBilboa,VigoandCherbourg,allmainmeals,entertainmentand onboardgratuities.From£1099perperson.

Last fewcabins remaining... bravocruise.co.uk

7 nights from £649pp


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1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 2 | 2 3

The results

450 %

275 %

paid brand search uplift for ‘Back to the 80’s’

paid brand search uplift for ‘Bravo – Cruise of Performing Arts’

200,000+ 96 %

new site visits generated

of cabins sold

Press play to view

View here: https:/ vimeo.com/299624516/0437a33edd

2 4 | 1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 2

02. Please give any evidence of how you have helped a small brand punch above its weight through either marketing or other tactics.



The challenge The solution

Kenwood Travel is a luxury online travel agent, with a proven track record in arranging premium quality holidays for their customers at competitive prices. Serving a worldwide array of top destinations, they offer a variety of package holiday deals, including escorted tours, all-inclusive beachfront resorts, premium city breaks and villa rentals. Prior to working with Accord, Kenwood Travel had directed the majority of their marketing investment towards securing qualified leads via paid search. While this approach had been effective, they recognised the need for greater investment in high-funnel activity to sustain long-term business growth. To achieve this objective, they tasked Accord with undertaking a comprehensive rebrand project.

With most of their communications being direct response and price-led, Kenwood Travel knew they needed to give their customers more reason to book through them, beyond affordability. So, to establish the key USPs that differentiated Kenwood Travel from their competitors, Accord began with an in-depth, collaborative research process. The aim was simple: to assess whether internal brand perception aligned with external reality. The findings revealed that over the past 40 years, Kenwood had accumulated a very loyal patronage of devoted customers, with even lapsed customers speaking highly of the brand. Although not the cheapest brand on the market, they were also perceived to offer great value for money and their destination expertise was highly respected. Based on this insight, we developed a new slogan that perfectly encapsulated Kenwood Travel’s highly personalised and professional service - ‘The Art of Escape’.

We designed a new logo; a circle divided into four quarters, each containing an icon that represents the fundamental pillars of Kenwood’s brand: beautiful beaches, great weather, direct flights and affordable luxury. This was complemented by a bespoke set of style guidelines, outlining the new brand’s preferred fonts, colour palettes and tone of voice. With this core brand proposition in place, we set to work devising a comprehensive launch campaign. Having identified that Kenwood’s core customer base resides in London and engages with outdoor advertising more frequently than the average consumer, we delivered a series of bold out of home formats across high-footfall locations. Creatively, these 48-sheets, D6s and Transvisions showcased Kenwood Travel’s holiday experiences as a work of art, featuring the strapline ‘Let Us Paint Your Perfect Picture’.

1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 2 | 2 5

The results

Kenwood brand term up

25 %

Market share increased

2.5 %

year-on-year against key competitor set

against key competitor set

56.4 %

26.9 %

increase in SEO traffic year-on-year

increase in PPC traffic year-on-year

Press play to view

View here: https:/ vimeo.com/250315037

2 6 | 1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 3

03.Talk us through your media planning and buying process. Please include whether this is achieved in-house or a partnership with another company. O ur in-house approach to media planning and buying is a continuous cycle, interspersed investment into the most responsive, highest-converting and cost-effective channels in order to exceed pre-agreed success criteria.

with performance analysis, and underpinned by our strategic planning principles that research your target audience, analyse your market and the categorise each media channel. We always talk objectives first - business goals, brand positioning, messaging, campaign objectives – and it is only then that we use the media tools at our disposal to explore, identify, reject and select appropriate channels before making recommendations. These are always accompanied by a robust rationale that supports our thinking. And we know how important it is to be accountable. So once a campaign is live, we use a range of data and analytical tools to monitor performance, identify underperformance, cut wastage and hone

Last but certainly not least, it also helps enormously that we benefit from excellent, well-established relationships with all key digital partners and media publishers. Indeed, they’re so good that we prefer to call them partnerships and have done so for many years. These partnerships allow us to pro-actively use our buying power to acquire preferential rates and secure value space. So confident are we of our negotiation skills, we offer you the guarantee that no-one will buy better. But whilst we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver market-beating prices, we also work extensively with publishers, to receive advance notice of editorial features and take advantage new product launches, features and digital developments.

1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 4 | 2 7

04. Please detail costs for an initial 12-month retainer period, working to the financial year 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 and what this retainer includes. W ithout knowledge of your marketing budget, channel selection or resource This will include:

required, it is very difficult to propose a retainer fee. Therefore, at this stage, we are estimating a monthly fee of between £5,000-10,000 (which, of course, is open for further discussion and refinement).

• Account management. • Strategy and planning. • Innovation workshops. • Marketing insight and competitor mapping. • Audience profiling. • Campaign performance analysis and reporting.

2 8 | 1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 5

05. Tell us about a time you have taken customer insights and used them to inform creative, campaigns and media buying.

The challenge The solution

Canadian Affair is the UK’s largest tour operator to Canada, providing services including scheduled passenger airlines, package holidays, cruise lines, hotels and motorhome/car hire. Having worked with Accord on many successful campaigns in the past, they tasked us with reviewing their audience database to develop a fully integrated, insight-led campaign strategy.

By comparing Canadian Affair’s historical audience database with their current booking data, we were able to pinpoint their core consumer demographics, as well as how these had shifted over time. Then, using the latest research and market analysis tools, we drilled down into each individual product on offer (from ski holidays to cruise expeditions) to see which audiences favoured these itineraries the most. From this data, we identified that Canadian Affair’s core consumer base (45-60 year-olds) held slightly higher household income thresholds than predicted, with key profiles including financially secure retirees, career go- getters and upmarket suburbanites. However, we also identified a potential new audience for Canadian Affair: 25-34-year-olds. While they did not form a large proportion of Canadian Affair’s booking database, they significantly over-indexed on web visits and therefore presented an untapped opportunity.

1 . 2 E X P E R I E N C E , E X A M P L E S & C O S T S - 0 5 | 2 9

Taking this audience data into consideration, we adopted a ‘sleeker’, more upmarket visual style for Canadian Affair’s ads. Stripping back our ad copy, we instead focused on eye-catching hero imagery and bold straplines. These stylistic guidelines were followed across press, TV, digital display and YouTube to maintain a consistent stream of brand messaging.

we invested more into digital activity, introducing younger-oriented platforms like Instagram into our marketing mix. We also split our YouTube creative into two videos, one of which targeted travel products that indexed highly with those aged 45+ and another that was adapted to appeal to 28-45-year-olds. This dual creative approach has already proved to be incredibly successful and we are planning to replicate it across all paid social channels.

Furthermore, to help Canadian Affair tap into relatively younger audiences,

Press play to view

View here: https:/ vimeo.com/290508679/f44c71c5fc

3 0 | W H Y A C C O R D ?

Why Accord?

Well: Travelled Informed Respected Connected

Accord is a collection of highly experienced digital, marketing and creative professionals. Our goal is to outperform expectations at every possible opportunity. Working with us means creating a valuable and long-term partnership for the future.

accordmarketing.com B R I L L I A N T L Y J O I N E D - U P M A R K E T I N G

Louie Sitwell 020 7395 9680 louie.sitwell@accordmarketing.com

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