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As of 12.31.2018


The fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses must be considered carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other important information about the investment company, and it may be obtained by calling 1-833-3687- 383 or by visiting our website www.ershares.com. Read it carefully before investing. Distributed by Foreside Fund Services, LLC. The ERShares Entrepreneur 30 ETF risks can include and are not limited to: Absence of Prior Active Market Risk, Index Risk, Index Tracking Risk, Indexing and Passive Investment Risk, New ETF Provider, Common Stock Risk, Market Risk, Concentration Risk, American Depositary Receipts, Early Closing Risk, Exchange Trade Fund Risk. Performance quoted represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than original cost. Investing in the ETF may results in lose of money. Russell 1000 Index is a stock market index that tracks the highest-ranking 1,000 stocks in America. The Russell 1000 Growth Index represents all the growth oriented companies in the Russell 1000 Index. Growth oriented companies are expected to grow at an above market rate and stock price appreciation is valued more than dividends payed. Alpha compares the risk-adjusted performance of a portfolio to a benchmark index. A positive alpha means the portfolio has outperformed the index on a risk- adjusted basis. Beta is a measure of the volatility of a portfolio in comparison to a benchmark index. Less than one means the portfolio is less volatile than the index, while greater than one indicates more volatility than the index. Standard deviation measures historical volatility. Higher Standard Deviation implies greater volatility. Sharpe Ratio measures risk-adjusted performance by dividing the portfolio’s excess returns (returns above a "risk-free" rate such as a Treasury bill) by the standard deviation of those returns. The higher the ratio, the better the portfolio’s return per unit of risk. The Up Capture ratio is the statistical measure of an investment manager’s performance in up-markets. The Down Capture ratio is the statistical measure of an investment manager’s performance in down-markets. Information Ratio is a ratio of portfolio returns above the returns of a benchmark compared to the volatility of those returns. The P/E (or Price/Earnings) ratio is the ratio of a company’s share price to its earnings per share. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) is a measure of a company's operating performance. Absence of Prior Active Market Risk Although the Shares are approved for listing on the NYSE Arca, there can be no assurance that an active trading market will develop and be maintained for the Shares. As a new fund, there can be no assurance that the Fund will grow to or maintain an economically viable size, in which case the Fund may ultimately liquidate. Exchange Trade Fund Risk The Fund’s Shares may trade at a premium or discount to their NAV. Also, an active market for the Fund’s Shares may not develop and market trading may be halted if trading in one or more of the Fund’s underlying securities is halted. Indexing and Passive Investment Risk The Advisor uses a passive indexing strategy — either replication or representative sampling — to manage the Fund. The Fund invests in the securities included in, or representative of, the Entrepreneur 30 Index regardless of their investment merit. The Fund is not actively managed. Therefore, unless a specific security is removed from the Entrepreneur 30 Index, or the selling of shares of that security is otherwise required upon a rebalancing of the Entrepreneur 30 Index, the Fund generally would not sell a security because the security’s issuer was in financial trouble. If a specific security is removed from the Entrepreneur 30 Index, the Fund may be forced to sell such security at an inopportune time or for a price other than the security’s current market value. An investment in the Fund involves risks similar to those of investing in any equity securities traded on an exchange, such as market fluctuations caused by such factors as economic and political developments, changes in interest rates and perceived trends in security prices. It is anticipated that the value of Fund Shares will decline, more or less, in correspondence with any decline in value of the Entrepreneur 30 Index. The Entrepreneur 30 Index may not contain the appropriate mix of securities for any particular point in the business cycle of the overall economy, particular economic sectors, or narrow industries within which the commercial activities of the companies composing the portfolio securities holdings of the Fund are conducted. Unlike with an actively managed fund, the Advisor does not use techniques or defensive strategies designed to lessen the effects of market volatility or to reduce the impact of periods of market decline. This means that, based on market and economic conditions, the Fund’s performance could be lower than other types of mutual funds that may actively shift their portfolio assets to take advantage of market opportunities or to lessen the impact of a market decline. Index performance does not represent actual fund or portfolio performance and such performance does not reflect the actual investment experience of any investor. An investor cannot invest directly in an index. In addition, the results actual investors might have achieved would have differed from those shown because of differences in the timing, amounts of their investments, and fees and expenses associated with an investment in a portfolio invested in accordance with an index. Source : Shulman, Joel M. “Leadership Matters: Crafting a Smart Beta Portfolio with a Founder-CEO Twist.” The Journal of Index Investing, vol. 8, 2017, doi: https://entrepreneurshares.com/wp-content/themes/ers/inc/docs/Leadership.pdf


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