King's Business - 1956-10

r ^ e a d e r / R e a c t i o n Truth About Bridey Murphy Sirs: Thanks for the article in the Au­ gust issue warning us (in fact prov­ ing) that hypnotism did not prove there is any reincarnation. Toronto, Ontario, Morion Flewwelling Canada Pray The Lord Of The Harvest Sirs: The article “Pray the Lord of the Harvest” arrested me. I have long known I should pray this prayer more often every day — every hour would not be too much. Riverside, Calif. ' Mrs. George B. Pettit Dawson Trotman Sirs: We on the Navigator staff were deeply grateful for the excellent article published in the August issue on the life, work and homegoing of our beloved Dawson Trotman. Colorado Springs, Colo. Laura Smith Sirs: Congratulations on the superb job you and your staff did for the August issue of The King’s Business. On be­ half of the entire Navigator staff we want to thank you for your splendid write-up on Dawson and the work. The large picture of Dawson was ex­ cellent, and we have received many, many comments on the entire issue. Colorado Springs, Colo. Lome C. Sanny President, The Navigators No Time To Read Sirs: Have read mournfully your letter about renewing my subscription. I say truthfully I have not missed it at all. I still have all my copies for a year un-read. Not that there is a thing in the world the matter with it. I just don’t seem to find the time. I sometimes wonder if every Christian who is spending so much time writ­ ing magazines and books and read­ ing them would instead spend his time out among the children and peo­ ple if there would be so much prog­ ress among anti-Christian forces in the world. Kingman, Aril. John J. Johnston Tapping The Infinite Reservoirs Sirs: It was good to read “Tapping The Infinite Reservoirs” by Dr. Charles A. Blanphard, the second president of Wheaton College [Sept. K.B.]. The Sword of the Lord Publishers has produced an attractive edition of Getting Things From God in which the article is included. Wheaton, III. David. L. Roberts Director of Public Relations Wheaton College

A Tubercular Father Writes . “I am an unfortunate father of four children and I am writing to you from the Sanitarium here in Athens, Greece. I have been suffering from tubercu­ losis since 1947. When I first became ill I was a good family man and never imagined that this illness could plunge me into such a plight. I have spent everything I had. Unfortunately, however, not only have I not become well, but do not even have the money to mail a letter to my children. Many a time have I asked death to visit me, because I have felt that only through death I would find rest. For three and a half years now I have been in this sanitarium and since the day I left home I have not seen my wife and children. I have forgotten what it means to show fatherly love and what it is to have a family. Now being total­ ly forsaken I am in the grip of despair. So please help me to experience a little joy. I do not know how much longer I shall live. Because I know that you people who will read this letter have a feeling for human suffering and pain, I am writing this letter to you to ask you to help me in any way you can. Anthony Vlaseros.” NOTE: How would you feel if you were this tubercular father, comfort­ less, forgotten, with death hovering over you and not having enough money to even write to your fam ily ? What would Christ have done had He re­ ceived this letter? Just do what He would have done in His Name. Besides the material and financial assistance that should be sent to this dear man and his family, we should provide a Greek Bible for him and one for his family. Both of these would cost $3.00. “To him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin” (James 4:17). Here is your opportun­ ity to do good and experience the bless­ ing of God. If you wish to help this tubercular father and many others like him, send your contribution to the American Mission to Greeks, Inc., Rev. Spiros Zodhiates, General Secretary, Dept. K, P.O. Box 423, New York 36, N.Y. (If you live in Canada, please write to 90 Duplex Ave., Toronto 7, Ont.) If you wish to see the wonderful work done by this Mission, you may write for a booking of the 30-minute, 16mm., color-sound film, “Man of Macedonia.”


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