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OKC voters showed overwhelming support for the next MAPS initiative. MAPS 4 PASSES ! CLICK FOR ENTIRE STORY



12| Chamber-assited companies added 4,658 jobs last year 10| Don’t miss these Chamber events 6| Chamber unveils 2020 Legislative Agenda

O klahoma City’s voters delivered a message at the polls on Dec. 10, a message that will keep the 20- plus year momentum of OKC’s reinvention rolling forward, as the latest installment of a penny sales tax for strategic investment passed by a landslide. The city’s MAPS 4 package received 71.7 percent of the vote, making it the most popular of all MAPS votes. “We’ve never been this united on a sales tax vote before,” Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt said at a watch party hosted by the Love Your OKC coalition. “None of them have hit 70 percent.” The nearly $1 billion package — which will fund a new outdoor arena, a new State Fairgrounds coliseum and improvements to the Chesapeake Energy Arena — received broad bipartisan support from OKC politicians. But MAPS 4 may end up being known for much more than its city-central sports venue projects. Referred to as a “MAPS for neighborhoods” by Holt prior to Voters overwhelmingly approve MAPS 4


the election, MAPS 4 features hundreds of millions of dollars for parks, youth centers, mental health care and other social services aimed at improving quality of life in a different way. The original MAPS passed in 1993 with 54.6 percent support. In 2001, voters extended the MAPS tax for a slew of school construction projects under the MAPS for Kids branding. More than $470 million was poured into 70 new and reconstructed schools across the city. MAPS for Kids received 61 percent support at the ballot box. In 2008, voters approved a 12-month extension of the MAPS tax specifically for improvements to the sports arena in anticipation of the Seattle Supersonics’ relocation to Oklahoma City. The measure received 62 percent support from voters. In 2009, voters approved MAPS 3, which featured funding for a new convention center, Scissortail Park, the OKC Streetcar, a set of senior centers, riversport developments, trails, sidewalks and other infrastructure investments. The package passed with 54.3 percent support. “Tonight we have the largest percentage of support in the history of Oklahoma City,” Holt told those who gathered at the watch party. “This is not just a victory. This is a mandate without historic precedent in our city. We have never been more united as one OKC.” The 1-cent sales tax will be used to fund 16 civic projects estimated to cost nearly $978 million. The tax covers an eight-year span, with a possibility additional funds could be collected in that time. The projects are not built until the money is raised, so every development is constructed debt-free. Without the support of Oklahoma City’s business leaders and employees, passage of the measure would have been very much in doubt.

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber President and CEO Roy Williams said the Chamber was pleased to see that residents understood the necessity of these projects and voted to help their neighbors. “While all the MAPS initiatives have improved our city, MAPS 4 will propel our city to the next level and continue the momentum that has helped us become a destination for top-quality employers and visitors as well,” said Williams. “As the city continues to reinvent itself, we need to be able to take care of our neighbors, and this MAPS will address those concerns.” The MAPS 4 tax will replace the Better Streets, Safer City temporary tax, which is set to expire at the end of March. Since MAPS 4 will be taxed at the same rate, consumers will see no change in taxes at the register. Only the use of the funds collected by the 1-cent portion of sales taxes will change, starting April 1. “I cannot thank the voters of Oklahoma City enough for this amazing trust that you’ve put in the city,” Holt said in a video posted to social media. “We will now go forward and implement this MAPS 4 plan and continue this city’s renaissance.”

Mayor Holt announces that the residents of OKC passed the MAPs 4 initiative.


Top 50 in the Nation for Cancer Care #1 Hospital in Oklahoma OU Medicine is the No. 1 ranked hospital system in Oklahoma, and its oncology program at Stephenson Cancer Center and OU Medical Center ranked in the Top 50 in the nation, in the 2019-2020 rankings released by U.S. News & World Report. OU Medicine was also ranked as high performing in four specialties: Ophthalmology in partnership with Dean McGee Eye Institute, Colon Surgery, COPD and Congestive Heart Failure.

To learn more, visit oumedicine.com.

Leadership Notes

T he passage of MAPS 4 sets Oklahoma City on another 10-year I want to challenge our community this year to apply that same enthusiasm for improvement to three other areas – a joint new year’s resolution - for making Oklahoma City a better place to live and grow a business. RESOLUTION ONE – Engage in the legislative process. I know, politics feels difficult right now, but making sure the voice of business is not dismissed at the legislature is crucial. The quality of life of every Oklahoman is dependent on a strong and vibrant economy. Stay current on legislation that impacts business, read updates from the Chamber on these topics and when needed, make sure your senator or representative knows how important these issues are to you – a quick call or email can make a difference. RESOLUTION TWO – Learn about what is happening in our community. This one is easy. Pick a topic that interests you, concerns you or even something you think is working well. Attend an event that covers the information or seek out a coffee or lunch with someone engaged in the work. Getting involved doesn’t mean you have to be on a committee – learn more and then reach out to someone to let them know how you may be able to help. RESOLUTION THREE – Go to an event, a restaurant or an attraction you’ve never been to before. There has never been a better time to be in OKC. Do something new – and take a friend with you! Without a doubt, 2019 was great year for Oklahoma City, but I think 2020 is set to be pretty special. We are going to see so many of our plans and dreams become real. It is clear the best is yet to come and by working together, we make it even better. plan of growth and development. These projects drive a continuing conversation about what’s next and how we can make positive change.

Roy H. Williams, CCE President & CEO



Roy H. Williams, CCE Chamber CEO & President


Chamber unveils 2020 Legislative Agenda T he Chamber recently released its playbook of the public policy priorities it will pursue at the Oklahoma State Capitol this session. Below is an excerpt of the key priorities. Read the full list at OKCChamber.com/legislative. Economic Development Programs

• Quality Jobs Act, 21st Century QJA, Small Employer QJA and the Prime Contractor QJA

• Aerospace Engineer Tax Credit • Investment/New Jobs Tax Credit

• Historical Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit • Cybersecurity/Software Engineer Tax Credit • Five-year ad valorem abatement and sales tax exemption for manufacturing facilities • Regional Home Office Insurance Premium Tax Credit The Chamber will support efforts to reinstate the Tax Credit for Energy Efficient Homes.

The Chamber supports retaining and strengthening the state’s premier economic/community development programs which are critical in attracting new businesses to the state, assisting existing companies expand and encouraging investment in communities across the state. Following are the key programs the Chamber will seek to protect:


County Government Reform The Chamber supports empowering Oklahoma counties to alter their form of government to meet their unique needs. Workers’ Comp Reform The Chamber supports defending and improving the comprehensive workers’ compensation reform legislation enacted during the 2013 session. Criminal Justice/Sentencing Reform The Chamber supports legislation and funding for sentencing reforms and rehabilitation programs to ease the financial drain on Oklahoma’s criminal justice system, lessen the burden on jails and prisons throughout the state and allow non-violent offenders to enter the workforce more quickly. The Chamber supports the efforts of the Criminal Justice Reclassification Council created pursuant to HB 1098 (2018). The Chamber also supports: 1) continuing smart sentencing reform; 2) improving bail and jail practices;

3) making reentry and supervision improvements to reduce fines and fees, enhance workforce opportunities and increase public safety; and, 4) securing additional

treatment funding. Gun Legislation

The Chamber supports the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the responsible expansion of gun-owner’s rights in Oklahoma. However, the Chamber will oppose legislation that would allow open/concealed carry of guns into high-economic impact events (many of which are required by contract to prohibit weapons), including horse shows, the Oklahoma State Fair, Olympic-qualifying events on the Oklahoma River, high school basketball and wrestling tournaments at the State Fairgrounds and NCAA and Big XII sporting events. The Chamber will oppose legislation that would allow guns to be carried on college campuses. The Chamber will lead the efforts of the “Oklahomans for Business and Property Owners’ Rights” coalition to defend against harmful gun legislation and work with the National Rifle Association, the Oklahoma Second


State Bridge Improvement Plan The Chamber supports providing adequate annual dedicated funding to implement the ODOT Bridge Improvement Plan to repair or replace all of Oklahoma’s structurally deficient bridges on the state’s highway system by 2020 and further ensure that ODOT is able to maintain a nationally leading bridge improvement program. The Chamber supports the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s (OTA) “Driving Forward” Turnpike Program, and specifically, the following Oklahoma City-area projects: Construction of the Kickapoo Turnpike to link I-40 and I-44 (Turner Turnpike) in eastern Oklahoma County to ease congestion on I-35 and construction of a new southwest extension of the existing John Kilpatrick Turnpike between I-40 and State Highway 152/Airport Road to ease congestion at the I-40/I-44 (K Interchange/Near State Fairgrounds). The Chamber further supports turnpike planning consideration to include widening the Turner Turnpike to six lanes from the current construction at mile post 203 extending west to Oklahoma City. Mass Transit/Commuter Rail The Chamber supports implementation of transit programs that will best serve central Oklahoma including the Central Oklahoma Transit and Parking Authority (COTPA) 2005 Fixed Guideway Transit Study and its following components: Association of Central Oklahoma Government’s (ACOG) Regional Transit Dialogue Committees to identify regional transit alternatives/solutions for central Oklahoma

Amendment Association and other stakeholders to improve and clarify existing gun laws while, at the same time, ensuring the protection of property rights and public safety. Pension Reform The Chamber supports protecting the pension reforms which have improved the long-term fiscal condition of the state. Major Transportation Projects The Chamber will advocate for full funding and timely completion of work on major interchanges located at I-44/I-235 (between NW 63rd and N. 50th streets); I-240/I-35 (Crossroads), I-35/I-44 (Remington Park); I-44/Rt. 66/SH-3 (In vicinity of Lake Hefner Parkway/NW Exp.) and I-44/I-40 (K Interchange/Near State Fairgrounds); as well as necessary improvements to I-40 corridor east of I-35 (Tinker Air Force Base) including expansion of I-40 facility to six lanes from Douglas Boulevard to Shawnee; and future development of I-44 corridor from I-40 to SH-62 (southwest OKC to Newcastle) to better provide for future mobility needs due to ongoing commercial expansion. ODOT Eight-Year Plan The Chamber supports providing adequate annual dedicated funding necessary to preserve and implement the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) eight-year construction work plan. Furthermore, the Chamber will strongly oppose any effort to divert dedicated transportation funding to other areas of government.


ACOG’s Commuter Corridors Study recommendations to implement mitigation strategies for future congestion The Chamber further supports efforts by the Regional Transit Authority (RTA), consisting of six core central Oklahoma cities, to launch future regional transit services. The Chamber will work with the RTA, ACOG, municipal governments, ODOT and Class 1 railroads to conduct early-stage planning for introducing commuter rail service into downtown Oklahoma City from Norman and Edmond with alternative transportation options to Del City and Midwest City. Further planning consideration should be given to potential future expansion of rail service to the Shawnee and Yukon areas. Health Insurance Coverage for Oklahomans The Chamber supports extending health insurance coverage to more Oklahoma residents through pursuit of all available funds to cover the costs of uncompensated care that is currently shifted to employers and health care providers. The Chamber further supports broadening Insure Oklahoma to provide health insurance coverage to more of the state’s uninsured. The Chamber will support improving outcomes and care delivery for the Medicaid population. Early Childhood Education The Chamber steadfastly supports early childhood education and full funding of pre-K and kindergarten programs. Targeted spending on our youngest children

is simply a smart investment. The Chamber supports legislative initiatives to maintain early childhood education programs and initiatives. Long-Term, Strategic Education Funding The Chamber supports development of a long-term, strategic plan that will enable improvement in classroom teaching and academic performance. This should include increasing the minimum number of instructional hours, currently 1080 hours, required for a complete school year. Teacher Preparation, Recruitment and Retention Oklahoma and the nation have a teacher shortage. Oklahoma’s teacher preparation system needs to be improved in order to train, attract and retain high- quality teachers. We support legislation to reward teacher performance and experience; incentivize teachers to work in high priority areas; and grow alternative pathways, such as Teach for America, that enhances the diversity of the teaching profession. Career Tech – Business and Industry Training The Oklahoma CareerTech system is acknowledged as one of the top systems in the nation. CareerTech is a key ingredient in attracting industry to Oklahoma through its Training for Industry Program (TIP). The Chamber supports funding to assure training needs for new and existing industry. The business community urges the system to focus on producing a workforce that can meet the needs of high-demand occupations.



Jan. 14 Member Orientation 8:30 to 10 a.m. Greater Oklahoma City Chamber 123 Park Ave. okcchamber.com/orientation Jan. 14 Sunset Reception 4 to 6 p.m. Parlor OKC 11 NE 6th St. okcchamber.com/sunset2020 Jan. 15 Chamber Forum 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Vast 333 W. Sheridan Ave. okcchamber.com/januaryforum Jan. 30 Legislative Breakfast 8 to 9:30 a.m. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum 1700 NE 63rd St. okcchamber.com/ legislativebreakfast Feb. 5 MegaLunch 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Yale Theater 227 SW 25th St. okcchamber.com/megalunch Feb. 11 Member Orientation 8:30 to 10 a.m. Greater Oklahoma City Chamber 123 Park Ave. okcchamber.com/orientation2 Feb. 19 Chamber Forum 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Vast 333 W. Sheridan Ave. okcchamber.com/februaryforum

2020 Chamber Forum series kicks off Jan. 15 Don’t miss the first Chamber Forum of 2020 as an expert panel discusses criminal justice reform efforts in Oklahoma County. The Oklahoma County Jail Trust has selected a new administrator for the Oklahoma County Jail, changing the structure of management at the facility. Panelists Tricia Everest, Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Advisory Council (OCCJA) chair; Greg Williams, OCCJA CEO; and Tim Tardibono, OCCJA executive director, will discuss how these changes will impact the Oklahoma County Jail and what additional changes are needed as Oklahoma County continues to tackle the issue of justice reform moving forward. The forum will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 15, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the 50th Floor of Vast, 333 W Sheridan Ave. Tickets are $35 for Chamber members and $50 for nonmembers. Register online at okcchamber. com/januaryforum. The January Chamber Forum is the first of 10 forum events that will take place in 2020. The Chamber Forum series brings thought leaders together to discuss major initiatives, programs and current issues that impact Oklahoma City’s business climate, economy and community. You can reserve a seat at all 10 Chamber Forums in 2020 for the discounted rate of $300—a $50 savings. To purchase the Chamber Forum series ticket for 2020, email register@okcchamber.com. Special thanks to Series Presenting Sponsor Cox Business and Series Corporate Sponsor ADG.

Register for events online and view a complete event calendar at okcchamber.com/events.


Hear from Oklahoma House and Senate leaders about 2020 legislative issues at the Chamber’s 2020 Legislative Breakfast, Jan. 30. Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat, Senate Democratic Leader Kay Floyd, House Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols and House Democratic Minority Leader Emily Virginwill discuss issues that affect local businesses. This annual event offers the perfect opportunity for Chamber members to meet area legislators and have a voice on the issues impacting the business community. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt reflect on his second year in office, including the recent MAPS 4 vote results, and project where the city is headed in the future. More than 1,500 of OKC’s business leaders are expected to attend this event on Wednesday, Feb. 26, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Cox Convention Center, 1 Myriad Gardens. 2020 Chamber Chair Percy Kirk will highlight the Chamber’s strategic objectives for the coming year. Tickets are $60 for Chamber members and $100 for nonmembers. Table sponsorships seating 10 are available for $1,500. To register, visit okcchamber.com/ soc. Special thanks to Presenting Sponsor The Professional Basketball Club, LLC - Oklahoma City Thunder. Mayor Holt to deliver annual State of the City address Feb. 26

Registration begins at 7:30 a.m., program begins at 8 a.m. Cost to attend is $40 for members and $60 for nonmembers. Tables of 10 are available for $1,000. To register visit okcchamber.com/legislativebreakfast. Special thanks to Presenting Sponsor The Boeing Company and Government Relations Benefactor Devon Energy; Government Relations Benefactors the Chickasaw Nation, Cox Communications, Devon Energy Corporation, OGE Energy Corporation; and Government Relations Sponsors Enable Midstream Partners and Google, Inc. On Wednesday, Feb. 5, take a break from sales calls and have fun networking in a unique way. To help members spread the word about their business at MegaLunch, a computerized rotation schedule guides members around tables where they present a 90-second pitch to other attendees. Special thanks to Host Sponsor Yale Theater and Networking Event Sponsor Grand Casino Hotel Resort Due to the unique format of this event, only one person per member company may attend. Tickets are $40 for members. To register, visit okcchamber.com/megalunch. Deadline to register is 3 business days prior to the event. Cancellations of individual registrations require a written, 72-hour notice to receive a refund. Meet new business contacts at MegaLunch

Learn about the Chamber’s Legislative Agenda at the Legislative Breakfast


Chamber-assisted companies add 4,658 jobs in 2019 T he Greater Oklahoma City Chamber saw a successful year in 2019 as it continued to pursue economic development opportunities

Diagnostics, a start-up healthcare “big data” analytics company expanding in the Oklahoma City metro region; TTEC, a third-party back-office company supporting insurance and finance industry clients announcing 350 new jobs in western Oklahoma City; and Bakery Bling, a California-based bakery operation relocating their headquarters operation and expanding their manufacturing presence into a space in western Oklahoma City. The company is projecting 300 new jobs at this location. “We continue to see expansion opportunities in aerospace, back-office, shared services and regional office headquarter operations and more projects seeking manufacturing and logistics opportunities in our market,” Seymour said. “These opportunities signal the Oklahoma City region’s competitive stance for new investment and diversification and see community investments in quality-of-life, education and community support, bolstering our potential for additional new job creation.” Other retail announcements include: Chicken N Pickle; Homeland Corporate headquarters and grocery store; Bubba’s 33 (sports bar/restaurant); and food hall Parlor OKC.

for the region. Greater Oklahoma City saw significant investment by companies in the Greater Oklahoma City region during 2019. In total, 4,658 new jobs are projected in the region including eight new recruitment projects, seven company expansion projects and 74 local companies indicating local growth. For this growth, the average projected wage is $69,561 with anticipated local investment of $963 million. “Oklahoma City is seeing increased momentum in its economic development efforts, as evidenced by the significant number of jobs announced this year by both new and existing companies,” said Jeff Seymour, executive vice president for economic development at the Chamber. “Oklahoma City exemplifies that companies want to locate and grow in communities that invest in their own quality of life.” A few key announcements for the region include: Cobham, a European aerospace company who announced a new facility in Midwest City supporting workload at Tinker Air Force Base; Burris Logistics, a new cold-storage warehouse facility that renovated and opened a facility in Northern Oklahoma City; Aevus



I t is critical for the business community to support candidates and elected officials who will advance pro-business legislation at the Capitol. The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber’s government relations division uses information prepared by the statewide Research institute for Economic Development (RIED) to identify elected officials’ votes on those issues important to the business community. The chart below represents the voting records for OKC-area State House and State Senate members based on the issues identified by RIED for 2019. Previous years RIED scores can be found at www.riedreport.com. 2019 State Legislature pro-business scores


Representative Albright, Kelly Baker, Rhonda Bell, Merleyn Bennett, Forrest

Party District

2019 RIED

Russ, Todd


55 59

87% 82% 87% 89% 87% 64% 69% 78% 69% 76% 91% 89% 87% 69% 87% 78% 91% 73% 80% 87% 78% 73% 91% 71% 71% 87% 82% 64% 87% 71% 82% 73%


95 60 45 92 51 83 35 20 41 93 88 90 94 47 91 26 97 39 53 22 50 82 31 96 85 52 81 56 38 99 34 42 46

69% 87% 56% 69% 80% 51% 89% 67% 67% 69% 78% 87% 80% 84% 78% 78% 60% 84% 82% 82% 91% 71% 91% 73% 84% 69% 87% 91% 56% 89% 64% 69% 82% 69%

Sanders, Mike Stark, Marilyn Steagall, Jay Sterling, Danny Stone, Shane Vancuren, Mark Virgin, Emily Wallace, Kevin West, Tammy Wright, Harold Talley, John Bice, Stephanie Boren, Mary Dugger, Tom Floyd, Kay Hall, Chuck Hicks, Carri Howard, Brent Senator


43 27 89 33 74 44 32 84 57 22 16 21 46 20 40 38 26 30 13 23 41 43 17 28 15 42 47 24 48

Boles, Brad

Branham, Chelsey

Burns, Ty

Conley, Sherrie

Crosswhite Hader, D. Dollens, Mickey Dunnington, Jason

Echols, Jon Fugate, Andy

Party District

2019 RIED

Hill, Brian

Kannady, Chris

Kerbs, Dell Lowe, Jason

Manger, Robert Martinez, Ryan McBride, Mark McCall, Charles McEntire, Marcus Moore, Lewis Munson, Cyndi Ortega, Charles Osburn, Mike Perryman, David Miller, Nicole Mize, Gary


Jech, Darcy

Kirt, Julia

McCortney, Greg Paxton, Lonnie

Pugh, Adam Scott, Paul Sharp, Ron

Smalley, Jason Standridge, Rob Stanley, Brenda

Pfeiffer, John Pittman, Ajay Ranson, Trish Roe, Cynthia

Treat, Greg

Weaver, Darrell Young, George

Rosecrants, Jacob



Speak up for businesses this legislative session

D uring the 2020 legislative session, the Chamber will actively lobby on behalf of the business community to improve economic development and quality of life in Greater Oklahoma City––but the Chamber can’t act on its own. The Chamber also relies on its members to engage with legislators and help move our economic development agenda forward. In order to help you fully maximize your impact on the political process, the Chamber’s advocacy website, OKCBusinessAdvocate.com, allows you to easily identify your elected officials and the most effective ways to communicate with them. The site also contains the Chamber’s public policy priorities and updates on the progress of the Chamber’s lobbying efforts at the State Capitol. Throughout the legislative session, Chamber members can opt to receive “The Business Advocate” – an email newsletter featuring timely updates on the status of our priority legislative issues. The Chamber also encourages business leaders to act as a grassroots advocate for issues that are important to the economic stability and growth of the region.

• Contact your elected officials and leaders at the State Capitol by phone, email, letter or an in- person visit. You can find contact information for all elected officials at OKCBusinessAdvocate.com. • Stay informed on the issues. Visit OKCBusinessAdvocate.com to learn more about issues that impact Oklahoma City businesses and sign up for “The Business Advocate” newsletter at that link. • Connect with the community. The Chamber’s events throughout the year are the perfect way to stay informed on the issues facing Oklahoma City while meeting legislators and other business leaders. For more information about the Chamber’s advocacy efforts or the Business Advocacy Center, contact Derek Sparks, government relations manager, at dsparks@ okcchamber.com or 297-8933.



Get involved with the Chamber this year

Maximize your Chamber membership As a member of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, you have the opportunity to connect with an engaged audience of nearly 4,000 businesses in the Greater Oklahoma City area. Take advantage of your membership by marketing your business through the Chamber’s digital portfolio and networking with like-minded business leaders. Become a Chamber Ambassador By getting involved, you are not only expanding your circle of business contacts, but you are also becoming more familiar with the work of the Chamber. The Chamber’s Ambassadors work to educate, enlist and involve Chamber members in committees and activities. They focus on welcoming new members, member retention and grand openings. Another important role of a Chamber ambassador is helping at Chamber events throughout the year. Contact Reagan Perry at (405) 297 -8961 or rperry@okcchamber.com for more information. Update your directory information The Chamber’s online membership directory is a resource for community members looking for goods and services. Make sure that your information is always kept updated so you never miss out on a sales lead. Main representatives for each company can update the corresponding business profile, while any registered user can update his/her personal profile and email preferences from the member log in page.

Build your customer base Help your company stand out from the competition by posting discounts with your directory listing on the Chamber’s website. Your company’s main representative can post discounts alongside your company listing on www.okcchamber.com. To post, log in and click “Add/ Edit a Discount.” Share your news Is your company expanding its operations? Hosting a grand opening? Did your company just receive an award? Share your company’s news with the business community on www.okcchamber.com. To add a new story, log in to the Chamber website and click “Add a News Article.” Welcome new businesses Each year, dozens of Chamber members host grand openings and ribbon cuttings to celebrate their new businesses. The Grand Opening Committee members attend these events to offer congratulations on behalf of the Chamber. Committee members are notified of upcoming grand openings via email, and there are no monthly meetings to attend. For more information on ways to engage through your Chamber membership, contact a member of the membership division at info@okcchamber.com.


GRAND OPENINGS Ribbon-cutting ceremonies are a great member benefit. To view more photos, see the schedule of upcoming Grand Openings or subscribe to the Grand Openings calendar, visit www.okcchamber.com/grandopenings.

Profile by Sanford 12200 N MacArthur Blvd., Suite F Oklahoma City, OK 73162

Razzoo’s Cajun Café 1340 W Memorial Road Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Communities Foundation of Oklahoma 801 NW 63rd St., Suite 200 Oklahoma City, OK 73116

TTEC 7725 W Reno Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Oklahoma City Beautiful 3535 N. Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73118 For artwork on Classen and 8th St.



Oklahoma City ranks fifth among best cities for veterans to live

• Oklahoma City ranked fifth-best out of 100 most populated cities in the U.S. for veterans to live. created this list to help our nation’s military community to find a place to call home. They used four variables for their study: economic wellness, employment, availability of VA benefits and quality of life for veterans. currently has a veteran population of 94,500 residents, with 42,000 residing in Oklahoma City limits. • Oklahoma City also ranks sixth in veteran unemployment rates. • Oklahoma City MSA • Veterans United

The Best Places for Veterans to Live



Cost of Living Index

Veteran Population (City Limits)


San Antonio
















Oklahoma City



Source: Veterans United, 2019

For comprehensive Economic Indicators and Regional Data, please visit your Greater Oklahoma City Chamber Economic Development Division at greateroklahomacity.com/ economicindicators or contact Eric Long, Research Economist – 405-297-8976; elong@okcchamber.com



COR E Blue Circle Productions Audio-Visual Production Services Mr. Brian Ferrell.................... 216-3222 3421 N. Walnut Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73105 www.bluecircleproductions.com COR E Chick-fil-A @ SSM Health St. Anthony Restaurants Ms. Barbara Millwee............. 272-8434 535 NW 9th St., Suite 103 1008 East Drive Edmond, OK 73034 COR E Evans & Davis, PLLC Attorneys / Lawyers Ms. Shelby Hays.................... 286-2335 211 N. Broadway Ave. Edmond, OK 73034-3776 www.evansdavis.com COR E Hampton Inn Edmond Hotels & Motels Ms. Kelly Harris..................... 844-3037 300 Meline Dr. Edmond, OK 73034-7389 www.hilton.com/en/hotels/okcedhx-hamp- ton-oklahoma-city-edmond/ COR E Herbology Dispensary Health Services Mr. Ian Gibbs......................................... 115 E. Reno Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73104 www.myherbology.com COR E Higher Grounds Coffee Shoppe & Bakery Restaurants Ms. Christy Ausley................ 603-6999 5814 NW 63rd St.

COR E The President’s Club, LLC Consultants

S E N I OR P A R T N E R + + Verizon Telecommunications Services Ms. Darlene Brugnoli....(512) 676-9519 701 Brazos St., Suite 600

Prashanth Nair...................... 550-4343 10600 S. Pennslyvania Ave., Suite 16530 Oklahoma City, OK 73170-4256 COR E Viability, Inc Nonprofit / Service Agencies Ms. Robin A. Pokorny...(580) 234-5875 2000 N. Classen Blvd., N160 2309 N. 10th St., Suite A Enid, OK 73701-8709 www.viability.org

Austin, TX 78701 www.verizon.com

ADV I SOR Hough Ear Institute Nonprofit / Service Agencies Mr. Justin DeMoss................. 471-9109 3400 NW 56th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73112-4463 www.houghear.org A S SOC I A T E Airport Express, Inc. Airport Transportation Services Mrs. Katie Atwood-Batson..... 681-3311 A S SOC I A T E Packard’s New American Kitchen Restaurants Mr. Nick Schaefer.................. 605-3771 201 NW 10th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73102 www.packardsokc.com COR E ACP Sheet Metal Co., Inc. Contractors - Sheet Metal Mr. Nathan L. Dills................ 755-9780 10521 N. Garnett St. P.O. Box 14709 Oklahoma City, OK 73113-0709 www.acpsheetmetal.com 4225 SW 44th St. P.O. Box 950488 Oklahoma City, OK 73195 www.airportexpressokc.com

Members Upgrade Their Support of the Chamber The following member companies increased their investment in the Chamber, demonstrating strong support of the Chamber’s efforts to drive the region’s economy. To increase your investment, contact the membership division of the Chamber at 405-297-8949 or membership@okcchamber.com.

ADV I SOR Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits Nonprofit / Service Agencies Ms. Marnie Taylor.463-6886 720 W. Wilshire Blvd., Suite 115 Oklahoma City, OK 73116 www.okcnp.org

COR E Allstate Insurance

Insurance Agents, Brokers and Service Mr. Steve Morin............(480) 777-5446 222 S. Mill Ave., Suite 601 Tempe, AZ 85281 www.allstate.com/agencyowner

Oklahoma City, OK 73132 www.hgcoffeeshoppe.com


We have an extraordinary opportunity to ensure a brighter future for our community. But we can’t do it without your help. Your donation powers critical programs outside of our walls and allows all of our neighbors the opportunity to have a Y experience. Donate today, for a better us tomorrow. GETTING IS GOOD. GIVING IS BETTER.



DAVID HAGER Devon Energy Corporation Vice Chair, Forward Oklahoma City STEVE HAHN AT&T Oklahoma Vice Chair, Membership JUDY J. HATFIELD, CCIM Equity Commercial Realty, LLC Vice Chair, Military and Aerospace BRADLEY W. KRIEGER Arvest Bank Vice Chair, Government Relations BILL LANCE The Chickasaw Nation Vice Chair, Member Health Care Initiative TOM J. MCDANIEL American Fidelity Foundation Vice Chair, MAPS Development 2019 OFFICERS

THE POINT! ISSUE #3539 - January 2020 Editorial staff: David McCollum, Nate Fisher, Cynthia Reid

JENNY LOVE MEYER Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores Vice Chair, Marketing and Communications J. LARRY NICHOLS Devon Energy Corporation Vice Chair, Strategic Planning NATALIE SHIRLEY National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Vice Chair, Convention and Visitor Development KENT SHORTRIDGE ONE Gas, Inc. Vice Chair, Community Initiatives SEAN TRAUSCHKE OGE Energy Corp. Vice Chair, Economic Development ROY H. WILLIAMS, CCE Greater Oklahoma City Chamber President & CEO

PERCY KIRK Cox Communications Chair RHONDA HOOPER Jordan Advertising Immediate Past Chair JOHN HART Continental Resources Treasurer

Designer: Josh Vaughn

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DAVID E. RAINBOLT BancFirst Corporation Corporate Secretary CLAYTON I. BENNETT Dorchester Capital Vice Chair, Strategic Planning TERESA ROSE CROOK Communities Foundation of Oklahoma Vice Chair, Education CARL E. EDWARDS Price Edwards & Company Vice Chair, Innovation and Bioscience

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