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Multi-family lending expert gains a national reputation Regal Bank earns five star rating and is recognized as a top overall loan producer

egal Bank is doing s ome t h i n g r i g h t . Headquar t e r ed i n Livingston with branch of- fices in Roseland, Florham Park, Millburn, Livingston and West Orange, Regal Bank has carved out a niche specialty in multi-family loan generation. It seems real es- tate investors in northern New Jersey aren’t the only ones taking notice. The six year-old community banking company recently made news with two national honors. The first feather in Regal Bank’s cap was a respected R

five star rating from Bau- er Financial, the nation’s trusted bank rating service since 1983. Bauer Financial is the source for unbiased, independent bank ratings based on detailed financial reports filed with federal regulators . According to the rating service, Bauer Financial recommends all four and five star financial institutions because “peace of mind matters.” Regal Bank’s second trip int o the spo t l i ght came when the company earned a spot on Independent Banker

magazine’s list of the coun- try’s top 50 overall industry loan producers. Independent

tal assets. Regal Bank has achieved an impressive 87% loan rate on assets totaling

Bank’s president and chief executive officer Thomas Lupo , l ocat i on cer tainly plays a role. With its prox- imity to the New York metro- politan area, northern New Jersey’s multi-family sector of commercial real estate is thriving. “Thanks to dense popula- tion demographics, rental units have been enjoying a high occupancy rate. That momentum shows no signs of slowing,” Lupo said. “So we made a conscious decision to focus our lending efforts on the multi-family market, enabling building investors to purchase, refinance and rehabilitate properties.” Of course, it takes more than location, timing and good luck to gain this kind of reputation in just six short years. Hard work and smart decisions have positioned Regal Bank as one of the area’s most productive lend- ers. Lupo points to competi- tive pricing, professionalism and quick execution of loans as additional building blocks in the bank’s fast-earned success. “We’re big enough to ex- tend loans as large as $4.5 million, while offering the personalized approach most people associate with small- er banks. On average, we can close a loan in 45 to 60 days,” Lupo said. Regal Bank has also stra- tegically targeted the small l oans space where large national banks aren’t quite as aggressive. Adding to Regal Bank’s appeal with commercial borrowers is an advantageous mix of low interest rates , extended amortization, flexible pay- ment options and superior customer service. Regal Bank also boasts the background and knowl- edge critical to the effective evaluation of a business’s asset conversion cycle to create a customized cash flow solution. Where other banks decline loan applica- tions, Regal Bank often finds a way to extend the neces- sary financing that can help a business grow to the next level. “We win deals by having experienced lenders who know the ins and outs of the market and excel at struc- turing deals to fit the needs of customers,” Lupo said. n

“We win deals by having experienced lenders who know the ins and outs of the market and excel at struc- turing deals to fit the needs of customers,” Lupo said.

Banker magazine is a publi- cation of Independent Com- munity Bankers of America (ICBA). The top 50 list is populated by banks with the highest percentage of overall loans by dollar value to their to-

$261 million and is one of only two New Jersey-based community banks to appear on the prestigious list. How did a six-branch com- munity bank land a spot on a nationwide list of top lenders? According to Regal

Specializing in multi-family, Regal Bank is ready to lend.

$2,500,000 432 unit multi-family building Haddonfield, NJ

$3,000,000 44 unit multi-family building Union City, NJ

$1,350,000 15 unit multi-family building Jersey City, NJ

$1,050,000 11 unit multi-family building Montclair, NJ

•Non-recourse loans available up to $4.5 million • Low interest rates • Extended amortization • Flexible prepayment options

Livingston, Roseland, Florham Park, Millburn & West Orange (973) 716-0600 • regalbanknj.com

Equal Housing Lender. Equal Opportunity Lender. Member FDIC.

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