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Why TAB Industries is all wrapped up with Greater Reading.

By Pamela shupp, AICP, CEcD, GREP A taste of Greater Reading: making your business thrive


reater Reading has long catered to the food and beverage in-

industry. In 2012 Greater Reading ranked 3rd in Penn- sylvania for total agriculture products sold. The region’s total agriculture income, which includes crop sales and livestock sales combined, is over $367 million. Company executives are largely drawn to the area’s convenient access to major Northeast markets, reliable electrical grids, competitive wages, strong management relations and available work- force. Currently, there are 2,300 food manufacturing jobs in Greater Reading, where companies produce dozens of recognizable regional and national products, including: Steak-Umm sliced steaks, Giorgio mushrooms, Godiva chocolates, Berks hot dogs, Mama Lucas’ meatballs, Clover Farms Ice Tea and Palmer candy. In addition, more than 400 companies have their head- quarters located in Greater Reading, which is also home to several major companies, including Boscov’s depart- ment stores, EnerSys, Pen- ske, Carpenter Technology, Cabelas and East Penn Man- ufacturing. “Many major companies that produce recognizable regional and national food products are headquartered here or have substantial op- erations in Greater Reading,” Scott said. “These companies are able to thrive here, not only because of our strategic location, but also our readily available and skilled work- force.” Greater Reading, which

boasts a growing and diverse population, is now celebrat- ing several recent food and beverage manufacturing projects. Birdsboro Kosher Farms, a poultry plant that has re- opened and hired or re-hired 300 employees since Janu- ary 2013. Saucony Creek Brewing, a craft brewery, is generating social media buzz with its in-demand produc- tions, and Unique Pretzels, gaining national attention thanks to its latest product, the popular pretzel shells, is now undergoing an $8.5 mil- lion upgrade and 75,000 s/f expansion to the company’s current manufacturing fa- cility. Discover more in Greater Reading than just an afford- able, strategic location in southeastern Pennsylvania. Take advantage of easy ac- cess to a labor pool with a strong work ethic and desir- able transportation routes. If your business is looking to grow or expand, Greater Reading Economic Partner- ship connects you to all the right resources to make your business successful. Pamela shupp, AICP, CEcD, vice president, Greater Reading Eco- nomic Partnership. Pamela is responsible for managing economic devel- opment leads and prospects. She serves as a liaison to commercial and industrial real estate brokers, devel- opers, corporate relocation specialists and site selection consultants to promote new and existing business growth in Greater Reading, PA. n

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TAB Industries discovered more in Greater Reading than just an affordable, strategic location in southeastern Pennsylvania. They found easy access—to a labor pool with a strong work ethic, desirable transportation routes and an abundance of valuable, competent fabrication providers. In Greater Reading, TAB Industries found a dynamic community where they can expand and achieve great things.

Pamela Shupp

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nies like Sweet Street Des- serts, Godiva Chocolatier and Quaker Maid Meats are based here, and Berks County produces one-third of all of the pretzels baked in the United States. Today, companies world- wide are recognizing that the area, situated about 100 miles fromPhiladelphia, New York City and Baltimore, continues to be an appealing location to manufacture their food and beverage products – from craft beer and gourmet chocolate to apple slices and kosher chicken. “Greater Reading is stra- tegically located in the Mid- Atlantic corridor in Eastern Pennsylvania, allowing for convenient access to over 100 million people in an overnight’s drive,” said Jon Scott Greater Reading Eco- nomic Partnership, President and CEO. Pennsylvania has 1,200 food-processing companies, which do $28.1 billion in business annually. Of those companies, nearly 30 percent are located in Berks County or the six counties border- ing it. Greater Reading is also home to a thriving agriculture

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