Coaching Program Overview

gain. But the ground that we gain we will never lose!”

Ten Tenants of Effective Coaching and Training Programs

1. “Education without application is worse than worthless.” STAR MasterMind training is spread out over 10 weeks. It takes this long for the stu- dents to fully absorb the material and apply it for success. 2. “People are more apt to do what you inspect rather than what you expect.” STAR MasterMind participants are required to report activity and results each week. Programs that do not require results reporting are not as productive. Tracking activity and results creates FOCUS and ACCOUNTABILITY. 3. “ If you tell people how to avoid failure the result is success. ” STAR MasterMind are given assignments to apply the material. Requirements produce directed activity, and this produces immediate results – for both the student and the company. 4. “ A group working together as a team , will always produce more than just a bunch of individuals. ” STAR MasterMind work in teams. Programs that don ’ t require teamwork overemphasize the “ independent contractor ” mentality, and retention becomes a problem. Teamwork creates company loyalty and an agent support network. 5. “ Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish, and you feed them for life. ” STAR MasterMind role play each new technique in class. Programs that do not require participation and role play assume that when a student just hears something, he/she is automatically competent to perform. Role play dramatically increases the confidence level of students and dramatically increases the likelihood that they will actually use new dialogues and techniques in the field.

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