History of Terrorism (Spring 2018)

lectures. Students are responsible for all the material covered in lectures, discussion sessions & in the readings!

Discussion Forums: Follow-up discussion forums will be held on a weekly basis. Students must submit answers to guiding questions. The discussion forums will be available on our Blackboard course website immediately following a class session. Students have exactly one week to complete the assignment. Regular participation in discussion forums are mandatory, and will be regulated according to the stated attendance policy. The answers to the discussion forums constitute an important part of the overall participation grade! Response Papers: Students have the opportunity gain extra-credit by composing one-page responses to each of the films covered in the class. To receive credit they must submit these responses within one week of the class. If you turn all your response papers on time, your overall course grade will be raised by half-a-letter.


Lectures are designed to supplement the readings and will often present topics and ideas which have not been covered in the assigned readings; therefore, regular attendance for the online lectures and discussion sessions―are necessary to fully understand the materials covered. Absence from more than three online lectures or online discussion forums without permission will result in dismissal from the course. Attendance will be taken at every online class.


The Road to 9-11:

February 1 (@ Burchfield): The Algerian War Readings: Chaliand, 175-220; Michaels Handout Film: The Algerian War

February 8: Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah Readings: Chaliand, 255-313 Film: The Sword of Islam

Online Answers to Discussion Forum #1 DUE

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