Dr Laville Wellbeing Strategy 2019


In any fast-paced business, it can be difficult to take time to sit back and consider wellbeing. It is also all too easy to lose sight of a work-life balance and continue to have a strong focus on achieving work-based goals. This intense approach to work can be effective for a certain period of time however, over time, there can be accumulative levels of stress caused by work-based tasks and in turn, this could result in burnout and/or experiencing a mental health problem.

As illustrated below in Figure 1.

Optimal arousal Optimal performance


Impaired Performance because of strong anxiety

Increasing attention and interest


Low High

Figure 1. Yerkes Dodson Law (1908)

MENTAL HEALTH We know that 1 in 6 people will experience a Common Mental Health Problem (CMHP; Mc Manus et al., 2016) across their lifetime. The most common problems are Generalised Anxiety Disorder (5.9%) and Depression (3.3%). In relation to sickness and according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (2018), 56% of long-term absence is due to a mental health problem.


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