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Quieter roads in Cambridgeshire Balfour Beatty has committed to avoiding using HGV’s through Cambridgeshire villages. The company has signed up to Cambridgeshire County Council’s code of conduct, observing weight and speed limits across the county. Balfour Beatty Living Places contract manager Joe Goldie said that Masternaut vehicle tracking technology was being used to monitor drivers nationwide. “Environment and safety improvements are always at the forefront of our minds, along every stage of a project. That’s why we use telematics and vehicle tracking in nearly 8,000 vehicles travelling across the country,” he said. “We want to ensure that we are using our vehicles efficiently and this technology enables us to choose the right type of vehicle for the job. It also helps us to identify drivers who may need further training.” Balfour Beatty joins a list of other covenant signatories including Amey, Cornwell & Son, Masters Logistical, Mick George Ltd and Skanska. balfour-beatty-living-places-signs-the- heavy-goods-vehicle-code-of-conduct- in-cambridgeshire/

The traditional yellow hard hat which for years has been used to symbolise the building industry, is set to be phased out this year. BuildUK, the industry body which represents some of the UK’s largest contractors and trade associations, has proposed a colour-coded scheme for hats, and yellow is not one of the new colours. Hard hats will be coloured according to job position and grade, with site visitors having a specific colour assigned to them. According to Alison Rodgers from the Construction Industry Training Board “Few builders, with the exception of Bob, would mourn yellow hats because white ones were more ubiquitous in real life.” She went on to say: “The new scheme will help to reduce dangers on a building site; for instance, you can see at a glance those in blue hats might not know about the hazards and risks. And the visual clues will be particularly helpful in workplaces that were a multicultural society, language barriers or where workers might have literacy issues.” To find out more visit: Colours-Build-UK-Standard.pdf oct/10/yellow-hat-building-sites-dropped

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