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Restaurant, tea-room and patisserie – Café Pouchkine has been a veritable institution in Moscow since 1999. It is a spot appreciated like a museum and savored like a fine pastry! Andrey Dellos, its Franco-Russian proprie- tor, has always dreamed of seing up shop in Paris. But he had to wait long years before finding the ideal spot at 16, Place de la Madeleine.

An antiques collector and enlightened interior designer, Andrey Dellos has paid great aention to even the tiniest details of his palace, with elements inspired by the cultural eclecticism of the late-18th and early-19th centuries. In his quest for authenticity, he has sought out the best Moscow crasmen – painters, decorative plasterers, marble-workers and cabinet makers. In the spirit of aordable luxury, the menu celebrates the flavors, the marriage of cultures and the originality of Russian and French cuisines. All the products have been meticulously selected, like the breads from Frédéric Lalos, ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’. Priority has been given to organic or traditional farm sources, like the fresh eggs delivered several times a week by the farm Mont Saint Père in Savigny-sur-Braye, and the beef from the Aubrac.

FRAISIER Biscuit pain de genes, vanilla mousse, fresh strawberry, pistachio caramelized

1kg - 2kg max 1kg - 360 QAR

OR NOIR Coee biscuit, vanilla pecan mousse, chocolate mousse buckwheat 1.2kg - 4.8kg 1.2kg - 360 QAR

CLASSIC MEDOVIC Honey biscuit, Smetana cream, condensed milk cream 1kg - 6kg 1kg - 360 QAR

MILLEFEUILLES VANILLA Pu pastry caramelized, vanilla cream, almond caramelized 1kg - 360 QAR

SKOULPTOURA Crumble cinnamon, almond dacquoise, strawberry confit, lime mousse, lemon creamy 1kg - 275 QAR

COUPOLE CHEESECAKE Sable vanilla, rice flour biscuit,

mousse cream cheese, mango passion confit

55 QAR per piece

MILLEFEUILLES VANILLA Caramelized pu pastry, vanilla cream, caramelized almonds

60 QAR per piece

CESAR Sable chocolate fleur de sel, chocolate biscuit, chocolate creamy, mint cream, dark chocolate mousse.

55 QAR per piece

NATHALIE Shell of macaroons garnished with individual cake with dierent flavors . Hazelnut . Dark chocolate . Lime-wasabi . Raspberry banana . Morse-rose 5 pieces - 70 QAR

CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS Choux pastry, hazelnut almond paste, chocolate creamy

55 QAR per piece

CLASSIC MEDOVIC Honey biscuit, Smetana cream, condensed milk cream

60 QAR per piece

PISTACHIO MEDOVIC Honey biscuit, pistachio, Smetana cream, condensed milk cream.

60 QAR per piece

OR NOIR Coee biscuit, vanilla pecan mousse, chocolate mousse buckwheat

55 QAR per piece

PAVLOVA Meringue, red fruits confit, chantilly orange blossom

55 QAR per piece

RASPBERRY COCO TART Shortbread coconut, raspberry cloud & raspberry confit, fresh raspberry, coconut cream

55 QAR per piece

974 Delights is a discerning dessert lover’s secret haven, complete with the sights and smells of a European chocolate factory but set in an elegant urban salon. Located under the soaring Galeries Lafayee Doha’s glass dome, 974 Delights is where you can indulge in French-inspired chocolate and handmade pastries, and is a place to take a break from reali- ty, enjoy the moment and savor flavors.

A collaboration - from concept through to menu creation and interior design - between Ali Bin Ali Hospitality and renowned French culinary consultants DUCASSE Conseil, it is a unique culinary destination.

Designed with a refined clientele in mind, 974 Delights not only oers a menu of beautifully executed sweet and savory dishes, but also gives guests a chance to watch the theatrical creations being made before their eyes. 974 Delights couverture chocolate creations are the atelier’s signature – high-quality ganaches and pralines made in the traditional way, but also embracing new and modern techniques using new colors, textures and flavors. The internationally trained pastry artists are skilled in bringing dreams to life – from made-to-order celebration cakes to intricate chocolate designs for that special occasion or gi. From exquisite French-inspired choclates and trues to decadent handmade pastries and dessert concoctions, 974 Delights is a place where dessert dreams come true.

EXOTIC TART Sugar dough, almond cream, mango confit, lime ganache 1kg - 2kg 1kg - 360 QAR

ALMOND HONEY CAKE Honey biscuit, almond mousse, almond ganache, almond caramelized 1,2kg - 4.8kg 1.2kg - 360 QAR

CHEESECAKE EXOTIC Rice flour biscuit, mousse cream cheese, exotic fruits confit 1.2kg - 4.8kg 1.2kg - 360 QAR

FINESSE Almond hazelnut dacquoise, creamy caramel, milk chocolate ganache 1.2kg - 4.8 kg 1.2kg - 420 QAR

COUPOLE Almond crumble, praline creamy, choclate biscuit, milk chocolate mousse, insert praline 1.2kg - 4.8kg 1.2kg - 420 QAR

ALMOND HONEY CAKE Honey biscuit, almond mousse, almond ganache, almond caramelized

55 QAR per piece

FINESSE Almond hazelnut dacquoise, creamy caramel, milk chocolate ganache

55 QAR per piece

COUPOLE Almond crumble, praline creamy chocolate biscuit, milk chocolate mousse, insert praline

60 QAR per piece

PECAN NUTS BROWNIE Chocolate brownie, pecan caramelized, so caramel

38 QAR per piece

EXOTIC TARTLET Sugar dough, almond cream, mango confit, lime ganache

55 QAR per piece

INTENSE Chocolate shortbread, chocolate biscuit, raspberry creamy, dark chocolate mousse

55 QAR per piece

CARRE SESAME Almond hazelnut dacquoise, sesame cracker, milk chocolate mousse

55 QAR per piece

CHOCOLATE TEA FINGER So chocolate shortbread, chocolate biscuit, dark chocolate creamy, vanilla and lime cream

55 QAR per piece

DARK CHOCOLATE & VANILLA MACAROONS Dark chocolate shell, dark chocolate ganache, vanilla cream

55 QAR per piece

Wahaj means flame in Arabic and it is this inspiration that fires the restaurant’s fresh and refined menu and dining experience which aracts an engaged and discerning clientele. A uniquely Qatari concept, Wahaj combines the timeless flavors of the Mediterranean with modern flashes of culinary crossovers from the Middle East, India and beyond. Designed and created through a collaboration between Ali Bin Ali Hospitali- ty and renowned food and beverage consultants DUCASSE Conseil, this pairing created a menu that is executed using refined French cooking techniques, special spices and French flair. Playing on the concept of flame and fire elements at Wahaj’s heart is its open grill and pizza kitchen. The brigade of chefs executes a bespoke menu using the freshest local and impor- tant ingredients designed to surprise and delight. Wahaj’s multicultural sta gives an energy to the restaurant that can’t be replicated elsewhere. With a variety of uniquely created spaces, it’s possible for guests to have two completely dierent dining experiences depending on their mood. From its cosy indoor brasserie-style seating to its ‘secret garden’ terrace with sweeping views of 21 High st, Katara and beyond, it’s the perfect gathering spot for friends, families or that special event. Wahaj is more than just a place to eat - it oers a chance to come together, connect and truly experience beautifully created food in a sophisticated seing.





COFFRET MON PLAISIR Assorted macarons, candle, Natalie desserts, chocolates 626 QAR

COFFRET KATERINA Assorted macarons, tea box, Natalie desserts, chocolates 250 QAR

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