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MANUAL Management Trainee



The program is to fill future junior management positions for the company by developing hospitality undergraduates/graduates with Bachelor’s Degree through management training .


Candidates identified as having leadership skills and the desire to grow within Shangri-La EMEA / North America, will be required to complete an intensive 24 months training program in all departments of the hotel. Customized training plan will be designed to suit his/her development needs. A placement into a permanent position with Shangri-La is dependent on successful completion of the training program and will take into consideration MT’s preference and the requirements of Shangri-La hotel at the time of completion. Management trainees will be given 24 months contract and final evaluation will be done on the 23rd month. For a successful MT, letter of appointment will be issued.



✓ To support organizational

development by identifying, developing and retaining talented individuals.

✓ To enable the next generation of leaders.

✓ To fast track graduates to their preferred career destination.


Recruitment Sources

Placement Offices at hotel institutes

Approved Agencies

Shangri-La Website



Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used for shortlisting candidates –

Below 27 years old.

. Good communication skills in English. Proficiency in conversational Arabic and other major foreign languages will be an added advantage. ✓ Possess leadership qualities with a positive attitude. ✓ Interested in a long-term commitment to the company and strongly motivated in pursuing a productive career with Shangri-La hotels. ✓ Organizational value fit ✓ Interest, passion in hospitality industry, determination, confidence, motivation. ✓ At least Bachelor’s Degree in any disciplines preferably Hospitality Management and Hotel Management. ✓



1 st Interview by L&D Manager

Final Interview by General Manager

2 nd Interview by Division / Dept Head

All applicants will undergo an interview, in-person or via video conferencing. Telephonic interviews must be avoided, except in inevitable circumstances. For successful interview, a Management Trainee contract will be emailed to the candidate. The candidate will then sign and send back the contract together with all essential documents.


Benefits & Entitlement of MT

MT will be receiving the following during their 24 months training journey:.

Approved Agencies

Air Ticket, once every 2 year (Expat only)

Single Room Accommodation

Monthly Allowance (Suggest Min of 1,000 USD)

Service Charge (If applicable)

Shangri-La Website


Final Decision for placement of MT will be of General Manager of the hotel.


Meals at Cafeteria

Gratuity as per local labor laws

Medical Insurance


MT will be entitled to employee at Level 4 throughout the period of the two year training program. Thus, MT shall follow the Hotel rules and regulations as a regular employee.

9 Note: Work visa is to be provided by the hotel.

Learning Journey

#1 1 – 6 Months Familiarization and Departmental Rotation

Key Learnings: - NCO

- Rotation within his/her Department > MT will get to be trained in various functions of the dept - Compulsory Trainings

#2 7 – 12 Months Departmental Rotation: MT will be assigned in different departments so they will have hands-on training experience in various functions of hotel operations that are related to their final department.

#3 13 – 18 Months 1 st Placement : From 13th to 18th month in the programme, MT will embark into his/her chosen department

Key Learnings: - Project Assignment - SOPs, Dept Policies/Roles & Responsibilities as Junior Leader - Leadership Programme

Key Learnings: - On-the-job training - Harvard Manage Mentor - Commercial Learnings - 7 Habits for Highly Effective People

#4 19 – 24 Months 2 nd Placement: MT to be given a responsibility of L. 3 or Assistant Manager and receive the training accordingly

Key Learnings: - Business Acumen / Specific Commercial Learnings - Project Presentation & Final Evaluation

#5 25 th Month At this stage, successful MT who received minimum of 3 ratings will be considered to be placed at a Shangri-La hotel in the world in a L. 4 or L.3 position subject to availability of the position.

#Coaching Sessions On monthly basis, MT is required to have a monthly coaching session by his/her respective division head together with LDM.


Compulsory / Highly Recommended Training Programmes To equip the Management Trainee with relevant knowledge and skills, all Management Trainees are required to go attend all compulsory / highly recommended training programs as follows.

New Colleague Orientation

Shangri-La Care 1 – 4

✓ Corporate Compulsory Training Programmes: - Security Awareness - Information Security - Fire, Life & Safety - SFSMS (For Food Handling Departments only)

Harvard Manage Mentor

Trainer Skill I & II

✓ Corporate Leadership Programme: J.L.P, E.L.P etc ✓ 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ✓ Revenue Management


✓ MT Contract ✓ Training Plan Template ✓ Departmental Learning Objective Guidelines ✓ Medical Check List Form ✓ MT Online Evaluation Form ✓ MT Job Description ✓ FAQ




Life is a never-ending journey of reaching out of comfort zone. We can always reach new levels.


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