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Many of you know that Edith and the kids summer at the rancho in La Labor, Guanajuato, Mexico, where Edith is from. However, Edith hasn’t been home for Christmas since 1997, and we are longing to go within the next couple of years. Guanajuato is an extraordinary place in the heart of Mexico. It is a beautiful colonial town with no street lights, and there is so much history embedded in the land and people. In fact, Guanajuato is the place where Mexico started its revolution against Spain. If you’ve never been during the Posadas, I highly recommend it.

still live in Guanajuato, but much of her family now lives in the United States. Her siblings and many of her cousins go back home for Christmas, too, so we know that our future trip will be quite the celebration. It is tradition to stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve, and the festivities continue throughout Christmas day.

“Edith hasn’t been home for Christmas

On New Year’s Eve, Edith’s family stuffs a cloth man (much like a scarecrow) full of hay, old clothes, and firecrackers and sits him in front of the house. Once the clock hits midnight, they set the cloth man on fire, and watch him burn in the front of the house. This tradition symbolizes the burning of the old and embracing the new year. Although our trip to La Labor is a way down the road, we can’t help but feel excited. Our family loves Christmas, and we look forward to the day when we can all take part in Edith’s family’s celebrations. We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year, and we look forward to seeing you soon. since 1997, and we are longing to go within the next couple of years.”

Posada starts 12 days before

Christmas. This celebration

is a representation of the journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem to find refuge when Mary was pregnant with Jesus. The people of Guanajuato act out the story through the streets. Actors ask to stay in someone’s home, hostel style, and homeowners greet their guests with open arms and plenty of food.

Nativity scenes are very popular in Guanajuato, and almost every single family owns a life-sized nativity scene that they set up in their home. You can see many of these displays during Posada. When guests arrive at each house, they ask for shelter, and the guests and owners of the home sing Christmas carols together. Most people also have piñatas to break in celebration, and they eat pozole and tamales, something we look forward to when the time comes to visit! At the end of the night, everybody holds a sparkler and sings to baby Jesus while he sleeps in the manger. This continues on for 12 nights, and the last Posada takes place on the 24th. All of the streets in Guanajuato are decorated to the extreme, and everyone will be in the Christmas spirit. Overall, a trip to La Labor would be so much fun. Edith’s aunts and uncles

-Don E. McClu re, Jr.

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