Practice Perfect News March/April 2018

The ‘Submerged Payment’ And What It Can Mean for Your Practice

Practitioners know that mixing the business side of health services and the delivery of quality care is a delicate balance. In most practice settings, patients are somewhat vulnerable and very much focused on seeking treatment. These are scenarios where the “submerged payment” can be a best practice for physical therapists, speech pathologists, and a host of other health care professionals. What is a submerged payment? Submerged payments are a set of technologies that decrease the intrusiveness of paying for services. Consider a typical therapy session in which, at some point during the visit, billing and collections must enter the conversation. It’s invasive and awkward. But submerged technologies, tethered to your integrated payment system, make it easier to collect payment. Here’s how: Set Up Recurring Payments. Since many health services occur on a predictable schedule, practices can maintain cards on file for these repeat transactions, with automatic card data updating to prevent declined transactions. •

you needn’t worry if your patient left their payment method at home. You can securely store their payment information so they don’t have to swipe their card every time they make a payment. Maintain One Point of Entry. An integrated payment solution simplifies the payment process not only for your patients, but for your staff, too. A payment processor that is tied to your PMS ensures no double entry and a significantly smaller margin of error. This also drastically reduces the day-end balancing process.

These are only a few examples of submerged payments. With the advent of new mobile technologies, more will certainly come online in the years to come. You’re probably not accustomed to thinking about how the payment features integrated into your practice software can have a meaningful, positive impact on your office operations. Yet, using smart payment functionality to streamline the patient experience can be a true “value add” for your office, leading to happier and more loyal patients in the long run.

Learn how the OpenEdge payment solution integrated in Practice Perfect can help you better serve your patients by contacting your payments specialist at 800-637-8268 or start now at — just be sure to mention that you’re a Practice Perfect customer. Now through March 31, 2018, new customers will receive one EMV-capable hardware iPP320 at no cost!

Patient Forgot Their Card? No Problem! By using an integrated payment solution,

MEET HEATHER, Head of Our Training Department!

When a new client decides to implement Practice Perfect EMR, they’re taking a giant leap toward running a more efficient practice. Still, in the early stages of adopting an unfamiliar, feature-rich program, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. But our clients needn’t worry — our head trainer, Heather Crosskill, is here to guide each of our wonderful new users through the software step by step. Heather has been with us since the launch of Practice Perfect, way back during the days of Y2K. Prior to joining the team, Heather worked as an office manager at a private practice PT clinic before managing the administration across a large chain of clinics. This is where she was introduced to EMR for the first time. From her experience as a user, Heather is able to anticipate the needs and issues of our clients, giving crystal-clear instructions

to users of in order to maximize the benefits they receive from the platform.

“I love helping our clients find solutions to problems in their clinic through using our application,” Heather says. “I’m constantly showing them workarounds and different ways to accomplish key tasks that will reduce the number of repetitive tasks they have to do. Our system is robust, so there are a lot of different ways to do things.” Heather prides herself on being able to find the best procedure to match each client’s needs. Outside of work, you can usually find Heather on the golf course or watching soccer games. Though she only started golfing a few years back after taking private lessons from a neighbor, it’s become one of her favorite pastimes.

Heather’s patient, analytical mind has helped her guide hundreds of clients to new heights of efficiency and simplicity in the rehabilitation world. We’re lucky to have her on our team, and frankly, so are our clients!


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